Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Celebrate Color {Stitches for the Table}

Today is such a gorgeous fall day, I can hardly stand it.  Just now I was out watering plants in the warm sunshine and a big ol' gust of wind game rustling through our trees.  The kids and I stopped to watch the wind shower us with golden leaves and rustle up those rusty ones that have already gathered on the driveway.  Have you registered that next week is Thanksgiving?  I do love November.

We share our Thanksgiving meal at my mother's old, grand table.  Since I was a little girl, it was my special treat to choose fancy linens, dishes and glasses to dress it.  I think that this is the year I should pass that responsibility on to Aria.  Maybe, in a few years time, she'll also be planning ahead to add her own handmade flare to the table. 

Today for Celebrate Color, Mollie of Wild Olive has two tutorials to share just perfect for the holiday season.  You can use her sweet embroidery patterns or some of your own favorites to make felt napkin rings or a little hot pad.  The napkin rings especially, are well-suited to someone learning embroidery or new to sewing.  With felt there are no edges to hem, no need for a sewing machine and the finished project is nicely substantial... that's why I'm thinking Aria would really enjoy making these! 

Thank-you, Mollie, for your series of embroidery goodies for us, in the way of floss palettes, fall-inspired embroidery patterns and today's tutorials.  You've been a wonderful partner in Celebrate Color!

I hope you all have enjoyed her posts!  If you'd like to be inspired by all the needlework that's been shared with this community through Celebrate Color, please visit the Needlepoint photo entry pool.  Enjoy!


  1. Such a cute idea! I am doing some stitch work today myself, making little felt buttons for Haila's new apron. :)

  2. How cute!! I love the pot holder,

  3. What a lovely idea for the table dressing, I'm sure Aria will love it :o)

  4. The napkin holders are such a quick way to personalize the table. Sweet!

  5. what cute little napkin holders. so cute!

  6. How lovely! I love the idea of the felt! This could be adapted for so many occasions!

  7. cute embroidery patterns. off to visit Mollie's blog.

  8. Great idea and lovely embroideries!



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