Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Curves Class *Update*

Goodness, there's so much going on around here, isn't there?  Yes, it's that time of year for craftiness to run rampant.  Or, actually, that's an all-year kind of thing, don't you agree?  Certainly in a perfect world.

for my Christmas tree

I have been bustling away in the background to prepare a very special online course for those of you who would like to master curves in the New Year.  In the past you may have been intimidated by tight little curved seams, even downright petrified by curvy quilt blocks and more than a little skeptical that a curvy outlook could be in your stitchy future.   That all ends now.  No longer shall ye be limited to the straight edge.  No longer shall ye look with fear upon that which inspires you...

Oh, whoops, I was just trying to give you a little update.  I'm a tad bit excited.

I <3 improv curves

So, as I was saying I have been working most diligently.  Not just stitching away at prototypes and projects but also tackling the art of video-making.   Errgh.  Which means I have been actually talking to the camera, yes, talking. Talking!  And, demonstrating cutting and sewing takes one and two and three and eight.  The videos are not so easy peasy to make my friends.  But, behold, I am making progress! 

"Oh Christmas Tree" mini

Mostly I am holding out on you when it comes to showing the projects.  So ruthless, I know.  But this little mini asked very nicely to be shared in December, as it is designed for the holidays after all.  "What, there's a Christmas project in the curves class?" I hear you ponder.  Oh, definitely.  Isn't February the most reasonable time to make Christmas decor?  Really, who has the time in December? 

bright, shining star

And, besides, the Christmas tree is a most wonderful shape for exploring improv curves.  You see, the "Oh Christmas Tree" mini is one of three projects you may choose to make during week 2 when we cover basic improv curved piecing.  Now, you could make all three projects each week, but let's be realistic ya know?  The goal of a class is to learn new techniques, not to make every single thing and run yourself into the ground trying.  Oh, and you'll have access to the class a full 45 days after it concludes so you can go back then and make all the projects, if you like.  How about a schedule sneak peak?

Week 1:  Basic Curves - Truly, really basic.  So basic that you beginners are most welcome to join in.  If you've sewn 3 or so projects (of any kind) you should have the basic sewing know-how to get a ton out of this class!  And for those of you that are already comfy with the most simple curved sewing, I do have a "challenge" level project that first week to keep you on your toes.

Week 2:  Basic Improv Curves - Because this stuff needn't be hard.  By the time you finish this week I think you'll be seeing a whole new world of curvy possibilities. All three of these projects are super fun to make.  It's going to be hard to choose - you'll see!  Yes, your enthusiasm is building and your confidence is running high so we'll continue on to...

Week 3:  Precise Curves - Let's tackle them head on.  We'll start off with that curvy classic - the drunkard's path - and then move on to a mod curved block of my own creation.  There's a fancy challenge project this week too.  If you go that route, you'll know you can sew any curve darn well with precision.

Week 4:  Advanced Improv Curves - Yes, I'm partial to improv piecing. It's really fun and funky and makes for such an original creation.  We'll learn some new techniques this week and what you can and cannot do with improv cutting.  (Because knowing what you cannot do can really save some fabric, let me tell you...) 

Week 5:  Curvy Quilts - It's time to create your masterpiece!  The class will include detailed tutorials for two quilt designs, with links to my free tutorials for finishing your quilt (ie. basting, quilting, binding) at your leisure. 

Class begins February 1st!  The full details -  including more info on projects, more project reveals and pricing for all three levels of class membership - will be announced January 1st.  And take note that all who register for class during that first week of January will enjoy an early registration discount!

sparkly stars... 

Speaking of discounts, I'm making a shout out to Deborah of Whipstitch, whose top-of-the-line online sewing courses are available for a huge discount through December 31st.  Deborah has been super generous with her advice as I have been developing my approach to teaching online classes.  I'm so thankful to have her experienced perspective!

One thing I've come to understand through all of this is that it's easy to undersell yourself out of enthusiasm for seeing everyone join in.  When it comes down to it, putting together a course with so many original patterns and detailed tutorials and then adding to that new-to-me elements like video tutorials and a PDF ebook version accumulates into a very big project.  Now me, I like big projects.  If only I had unlimited time!  To balance my time invested with my desire to meet the diverse needs of those who'll want to take the course, I've settled on offering three versions of the class.  All three classes will be offered in private blog formats so that we can interact and I can answer questions in the comments.  The super affordable version includes everything you're used to seeing from me in the way of detailed, step-by-step picture-packed tutorials and access to all projects.  The "premium" version of the class will have extra helpful (and time-intensive) features like videos and the PDF-version of the course to take home.  And then there will be a smaller, more exclusive class for folks that want it all, plus lots of interaction, more of a community feeling and the give and take encouragement you'd experience in a real in-person class.  That last version, "Curves Camp", will be capped at 20 students (er, campers).  We'll get to know each other via weekly live chats and there'll be special rewards for those who... Eep, I'd better keep some secrets to myself until January 1st.  I think you get the idea!  I hope that every single one of you who are interested in learning to sew curves will find a place that meets your needs and your budget.

