Monday, February 28, 2011

what a Party!

Did you see Rita's post?  She's announced the winner of our February contest over at Red Pepper Quilts!  I am so excited for you, Ara Jane!  I guess I should have know that Rita would choose the half square triangle pillow... 

party napkin pillow

Oh, and it is such a stunning look! Ara Jane, you'll have to show us some pictures of your finished nursery when the time comes.  I can't wait to see what else you design for your lucky little one.

To those stopping over from Aneela's blog, Comfortstitching, welcome, welcome!  I can't wait to see all the new pillows that will be created for the March edition of Blogger's Pillow Party.  Just hop on over to read the rules and enter your pillow! 

If I could enter, I most surely would.  I'd love to have a crack at the March prize - which is FIVE YARDS of Sherbet Pips (Aneela's own line, of course!) in whatever cuts and prints you like, donated by our very own Whipstitch Fabrics.  Oh. my. gosh.  You can take a look at all the prints available in Sherbet Pips right here

Bloggger's Pillow Party

Hey, I also have a prize to give out!  Rita of Red Pepper Quilts made these very springy pillow covers complete with her first ever zippers (yeah!).  She said I should give them out as a participation prize.  At first I was stumped cause you all participated.  Then I decided to narrow it down to those that participated in both the January and February pillow parties. It didn't take me long to realized I'd like to award the Participation Prize (aka, Rita's Pillows!) to miss JuneBug. 

participation prize goes to JuneBug!

JuneBug made the ever popular, reversible Rainbow Pillow in January and the Swooping Solids Pillow for February.  I really enjoyed JuneBug's post about the process and inspiration behind Swooping Solids.  She shared this photograph by Elsie Marley, which has totally captured my imagination.

I have not sewn curves yet, but I can feel it coming...

So, please contact me with your address, JuneBug!  I'll pass it along to Rita so you can start enjoying those pillows.

Goodness, it's a busy day!  I'm also featured today at Quilt Story.  They're sharing the story of the very first ever do. Good Stitches quilt.  Thanks!

You all have a great day.  I can tell it's gonna be a nice one!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bottled Rainbows {Scrappy Marketplace}

Scraps to give or scraps to get?  Let's create a temporary scrappy swap and marketplace at the Stitched in Color Flickr group.  Flickr is free and so easy to use!  If you don't have an account already, start one.  It'll be fun!

Before we get started, check this out:

Bottled Rainbows: Lime

So lovely!  It's a "lime" block made by Crystal of Sonnet of the Moon, and I happened upon it at our Flickr group. Why thanks, Crystal - we needed an example of a Bottled Rainbow with pinked scrap edges!  There's lots to discuss about tickering options, but we've got to have scraps to get started.  So here we go...

Since some of us have no scraps to give, a straight swap is not as much a solution as you'd think.  However, Flickr does prohibit explicit selling. So, I suggest we post pictures of what we have to offer and then folks can do swap negotiations on an individual bases via Flickr mail.

Whaaaat? Don't fret, I have details!

How to Share Your Scraps
  1. Divide your extra scraps by Bottled Rainbow color category (example:  Ruby, Raspberry, Petal.  See the color names on the Bottled Rainbow color grid).  If you have very large amount, you may have multiple groups (or lots) for each color. 
  2. Take 1 picture of each individual color lot you'd like to offer.  
  3. Upload the pictures to your Flickr photostream.  
  4. Title the pictures with the name of the correct Bottled Rainbow color category (example: Ruby, Raspberry, Petal) for each photograph
  5. Once you add pictures to Flickr, you'll find there is another field under the title field for each picture.  I think of this as the description field.  Add info about the scrap colors you need in the description (example:  I need Moss and Eggplant).  If you don't need any scraps, you can say something to the effect of "make me an offer" or "I have scraps up the wazoo". Whatever it is you will swap for, we'll leave that up to you to figure out when you talk directly with someone who wants to swap.  You could easily copy and paste this description to all of your pictures.
  6. Add your scrap lot pictures to the Stitched in Color Flickr group.
  7. Wait for prospective swappers to contact you via Flickr Mail or comments.
  8. When a lot has been taken, promptly remove that picture from the Stitched in Color Flickr group.
How to Get Scraps
  1. Check the Stitched in Color Flickr group for scrap lots you like.
  2. When you are serious about swapping, contact the lot owner via Flicker mail (hover over the image by their Flickr name and use the drop down menu to select "send FlickrMail")
  3. Before you make contact, take a look at what they'd like to swap for in the description line.  Let them know if you have a match or start talking about what else you could offer.
  4. Identify your location (US zipcode or Country) so that the lot owner can consider shipping expenses.
  5. Pay promptly!
Some Key Details for Everyone

It is imperative that sellers title their pictures accurately with color category names.  This makes it so much easier for buyers!  Since color is so subjective, be sure you take a picture of the actual EXACT scrap lot you are offering.  Taking pictures in natural lighting would be ideal.

