Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Celebrate Color {Sewn Inspiration}

Hello, friends!  As a part of Celebrate Color, I've gathered some sewn inspiration from my fall sewing Pinterest board.

I hope you find something to inspire your creating during this last month of our autumn color festival!

::Serious about Plum::

Serious about plum.

The Summer Sampler quilt top Fashioned by Meg also sports a fair bit of orange, but the various shades of plum make it, don't you think?

Here's a Single Girl quilt top by I'm a ginger monkey, made ever so dramatic with an inspired choice of background solid.

Keiko's TanPoPo plum outfit is pretty to the core.

And the Allora Handmade rosette necklace is simply gorgeous.  The color stands alone.

::Caramel Spice::  an excuse for warm and cozy

::Carmel Spice::  Warm, cozy

The Lindren Tree quilt by Urban Patchwork has lovely tones of golden yellow, rust and orange.

And this Lonestar quilt by LieblingsDecke is one I can't seem to forget. I love the dark gray mixed in with such warm tones.  Someday, Lonestar, someday.

"Embracing Fall" quilt panels by Jackie G became a lovely quilt for her bed. In this photo the solids swim together with the prints.  Don't you love these in between moments?

And lastly this Little Quilt by JCasa *handmade, perfect in its tiny squares simplicity.

::Harvest Carnival:  Color Kissed with Black

::Harvest Carnival::  Color Kissed with Black

Like this Autumns Strings quilt? Freckled Whimsy shares a PDF tutorial!

This flying geese masterpiece by Nifty Quilts is the reason why I MUST make make something with geese, stat.

I always love this Ikea fabric, incarnated here as a handy tote bag by Six One Seven.

And take a gander at this colorful wonder by Ungt Blod?  What perky little triangles!  What a scraplaciouis mix of fabrics!  And the black - totally necessary.


  1. Such beautiful colors. I'm just beginning to get into quilting, and at times it seems overwhelmingly difficult! Pictures like these inspire me. Thanks.

  2. I think I stole some of your pins for my own color inspiration today! ;)

    With my mind swirling with Christmas projects, I needed to pause and enjoy the colors of the Season we are still in today! Thanks for all the inspiration!!!

  3. Love these collections of colour :o)

  4. Some lovely inspiration there - it makes my fingers itch to get working on something, but this is just supposed to be a quick blog break before back to work. Sigh...

  5. Thanks for sharing my quilt top!

  6. Mmmm...
    That plum is enchanting. SO fall.
    Thanks for the eye candy. :)

  7. What a beautiful colour collections! Thank you for sharing!



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