Thank-you all for encouraging me in this exciting undertaking, friends.  I'm so, so looking forward to taking a journey with you this February!


  1. Oh Rachel, that is absolutely lovely! You are so industrious! your classes are going to be awesome!

  2. Love the tree. Have fun with the course. Curves are super fun.

  3. wow, rachel, that tree piece is really amazing! i started reading this posting thinking, "i'm not too interested in curves" and ended it feeling like, "i need to learn how to sew curves!!!" i wonder if it's the same technique you'd use in garment sewing? i'm curious. generally in garment sewing you notch (or nip) curves depending on whether they are 'hills' or 'valleys'. but i don't see any notches in your seam allowances. maybe i'll have to take your class! :)

    fantastic work. love, love!

  4. As I was reading the first part of this post, I thought to my self over and over again "Please don't start in January...Please don't start in January..." I was so happy to see that you start in February! Thank you! I should have several projects done and ready to start learning new things!
    I have to tell you that I love the calmness that you exude on your blog. I know that you have a busy life with kids, family, school, and sewing etc. but I always feel peace and calmness when reading your blog. Thank you for giving me a wonderful place to explore wonderful fabric combinations and to learn new techniques. You have a wonderful gift and I thank you for sharing it with me.

  5. Rachel that little tree is amazing! I don't know how you get all done that you do. You are super woman :)

  6. All I can say is to please hold a spot for me!

  7. It sounds like you've really thought this out, and I'm not surprised! This class sounds like so much fun! I'm excited for you in your new step, and your curvy tree mini is astounding! I love it!

    Also, I love the name "Curves Camp". :)

  8. Oh I love this wee mini, so cute! Hmm, those curves look intriguing too...

  9. Fantastic! I can't wait to sign up on Jan 1st!

  10. Weee!! This sounds better and better :) I cannot wait to get the final details!

  11. That sounds really awesome. Where do you find the time!!


  12. I can tell this class will be a real winner! I can't wait to sign up.....

    Well, I guess I have to. :)

    Feb. is my bday month, so this will be my gift to myself.

    Happy Holidays, in the meantime.

  13. This looks fabulous! I just tackled some curves recently, and loved it, but could ALWAYS use more confidence / guidance! Very exciting :D

  14. Wow! Rachel this sounds great and I am really looking forward to it! I don't know curves at all so this will be a whole new technique for me. Really exciting and I do love the tree mini but hope I can add a star to the top of that tree, just looks like it needs it...(I am aware trees don't grow with stars on top but they should) . Again, can't wait!

  15. Can't wait to hear the details on January 1st!! I am so in!

    Happy Holidays!

  16. Awesome, Rachel! Your curvy christmas tree looks great! Best wishes as you start this new venture!

  17. I love the tree!! Hoping I will have time to take part in this - I have never tackled curves.

  18. I can't wait until Feb. and the mini quilt is so cute.

  19. Love that tree and the star is perfect! I also like making curves and could use help with them ~ looking forward to the class.

  20. Something on my list of things to learn/make is the drunkards path blocks. This class sounds like just the ticket!

    the Tree mini is adorable!

  21. I am eagerly awaiting January 1. Sounds like an early birthday present to me!

  22. I love that mini! I read it as winter in general and not just Christmas, so I would display it for the entire season.

    I am going to have to set aside some money in order to take your class.

  23. i love the tree...but i have to admit, when i was quickly scrolling through (to look at the pics before i read the post), my mind turned it into a sailboat on the water! and i love the idea of that too...looking forward to more info about the class! :)

  24. Oh my gosh. I had to pin this to pinterest. I love it. I really love the curves and modern lines but the little traditional block star and the quilting lines draw you right in. I want it!

  25. This tree quilt is absolutely fabulous! I am yet again in awe of your improv skills! LOVE!

  26. The tree! The star! So very wonderful...

  27. where do I find out about the course.. I couldn't see where to register?

    1. Thanks for asking. Here's the registration info post: http://www.stitchedincolor.com/2012/01/early-registration-opens-today.html


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