Ironing your scraps will make them easy to view in a picture and less bulky in an envelope.

When considering shipping expenses, remember that scraps are quite light.  My test scrap lot (more than enough for one Bottled Rainbow block) weighed under 1 ounce and fit into a normal letter envelope.  Shipping it within the US would cost just 44 cents!  Even a 3 ounce package would cost about $1.50.

Choose scraps to swap out that you would be happy to receive!  Personally, I don't mind small sizes for a project of this type, but I'm pretty picky about the colors being right on.  So I say don't muddy up your scrap lots with scraps that don't really go. But, of course, it's all subjective!

Alright - let's see your scraps!  I know I need ocean and eggplant for sure...

P.S.  If you're interested in a straight scrap swap where you send out packages and get surprise scraps in exchange, you can enter the swap at SewSara.  Thanks for letting me know, Sara!

Friday, February 25, 2011

February Favorites {Blogger's Pillow Party}

Entries have closed for the February edition of Blogger's Pillow Party.  After much hemming and hawing, here are my 9 favorites.  Drumroll please....

February Favorites {Blogger's Pillow Party}

Starting at the top left, they are:

1. bright and airy in Central Park by The Petting Zoo.
2.  "Petals" with words to live by from Suzanne Loves...
3.  the Eiffel Tower by Stolen Moments
4.  purple stitches in reverse applique by Maureen Cracknell Handmade
5.  "Little Gems" in yoyos by Pickup Some Creativity
6.  re-purposed ruffles by a Stitch & a Prayer
7.  "Party Napkin" in solids by you know what i love?
8.  a rainbow hexagon by Erica's Essential Suchness
9.  scrapy-happy log cabin by Jacey Craft

The choosing certainly got harder this time, folks.  There were two Valentine's pillows (here and here) that were pulling on my heartstrings (ha.ha.) and other close calls as well.   In order to complete the near-impossible task of choosing just nine pillows, I kept asking myself, "which one would I want to take home with me?"  I honestly don't factor sewing difficulty in at all - just my personal taste.

I'm so glad I don't have to choose one winner, like Rita must (insert evil chuckle).  Rita of Red Pepper Quilts (a blog you simply must follow) is our February judge, and she may pick the winner from any of the pillows entered for February.  The mastermind behind Rita's favorite pillow will win 16 Fat Quarters of Delilah from our friend Randi of Fresh Squeezed Fabrics.  I know!  Be watching Rita's blog to see the winner announced by the end of February.

Oh, no, I do have to choose one winner this time, don't I?   Remember, Rita made a set of pillow covers (20" squares with invisible zipper closure) for me to give away as a participation prize.  Oh. dear.  So, I will have to think about that this weekend (between frantically finishing my mystery quilt). 

If you know Rita, then you know it would be an honor to own anything she's so meticulously made.

Next month, Aneela Hoey, will be our judge.  Start dreaming up some pillows, peeps!  (hint: she loves embroidery).  In the meantime, I'm curious again to know which was YOUR favorite pillow?  You can see all the entries here.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bottled Rainbows {moving forward}


Would you like a page that tracks all posts relating to the Bottled Rainbows Quilt-Along?  I thought so.  Please bookmark this original post.  You'll find a list of links to all quilt-along posts at the bottom.  I'll be updating this page regularly.  You can also find a link to the quilt-along at my Tutorials page.


If you are joining in, please consider adding the Bottled Rainbows button to your blog.  It's a nice way of sharing a good thing and of giving some link love to Stitched in Color.  You can find that button in an easy-to-grab, copy/paste html box at the quilt-along page.  You'll need to paste the code into the "edit html" portion of your blog post to make the button appear correctly, or add it to your sidebar as an html gadget.


