Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Oh, and we have a winner!

As of this moment I've had 736 responses to my little ol survey. You guys must like filling out surveys, eh? Or, you really, really, really want the Echo??? (Sponsors, take note).

I love reading through your feedback. Thanks so much!!!

The winner is survey entry #449, who looks to be Michelle Fox, based on her email address. Congrats, Michelle! I'll email you.


  1. either we really like surveys or we really like telling you our opinions. Hmmm...which is more likely? ;)

  2. Hehehee *angry bird pig laugh*
    I think Angela is on to something....

  3. I love that collection - I stumbled across it a little a while ago and ordered a bunch for my little shop :) - gorgous!

  4. Congratulations to Michelle!

  5. *I* really like surveys. And free stuff. And telling people my opinion. Win-win-win.


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