Monday, December 12, 2011


Yes, I made another one.  It happened so fast.

makeup roll in process

One minute I was choosing fabric scraps that suited her favorite Anna Maria Horner print...

this time, she loves AMH

and before I knew it I had only to buy thread in the right color for the top-stitching.

checking off another Gift!

This Christmas gift is for a friend that happens to looooove Anna Maria Horner. She chose the large scale "Clippings" print from Loulouthi, which I used as the makeup roll outer fabric. Turns out other Anna Maria Horner scraps mixed in quite well! And she's going to get a kick out of those chickens for sure!

a happy little home

So nice to check off another gift!  I almost couldn't wait to give it when I got to see my friend yesterday.  I guess I'm week on the delayed gift-giving gratification, just like my mom.  Somehow, I managed to hold out.

At this point I have just one more gift to make.... and lots and lots of wrapping to do. Sometimes I love wrapping, when I'm in the right mood.  So, I've been waiting for that to happen.  Hmm....

in Clippings by Anna Maria Horner

If you should wish to give your makeup or that of your friend a happy little home, there's still time to make your own version of my makeup roll pattern before the big day. Good thing this one's downloadable, eh?

Happy handmade holiday crafting!


  1. very cute rachel. love that fabric.

  2. Wow!!! I do´t know what to say... it is amazing!!! Great work!

  3. very nice!!
    and I love the pin cushion/basket that is in the background of the picture!! Did you make that? if so would love to see more about that !!

  4. You picked such an awesome group of fabrics! It's adorable, and I'm sure your friend will love it! I actually got all of my gifts wrapped yesterday. I'm done. Except for finishing Jill's quilt, of course.

  5. LOL, what's a make up roll without chickens...

  6. What a great gift idea! I think I could actually "give" myself one of those. lol
    Very cute! And thanks for the downloadable pattern.

  7. Gorgeous! What a fabulous gift!

  8. Ug. I haven't even started making my Christmas gifts yet! ;) (and one is a quilt! Yikes!)

    That turned out beautifully! I'm sure she'll love it!
    (and I love that someone else commented on your pincushion! I was eyeing it again too! I agee that you just might need to post about it. ;) though I still need to go check out that book that it's from. Thanks for that info!

  9. Wow! So beautiful and so useful!

  10. That make up roll is so cute. I know a person who would just love that.


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