I made a sample!  I've heard from more than one person who was like, "Rachel, I love your rainbow, but what are you talking about?"  Oops.

Bottled Rainbow Quilt-Along in Pumpkin

So, here it is, friends.  I used my scraps in burnt orange, pumpkin and coral to make my first block for Bottled Rainbows.  Now, this is not the "how to" post, so I'm not going to go crazy with details.  But, basically, I start by making a plain block in bone with the solid border.  Next I lay out scraps for color/print balance, cut to size to make them fit together like a mosaic, glue them down with stick glue and then zig-zag stitch around each scrap to permanently attach.

for scale

There are many ways you can mix this up - larger scraps, smaller scraps, larger spacing between scraps.  You could opt for all squares or rectangles for a more linear design.  You could attach your scraps with a straight stitch, leaving raw edges exposed to fray.  We'll talk more about options later, but all of those I've mentioned would totally work with this quilt-along.

So, is that as clear as mud?  Do you like it?


You can buy your solids now at Marmalade in a Bottled Rainbow fat quarter bundle.  Thanks so much, Tammy! 


I <3 Ticker Tape

With that in mind, and seeing as how we still need to organize a scrap swap/marketplace, it seems like a schedule tuneup is in order.  This week I hope you are getting together your solids and taking inventory of your scraps.  Next week we'll start swapping scraps and I'll give you the detailed "how to" post, as well as address some of your questions for finishing.  The following week (2nd week of March) will be our first make-a-block week.  That will give you an extra week to receive solids and scraps.  Sound good?


I'd like to apologize that I have not been my most organized version of myself lately.  I feel like I've been juggling too many projects lately, but more in a "learning to balance this" kind of way than in a "something's gotta give" kind of way.  I have less than a week left to finish and mail my magazine quilt and my husband is leaving tomorrow for a week long trip so I'll be flying solo as a mom.  Please cross your fingers for me, K?

Thanks so much for being here!  I just love sewing along with you and your comments are each a blessing.



Tuesday, February 22, 2011

what's stitching for Good

Here's a little update on this month's fun with do. Good Stitches.  (do. Good Stitches is a modern virtual quilting bee that makes quilts for children and people in need.  There are many circles, each making one quilt per month for a good cause). 

This month the Faith circle is making a quilt for a 13-year-old girl who was impacted by the flooding in Australia.  One of our circle members (Kristy of Handmade Retro) lives in Australia, so she has designed and will do the finishing on our February quilt.  She called for a disappearing nine patch block in a fresh, springy color scheme.

for do. Good Stitches

Here are my original nine patch blocks.  I pulled from scraps, including some pretty charms that Ruth had sent me with my orders.  It's fun to see how the blocks change when they're sliced and re-assembled in the called for design.

disappearing nine patch blocks for February

This block is called the "disappearing" nine patch since you typically sash the blocks in the same solid that now sits at two corners of each block.  The corner squares will disappear into the sashing.

I'm also a member of the Love circle of do. Good Stitches.  You may remember that I am designing our project this month, so I made some wonky star blocks in red, pink and white earlier in February as examples for my team.  My friends have been hard at work!  Their blocks are now flaunting their loveliness in our Flickr group.  Here are a few:

love in Wonky Stars
1. by Ara Jane  2. by Lee of Freshly Pieced 3. by Angela of Cut to Pieces 4. by Lee of Freshly Pieced 5. by Melanie of Texas Freckles 6. by Ara Jane

I really desired variation, and I have not been disappointed.  I can't wait to get all 20 blocks together!  It's going to be so fun to play with!

If you are a modern quilter interested in joining up with us to do some good, please read more about do. Good Stitches in our Flickr Group description and consider joining our wait list via the New Members Form. I'll be contacting some lovely peeps on the wait list quite soon!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Bottled Rainbows {Materials List}

Eeek, I'm excited!  There's just something about rainbows.  I suppose if you love color, rainbows are pretty much IT.  I know that you are as excited as me about getting started, so I'm going to try to cover a few basis and popular questions in this post.

