Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Celebrate Color {Knit Scarf}

Ooooh, I just can't talk about knitting here without telling you that today I started to teach Aria to knit, Continental style!  She learned the slip knot and how to cast on.  We have a little rhyme from Kids Knittingby Melanie Falick for remembering all the steps of the knit stitch.  It goes:

Under the Fence
Catch the Sheep
Back we Come
Off we Leep

Of course, catching the sheep is a bit tricky Continental style, so we're still working on that, but I'm proud of her for learning how to cast on so readily!  Learning to knit is part of the first grade syllabus for Waldorf education, a style of learning which inspires our homeschooling.  I adore that handwork is part and parcel of the "official" plan.

Anyhoo, for those of you who already know how to knit and purl, Jacey has a very cool textured knit pattern to share with you today at Jaceycraft as part of Celebrate Color.  She's created a downloadable scarf pattern that uses just four knit stitches. 

I hope you'll stop by Jaceycraft to download your copy and take a peak around her very colorful blog!  Thanks, Jacey, for sharing your creation!

And by the by, the month is still young, but don't let that lure you into twiddling those thumbs.  We all know how time slips away faster than ever at this time of year.  Hope to see you soon sharing your handmade projects at Celebrate Color!


  1. ah my son's in first grade Waldorf as well, he's just started knitting cute! Our rhyme is a little different {as it is in Dutch} but with similar effect I'm sure.
    I love the colour of that scarf!!

  2. Rachel, thank you again for your encouragement! And how exciting that Aria is succeeding with the cast-on! I think it's an awesome thing to learn knitting at such a young age. I hope she'll keep learning!

  3. oh this makes me want to knit so much! i love jacey. she is so great!

    how fun that your daughter is knitting. i wish my mom would have taught me.

  4. What a gorgeous color!

    I checked out the pattern and I actually know all these stitches--maybe I'll give this a go!

  5. Awww...how sweet to teach your daughter to knit. What a special thing to share!

    I love Jacey's scarf. I'm off to download the pattern ;)


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