Thursday, November 3, 2011

Celebrate Color {Etsy Finds} & Rule Update!

Would you like another helping of inspiration?  Today Emma Lamb brings us three lovely mosaics of handcrafted goodness in Etsy Finds for autumn.  It's a feast for your eyes that puts a sweet, warm feeling in the tummy... Well, it does for me.  I so appreciate the unique, one-of-a-kind treasures we can share the world over thanks to venues like Etsy.  Emma and I hope that you'll feel inspired to feather your nest with your signature handmade creations this November!  And that you'll take a moment to share them here through Celebrate Color

Speaking of sharing, I consulted with the lovely ladies who are my partners in Celebrate Color, and we all agreed to tweak the entry rules just a bit this November.  Thanks to your feedback via the survey (and feedback is always so welcome!) we've decided to enable those who don't have a blog to enter their creations via a Flickr photostream.  You'll need to upload a NEW picture to your photostream that includes a link to Celebrate Color in the photo description.  And then proceed to add that picture to the appropriate photo entry pool, found on our main Celebrate Color page.  The rules are now updated and still super-complete at How to Enter (please check it out).  And, remember, you can enter your handmade projects made after September 1, 2011!  So, go ahead and join in!  I'll be announcing the November prizes later today. 

Exciting stuff, but I don't want you to miss out on miss Emma's post.  So, in the way of a teaser... here is a photo of one of my favorite etsy finds she shared:

These needlepoint wall hoops by Bylina Studio are all made from vintage hand embroidered tablecloths.  The concept reminds me of Anna Maria's new Loulouthi needleworks fabrics, but repurposed and upcycled.  Lovely idea!  Do you think the fabric fairy will bring me some Crossing Paths in Dapper?


  1. I know some of those embroidery patterns. I used to do them, myself.

  2. I really need to get my camera out & take some pictures, since I actually HAVE finished some things! LOL I must stop being so stingy, mustn't I?

  3. Oh joy! I like this new rule.
    Thanks Rachel!

  4. I've been working diligently on my November project! I hope I can finish it in time to enter!

  5. Thx so much for adding us no-blog people. It's nice to be included in this fun contest.

  6. You are very welcome (on the new rule)! Sorry it took this long =)


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