{solids} our Bottled Rainbow consists of 16 rectangle blocks, each finishing at 16 x20".  Each block is sashed in a bold solid hue, with sashing at 2.5" wide.  You'll need a quarter yard cut of each solid - so 16 cuts total.  Fat quarters or regular quarters will work.

being choosy

If you'd like to pull solids from your stash, use the Bottled Rainbow button as a guide.  Lay out your solids to see how they relate to one another.  Your favorite lime green may look quite muddy next to the mustard yellow.  Of course, you can mix things up - maybe you want a bright lemon yellow instead of my mustard hue.  Just be sure to keep checking to see how your colors relate to each other in the Bottled Rainbow layout.

Bottled Rainbow Quilt Along Palette

For your reference, here is a list of the Kona solids I'll be using.  In each case, the first Kona listed is the preferred shade.  I've also included alternative Konas for some colors.  The colors are listed starting with red in the left corner and snaking through the Bottled Rainbow color grid:

**This list and Bottled Rainbow Color Grid below updated December 2011 to reflect actual Kona's used.

Rich Red or Ruby
Pomegranate or Bright Pink
Candy Pink or Bubblegum - represented by Ta Dot above, as I need to order it!
Violet or Plum
Berry or Dark Violet or Eggplant
Tangerine - represented by a Wendover solid above for which there is no Kona equivalent. 
Orange or School Bus
Canary or Buttercup - represented by Buttercup above, which is a softer yellow that pairs well with softer greens.
Avocado or Moss
Everglade or Emerald
Marine or Deep Blue  - represented by Woodcut above, as I need to order it
Bahama Blue or Peacock - Peacock shown above
Grass or Peridot  - Peridot shown above
Chartreuse or Cactus - Cactus shown above

Note:  Grass Green and Chartreuse are bolder versions of Peridot and Cactus.  I suggest you choose one pairing or the other.  If you're going towards a brighter yellow like Canary, probably balance with Grass Green/Chartreuse.

*Updated* Bottled Rainbows Color Grid

I know that many of you will need most (or all) of these Konas.  You can buy complete sets by the fat quarter or half yard at Marmalade Fabrics.

{Neutral} the center of each block in our Bottled Rainbow is a neutral solid on which you will applique scraps in the ticker tape style.  You need 2 2/3 yards of your neutral.  I'm using Kona Bone, which is a creamy off white.  Even though I am a linen lover, I decided against it this time as the earthy tones may muddy some colors.  I suggest you choose your favorite white or cream to really let the rainbow shine!

{Scraps} here's where it gets fun!  You'll need enough scraps to fill the neutral portion of each block, which measures 11 x 15" when finished.  How many scraps is that really?  Ooh, that depends.

working on my rainbow

Start by emptying your scraps onto your work surface.  Now divide them in 16 piles, based on color.  To help you categorize your scraps by color, use any solids or proxy fabrics that you have on hand to set the standard.  I laid my solids out in the Bottled Rainbows color grid, because it's pretty =). 


Some of my scraps are quite small, down to about 1/2 inch.  You can also use larger scraps, since you can always trim them to the desired size.  And the "desired size" is really up to you, as is the amount of neutral space that you leave between scraps.  I'll show you some examples later on!

bad little scraps

When organizing your scraps, be sure to set aside those that really don't fit.  Some scraps are too "blah".  They have nothing to offer your rainbow.  Others have too many colors, so that they really don't fit in any camp.  I did include scraps that have more than one color, as long as one color stood out as primary. Neutral scraps (black, white, brown) don't qualify, sorry.  Some multi-color scraps can be trimmed down so that they fit a particular color grouping.  Trim and separate!

To estimate if you have enough scraps of any one color, you can iron them flat and arrange them on a 11 x 15" space.  See if they fill that space with a distance between scraps that is desirable to you.

Help, I don't have Scraps! 

Now, I realize that some of us don't have enough scraps for this project.  And some of you have like, NONE (which is quite mind boggling).  Have no fear!  I have two ideas for you, my friends.

A.  Scrap Swap!  I do believe a scrappy swap market is in order.  I will facilitate this through the Stitched in Color Flickr group.  Please join the group if you're interested in buying/selling/swapping scraps for this project.  I'll be posting later this week on how this will work. For starters, you'll want to see what colors you need and what colors you may have in excess for selling or trading.

B.  Go shopping!  Can you buy scraps? Oh yes.  In fact, my very sweet sponsor, Sew Love Fabrics sells scraps in large pieces (Nice Studio Scraps) and in smaller pieces (Scrappy Studio Scraps). The Scrappy Studio Scraps are definitely big enough for this project, and they're a great deal.  It looks like she may need to create a new listing for them at the moment, so just contact her if you're interested in buying some!  You can ask Ruth to try to include the colors you most need, and she'll do her best!

