Friday, December 16, 2011

Pieces of a day

Today is a new day and such a nicer day it is!  Please come in to see some pieces of our day....

ready to sew!

*a happy stack of flying geese pieces, cut last night with that great little ruler.

Aria's 2nd scarf!

*Aria's second scarf-in-progress beside last winter's "Little Forest of JOY" pillow. Yes, she's knitting!  She's "throwing" the yarn, English style, as that's what worked best for her.  And boy is she hooked!  Susan the cat is already sporting a new "coat". 

our dining/sewing room

*a string of flying geese!

Liam little helper

*one happy helper (who is most contrite for the aforementioned mess, which to answer your question, Maureen, was too disgusting to disclose.  If you have children, think of that mess.  That very worse one.  I'm sure this one was comparable).


*sweet little Spot

flying geese on my wall

*Geese on the wall!  You know you should have a design wall when...

There used to be a painting hanging here, as this is our dining room (sewing room! ahem), but I took it down to photograph Retro Flowers no. 1.  I'm leaving it down to slowly acclimate Brandon to the fact that I claim this wall as well.  Yes, the whole wall please! It's hard to be a quilt-hater in a house like this.  Poor husband.

flying geese for Liam's curtains

*approximately one curtain's worth of geese.  I plan to intersperse the rows with 3" wide strips of Alexander Henry's Heath in chocolate, so...

Stashings from Pink Castle Fabrics

*new stashings from Pink Castle Fabrics.  From left:  Ta dot in Teal, Punctuation Tudor Stripe in black (run, run and get some of this stripe!  I was so glad to find it again as I used up every little bit I'd had.  It's the perfect punch of black without being solid), Heath in Tomato Red, Heath in Metal Pink, and lots of Heath in Chocolate.

Stashings from Whipstitch

*oh, here's some more!  Celery Ta Dot in flannel from Whipstitch for a quilt backing and Kona snow against Kona bone.  Kona bone (on top) is a milky white that I like to pair with brown and other warm tones.  It's the solid "white" shown in my flying geese.

Stashings from The Intrepid Thread

*ah, yes, and these.  This stack was a cyber Monday purchase from The Intrepid Thread.  I was hunting down flower-free aquas and oranges for Liam's flying geese.  From left that's Dazzle Basketweave in aqua, Dazzle Basketweave in tan, Hugs & Kisses in Scotch and the acorn print from Khristian A. Howell's new collection The Woodlands.  

Ok, now I'm off to make cookies!  Do enjoy your weekend, K?  I plan to finish my last Christmas gift and put that quilt back on my Meet the Gang quilt.  Crossing fingers for all of us!


  1. Looks like the whole gang pitched in. Pretty geese! I've also been trying to see how long I can survive without a design wall. Perhaps that will be a project for the new year. :)

  2. Oh, these curtains are really going to be something!!! I am so very excited for Liam, that naughty, messy boy! :) Oh yes, I gotcha loud and clear! I know that mess, I've cleaned that mess!!!

    Happy weekend to you, Rachel!!!

  3. Are you like me and make declarations like that on your blog and then wait for hubby to consent?!?!
    I also drop hints earned me a longarm machine :)!

  4. That's a possible flock of geese going on there! Glad the boy was contrite about the mess, but how could you miss a photo of the cat in a knitted coat? ;o)

  5. You could turn your design wall into a problem for your husband to solve, he will be so consumed with solving the problem and making you a design wall that it will completely leave his mind that it is actually happening in the dining room. This works. I pose many problems such as "gosh I am having trouble with space now that I am sewing so much" Deep thinking face on husband. 2 weeks later a functional craft room in the shed! Brilliant!!Didn't enter his head that I would now take over the shed as long as he was solving the problem!

  6. We had one of "those messes" with my 4 year old this past weekend too, and since I'm pregnant and still sick to my stomach (even though I'm 34 wks) I got to hand that mess over to my husband, thank goodness! Ughhh it was horrible.... I like your design wall! Mine is in my kitchen! :)

  7. Oh wow there is a whole lot of eye candy there! but that acorn print? DROOL! must go find much for abstaining from purchasing fabric till 2012 ;)

  8. So much eye candy in your post this morning (it is morning here!) As a mother of 4 I can only think of one mess bad enough to be classed as "that" mess ... eww :(

    As for that design wall..... i can't live without mine so can't comprehend how you don't have one.

  9. I LOVE that accorn print fabric! blogland is bad at making me want fabric I didn't even know was out there :)

  10. I have a very simple design wall in my sewing room. The back of a cheap vinyl tablecloth from Big Lots is very useful. I love it.

  11. Such gorgeous things ... so nice. I love the cat that popped into one of the photos ... very cute.

  12. Your living room is so pretty! I need new sheer curtains! Your husband sounds like a really good guy.

  13. Eww, you poor thing. I hate it when they have those type of accidents. Glad to hear today was a much better (cleaner) day! Interested to see the finished curtains too!

  14. Yep, the design wall one of those things I know I actually "need" - like a new sewing machine. Ack, I'm too busy sewing to take care of these things!

    Bec - you are so crafty!

  15. I was at JoAnne's yesterday and saw your mini bottled rainbow pattern in Quiltmaker. I was so excited. After my Christmas quilts I am back to my own blocks. They are so much fun.

  16. Gorgeousness!

    (And thanks for the flying geese suggestion for my mini patchwork quilt!)

  17. Spot! He's getting so big, and adorable! I'm about to have another opportunity to play with some geese, and I can't wait. In the meantime, I'm enjoying your geese eye candy. I just love the combination of fabrics you've come up with for the curtains!


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