Monday, November 21, 2011

from Stitched in Color on Flickr!

It's high time I shared some of the fantabulous creations that you've so kindly added to the Stitched in Color flickr pool.  If you're new to this community, you should know that all of these are made with free patterns.  We welcome you to jump right in!

Colorbrick {a beginner's quilt-along}

This, my first quilt-along, teaches a simple quilt step-by-step with lots of photographs and details.  If you've never made a quilt before this is a great place to start!

Innocent Crush Colorbricks Quilt

In Innocent Crush fabrics from Quilts by Emily

Innocent Crush Colorbricks Quilt

With gorgeous hand-quilting!

Nicey Jane Colorbricks

In Nicey Jane by Courtiepie

Loulouthi Tiles

I shared this pattern over the summer in three different sizes from baby to super-large/queen.  You can download the PDF here.  With very large fabric cuts, this design is all about the fabric and getting to the finish real quick!

Sock Monkey Quilt

Sock Monkey baby version by Daffie Online

Loulouthi Tiles Quilt

Colorful contrast sashing by Sonnet of the Moon

Loulouthi front

The extra large version from Cathamsooz

Garden Party Tiles quilt top.

Made up in Garden Party by Lucy Fleur

Bottled Rainbows Quilt-Along

We uncorked our rainbows of scrappy goodness early this spring, and lots of you are still making Bottled Rainbow blocks.  There have been many creative renditions of this quilt, and none fail to thrill me.  It's an easy, almost meditative sew that gets a bit addictive - fair warning.

Bottled Rainbows

Finished tiny-pieced wonder by Knottygnome

Bottled Rainbows

With a stunning colorblock back

Another Bottled Rainbows block

More tiny pieces from Jaceycraft

lime leaves quilt block

The mosaic tree version by Maureen Cracknell

Blue -- BRQ blocks

Maureen's cool quadrant with winter-y shapes.

Bottled Rainbows Complete!

Finish with rainbow borders by Cut to Pieces


A pretty quilted border by Lightning Bugz

Of course I didn't share all of the great things in the Stitched in Color flickr pool.  So, by all means, hop on over for some more eye candy.  Thank-you all for sharing your creations!  It's very inspiring to find my tutorials actually being used, and encourages me to keep on making. 

Happy Monday!


  1. gosh, you inspire some super colorful delights!

  2. I hope to get back to my Bottled Rainbows after I finish up my quilts for Christmas presents. I am in a time crunch now.

  3. So many pretties! I do love knottygnome's Bottled Rainbows dearly. Lots of colorful creations in the pool! I don't think I'll get another BR block done before the new year, but hopefully, it will be a 2012 finish!

  4. thanks for including my quilt! i love your tutorials and i hope to make a loulouthi tiles quilt eventually.

  5. Oh there are some gorgeous quilts there. I just love Bottled Rainbows and all its variations

  6. What fabulous creations! I need to get my last link up up there...

  7. oh i love it all! and it has inspired me! i need to make a quilt for my mom by thursday! color block or tiles it is!

  8. Thanks so much for including my bottled rainbows- it's my favorite border ever!! I love all the beautiful photos- it's so wonderful to see such creativity and how we're all different :)

  9. Thanks for sharing .... those quilts are just so beautiful .... love them.

  10. Thank YOU for the pattern! :)
    Very keen to finish the quilt, might be months away but it will happen!

  11. Thanks for sharing Rachel! I hope you have a wonderful week!!

  12. Oh my! thanks for sharing my quilt! and thanks for the AWESOME free tutorial to make it.

  13. The quilts are great!!! So nice inspiration :-)


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