Phew! That's a lot of info.  Before I bid you adieu, here are a few more odds and ends you'll need to get started making ticker tape blocks:

  • Glue stick
  • Neutral thread
  • Rotary cutter and mat would be nice
We'll talk supplies for finishing, such as border, batting, backing, etc. as this project moves along. Remember, we're just making one block a week, so you have plenty of time to decide on finishing details.

Alright, start working with your rainbow!

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Oh, dear, I'm late! Let's waste no time - please, Mr. Random Number Chooser, who is the winner of Quilting Line + Color?

Oh, it's number 51! So, after a little counting, that's...


I'm emailing you now, lucky lady!

Wanna know why I'm late?

this is just one jar of "littles"

It's pretty much this. I mean, sure, I also baked peanut butter cookies and worked on the magazine quilt today, but mostly this rainbow kept calling me back for more.  I need to safely tuck it away so that I can be a bit more industrious with the rest of my night.

I'm getting my scraps in order!  Will be back early this week with a materials list for those of you playing along with Bottled Rainbows. 

Friday, February 18, 2011

Pieces of a Day

It's Friday night and the weekend holds so much space, so much promise!  I know that what I'll really do will be less than the glowing ideas that currently fill my imagination, but I'll hold them and enjoy them nevertheless. 

Before I bust into action, I want to share with you some pieces of my day.

Echino Giveaway
photo by Faith
This morning a positively joyful rainbow of Echino scraps greeted me on the kitchen table.  I can't believe I won them from Faith's (Fresh Lemons Quilts) giveaway!  I'm sorely tempted to design a quilt (for absolutely no purpose) around them, but I've pledged to use them to make those Noodlehead bike buckets for my littles instead.  The durable Echino linen features such saturated tones - I think it's ideal for bike buckets!  And, Aria already fell in love with the purples and pinks...

this is not easy, folks.

Before we ran off to see a children's play this morning, I snapped some "before" pictures of my hair on a whim in anticipation of this evening's visit to the salon.  I'm not a high-maintainence hair gal (no products and just the brush), but there comes a time when I desperately need a hair pick-me-up.  I started feeling that way weeks ago.


So, yeah, I tried to snap a before picture.  Goodness - this mirror trick is hard!  I won't show you all the shots of me looking like a dear in the headlights.  This was the best I could do folks... 

in its new home

After lunch I brought my mama her new pillow!  Here's where it lives in her entryway.  Her house is a wee bit more formal than mine.  When Brandon and I got married we started off copying this style.  It's funny to us now that our house is so colorful and Ikea-esque!


Above my mom's chair area is this stained glass that inspired the colors of her pillow.  I really should have taken a picture of the glass beforehand as my colors are a bit off, but it works in the room. Really it does.

half dresden for Mama

I was planning on finishing this pillow with binding, so I put in an envelope back rather than an invisible zipper.  But, my mom and I decided today that it really looks best the way it is.  Sometimes simple is good.  My favorite detail is the decorative stitching along the outer edge of the half dresden plate.  It's a design idea I've seen on many a wonky star, dresden plate, etc. around blogdom.  And, I love it every time!

the "after" shot

My husband took an "after" shot at my request.  So, here is my haircut in all it's post-cut glory.  And, look, no sleeves!  Yes, it was above 70 degrees here in South Carolina today.   So very odd, but welcome.  Tomorrow we are supposed to go work on the garden.

Oh dear.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

two books {and a giveaway}

Today I want to share with you my thoughts on two recently released sewing books.  I'll be giving one away at the end!

book review and giveaway!

