Thursday, November 17, 2011

Celebrate Color {Monochromatic}

Today is my last project post for Celebrate Color.  I can't believe it!  But, yes, with some guest posts next week, plus the Thanksgiving holiday, this is my last personal contribution. 

I decided on this last project to follow nature, because nothing speaks of color more to me in the fall than the trees.  Central South Carolina is blessed with some truly spectacular fall foliage.  Every time I hang the laundry, take down the trash to end of our drive or go walking with my mom, my eyes drink up the sight of all these gorgeous warm hues changing slowly, then suddenly day after day.  And, interspersed with the fiery shades are fresh, ever-present pines, always green.

 walking up our drive...

This is the view from the end of our drive, walking towards our home.

my favorite maple

And here is a shot of my favorite maple tree - one week sunny yellow, the next week simply bare.

for fall in Celebrate Color

The beauty of fall is fleeting... most beauty is.  So to remember our time together celebrating color, I've made a set of monochromatic coasters, each reflecting a hue straight from the trees.

monochromatic coasters

It was a simple, quick little project.  Each coaster has strips of color in various widths, plus a 1" white strip on which I doodled with embroidery.  And quite accidentally, I think the embroidery says something about the colors themselves: green is nice and fair, orange is up to some mischief, yellow is bursting with joy and red is strong and sure. 

fun little stitches

Fun little stitches and quite the nice way to rest the brain after a long day of happy (but tiring) work at home!

and the back

I have noticed, by the way, that oodles of lovely new projects are popping up at the Celebrate Color photo pools.  The home decor category, especially, is bursting with pretty things!  I am so grateful for each of you who have joined in with this event.  For me, the very best part is not the projects we make or the tutorials we share, but that you choose to interact with us.   So, thanks for that!


  1. I want to hang out with orange today : )
    Cute coasters!

  2. No wonder you are inspired by the seasons with such beautiful surroundings!
    Very cute coasters too!

  3. Rachel, these are so delightful! (Of course, I'm partial to things with embroidery on them...)

  4. Oh I love your coasters!! So clever to make them monochromatic like that!
    Also- I didn't comment on the giveaway post, but the Christmas scrappy skirt is genius! I might just copy that idea!

  5. Your coasters are so cute. Your trees are about a month behind our trees in mid Michigan but I bet Spring is early for you too.

  6. Yes, it's all about the sun around here, so we do get a short winter!

  7. Beautiful coasters! It's so nice to work on a quick project that just lets you play. And to come out with a usable and fun finish? Well, that's just icing on the cake!

  8. How do we enter the color contest? What address do we use to send photos? Please help!

  9. Love the coasters - especially the green one.

  10. The coasters are gorgeous, I really like them .... but ... your garden is even more gorgeous .... what an inspirational place to live. Just beautiful

  11. Lotti - Thanks! I've always had a heart for the woodlands. My garden beds are a mess. Trees just take care of themselves!

    Celeste - to enter Celebrate Color, follow the link above (on the words "Celebrate Color") to find the main event page. From there you'll find links on "How to Enter" as well as photo entry pools!

  12. Lovely coasters! I saw them on Pinterest. Looking at your projects always sends me running to my sewing machine. Thanks for sharing with us!

  13. love the special touches on each of your coasters!

  14. I had no idea you are so close. I live at the coast. Your coasters are so cute. So you put any kind of "plastic" in the middle so if (when) drinks sweat the dampness doesn't go through?

  15. Oooh, love the coasters, great autumnul colours. I want your driveway too, so pretty!

  16. Isn't it good to dive in the natures peace from time to time. Love the colors of the trees! And your coasters are lovely

  17. Tamie - I had never heard for putting plastic in the middle. With past cloth coasters I never had the problem of liquids going all the way through, probably because there is a batting middle layer. However, I just did have to throw some out that were used almost nightly and eventually molded. Mold can be an easy problem in the south though, as you must know!

    Thanks for all your kind comments, everyone!


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