Inspiration is good.  But I especially value those artists that push me farther - beyond inspired to challenged.  Malka Dubrawsky's newest book "Fresh Quilting:  Fearless Color, Design & Inspiration" is that kind of challenge.  Her work challenges me to embrace color more passionately, to get more gutsy with freemotion quilting and to allow myself to work with more freedom at times.  I simply can't put down this book.

from Fresh Quilting

Fresh Quilting includes projects both big and small.  For those new to quilting she included an extensive "essentials techniques" section (16 pages, lots of diagrams).  I learned a few new-to-me tricks, actually!    Malka explores a wide variety of shapes beyond the square and rectangle, like diamonds, hexagons and circles.  It's all quite delicious, but this saturated image is the one I keep coming back to again and again:

from Fresh Quilting

Solids or almost-solids.  Freehand straight(ish) quilting.  Simple rectangles.  But something about this quilt draws me in.  I just want to stare and stare at it, as if by looking I can somehow absorb the design sensibilities of the artist.  And, yet, I don't find myself planning to make this quilt...

from Fresh Quilting

The project in the book that I am most drawn to recreate is this "four points tote".  It's the diamond shape that grabs me and those amazing wooden handles complete win me over.  I haven't committed yet, since I so recently made my Garden Party Purse, but it may happen someday.

For whatever reason, Malka's book is not inspiring me to recreate.  Instead, it is challenging me to create myself.  To sew like I really want to, no holding back - especially on color.  I'm sure that Malka's work has fed my concept of the Bottled Rainbows Quilt-Along and helped give me the vision for my secrete magazine project too.

Malka is innovative.  That's the truth. This is not your average sewing book.  If you love color or modern shapes, I think you will really enjoy Fresh Quilting.

book review and giveaway!

The good folks at Interweave also sent me Yoshiko Jinzenji's new release "Quilting Line + Color."    The cover immediately caught my eye.  When I opened the book, the introduction began, "All the quilts featured in this book are inspired by the color white.  We offer you dozens of simple, fresh quilt design, each one inviting you to open your imagination and add your own vision to the open spaces created by the whites."  And, to be honest, I knew right then and there that this was not the book for me.  I'm too much of a color junkie.

from Quilting Line + Color

Many (not all) of the designs are quite abstract, hence the subtitle "Tecniques and Designs for Abstract Quilts."   Jinzenji is a well-known Japanese artist whose work is featured in the likes of the Museum of Modern Art and Design and the Victoria and Albert Museum.  So, certainly, if you appreciate modern art this book will truly inspire you.  I absolutely enjoyed perusing it, but I know for a fact that someone else will love and use it more than I ever could. 

from Quilting Line + Color

This honeycomb quilt was my favorite project.  The uneven edge and variations on honeycomb size are so playful. 

from Quilting Line + Color

I was also drawn to this charming tulle bag.  Nope, the picture's not fuzzy!  The colored balls are sewn onto the ends of its drawstrings.  Her use of layers and textures is very unique, don't you think?

Quilting Line + Color is a substantial book (192 pages) with very thorough, illustrated directions for making each project.  The directions portion of this book is so clear and well-done, which is unusual (in my experience) amongst Japanese style books. Paper patterns included.

If you would like to give Quilting Line + Color a happy home, please add your comment here to enter the giveaway.  US entries only please (it's a heavy book)! The random number generator just may choose your number when I make the draw on Sunday morning, February 27th.

Good luck!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bottled Rainbows {ticker tape quilt-along}

Bottled Rainbows

At long last, it's time to do something fabulous with all your teeny tiny scraps!  Please join me in a leisurely quilt-along inspired by my bottled rainbows.  Each week we'll make just one rectangle ticker tape block, starting the first week of March.  Sometime in June we'll be ready to piece and finish this baby.  Take a look!

*Updated* Bottled Rainbows Color Grid

You'll start wherever you like on the rainbow, making use of your scraps at hand.  Have lots of red, but no teal?   Worry not my dears.  You can put off your harder colors in favor of something more plentiful.  Months from now I bet you'll find yourself some volunteers if your scraps are as proliferous as mine!  Ooh, and for really pesky colors, we just may have to organize a scrappy swap!  You let me know, K?

the nitty gritty.  Each rectangle block finishes at 16 x 20", including a 2.5" sashing in solid Kona cotton.  For the center of each block, you'll want a nice neutral such as white, cream or natural linen.  Finished quilt will measure 64 x 80" - a very generous blanket (or add a 5" border to make it a twin sized quilt!). 

You know you want to! How else are you ever gonna enjoy all those scraps?  If you've never tickered before, I have to tell you that it's a completely user-friendly technique.  You simple cut scraps to size and sew them down on your background fabric.  That's it.  Technically, this is "applique" but without any kind of precision.  This is the same way I made my Mosaic Tree block!

So, will you be joining us?  Feel free to grab a button:
Bottled Rainbows {the button}
<div align="center"><a href="" title="Bottled Rainbows {the button}"><img src="" alt="Bottled Rainbows {the button}" style="border:none;" /></a></div>

I'll be updating this page with our progress!

1.  Materials List
2.  How to Swap Scraps
3.  Moving Forward (example block and more details)
4.  Supplies Giveaway 
5.  All about Ticker Tape 
6.  How to Make a Bottled Rainbow Block
7.  Join Right In + Tangerine Block
8.  Your Creations
9.  Raspberry Block 
10.  Joining Blocks 
11.  Plum Block + Your Creations 
12.  Materials for Finishing 
13.  Blue Blocks
14.  Domesticity + Cerise Block
15.  Rainbow Stacks
16.  Green Blocks 
17.  Look at you! 
18.  Teal Block 
19.  Hip, hip, hurrah!
20.  Piecing & Adding Borders
21.  Quilting
22.  On my bed
23.  Baby Bottled Rainbows! 
24.  Updated Kona colors

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

hello, Dresden

It still amazes me how quickly a pillow comes together!

Last night, while my supplies for the magazine project were prewashing, I cut into a pretty stack of fabrics for my mama's first pillow. She wanted a half dresden plate pillow, like Kelly's, in colors to match some stained glass in her entryway.  Oooh, I'll have to get a picture of that to show you!

This is what I have so far.

Half Dresden Pillow WIP

I've never done a dresden before, so I poked around until I found a tutorial by Badskirt Amy.  I'm not sure that mine is a real dresden, cause I created the template shape myself on a piece of cardboard and there's no circle at the center, but it's certainly dresden-inspired.  And, did you know that a dresden is simply appliqued on top of the background fabric?  So easy!

loving Alexander Henry's Butterflies

As of this afternoon, I have the front and back prepared.  I'll be adding a little embroidery before putting things together and finishing with a binding trim. 

Right now I'm just loving those butterflies!  They are by Alexander Henry in an oldish collection called "Natura".   I know my mom likes this print, so I can't wait to show her that I used it!  I bought these butterflies in my very, very, very first fabric purchase about 18 months ago.  They've finally found themselves a place to shine.  Love.

There's just over a week left for you to enter your pillow into the February contest for Blogger's Pillow Party. I'm loving what I see so far.  Hope to see you there!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Fabric Candy

Happy Valentine's Day!  How about some eye candy from my friends at Sew Fresh Fabrics...

fabric candy

At this very moment I am absolutely craving a rainbow. I need, need, need to sew something full of color. This fabric candy is looking sooooo good.  I think this is the week I'm going to have to finalize plans for the rainbow-hued Ticker Tape Quilt-Along.  So, get your scraps ready folks!

On the left are three happy prints from the Sugar Pop collection (more colors here) and on the right are a rainbow of hues in Metro Living Circles. With names like marigold, chartreuse and chocolate, I simply could not pass by this fun new basic.  The chocolate circles are destined to become a quilt back quite soon!

new basics from Sew Fresh Fabrics

And here are some more "practical" purchases. Up top are Robert Kaufman's "Quilter's Linen Basics" in grey and cocoa. The cocoa came in quite handy when I discovered I needed a border for yesterday's quilt top!  These fabrics are not linen at all, but quilter's cotton instead.  They have a subtle grid-like print on top that reminds one of linen.  I think they're quite nice as a solid!

I also picked up some new-to-me shades of Valori Well's Nest berries and another Herringbone from Modern Meadow (Herringbone looks fab with anything.  He's such a nice guy). 

Oh, and I have a Valentine for you:

a Valentine

Thanks for stopping by all you sweet people! 

Saturday, February 12, 2011

a quilt top

Yes, indeedy, I did finish that quilt top.

a quilt top

It's only a quilt top and a grainy picture, but that's all I've got today folks. I'm not feeling it much at the moment, but I do plan to quilt it tomorrow, so that may change things. And perhaps I'm just lagging from the demands of the day's merry-making.

Happy Birthday, Liam!

Today we celebrated Liam's 4th birthday with an ooey, gooey cake and quite the "blast" of a party. Feed little boys and girls chocolate cake and then run along outside to launch model rockets, and everyone's happy. Yes, sirree, it was fun.  {this mommy is exhausted}


Good thing there's one little piece of cake left...
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