Tuesday, October 4, 2011

in the mail

Here it is, my last journal on the gift-list!

journals 001

And, honestly, I love it! I heart making stars because they're so durn cute and this little hand-stitching design is such a no-brainer. Plus, each of those wonky points are made from a triangle scrap.  Woo-hoo! 

no-brainer handstitching.  Heart.

I featured a tidbit of Miscellany in the star center and various pink-y scraps for the points.  The star block background is Moda crossweave in blue/white and the dot background is a precious bit of Anna Maria Horner's Garden Party collection.  The green-brown in that dot was too good of a match to the Miscellany floral for me to use anything else!

journals 004

And the back. Gray and brown - an unlikely combination, right? And I always told Brandon he couldn't wear the two together.  Hmm.  Good thing he doesn't read my blog.

So, I'm very, very, very, tremendously excited to be done making all of these journals so that I can drop them in the mail.  And, actually, I DID mail them late last week.  So, now I can tell you who they're for...

Drumroll, please!

Stitched with thanks for all you do!

And, you're thinking... What?  Who?  Come on.

I'll explain.  Each of those names represents a woman without whom do. Good Stitches would be impossible.  They are the hosts of our charity circles as of the end of September, each responsible for organizing and leading their band of 10 circle members.  They field questions, handle the quilting schedule and generally keep tabs on their circle so that things keep running in the right direction.  I am so blessed by their willingness to partner with me at do. Good Stitches, and to make possible the continued growth of our charity bee. 

I've sent each woman a handmade journal and cover.  And, I also sent along those cuts of fabric donated by Harmony Art to the ladies who have been leading circles the longest, so that they can use the fabrics in a future do. Good Stitches charity quilt!  I've heard that one package arrived yesterday, so hopefully the rest will be landing real soon.

So, one last time, I'd like to thank...


Alecia of Beauty in the Details, who hosts the Faith circle benefiting local needy.


Hollie of Undercover Crafter, who hosts the Hope circle benefiting Threading Hope.


Jolene of Blue Elephant Stitches, who hosts the Joy circle benefiting Canadian-based Victoria's Quilts and My Very Own Blanket.


Jenn of Jenn of all Trades, who hosts the Comfort circle benefiting local needy.


Michelle of I like Orange, who hosts the Bliss circle benefiting Wrap Them in Love.


Katie of Katie's Korner, who hosts the Peace circle benefiting My Very Own Blanket.


Holly of Bijou Lovely, who hosts the Inspire circle benefiting Project Linus.

Mary Catharine

Mary Catharine of Warmth in the North, who hosts the Grace circle benefiting My Very Own Blanket.


Leigh of Leedle Deedle Quilts who hosts the Harmony circle benefiting Project Linus.


Kay of Shocking Hocking who hosts the Cherish circle benefiting Australian-based Needy Stitches.


And, Deborah of Whipstitch who hosts the Trust circle benefiting My Very Own Blanket.

It was an absolute pleasure to make you generous souls these gifts.  I hope that you enjoy plotting grand projects in them soon, both for yourself and for others.  You have been such a blessing.  In the same way, may you be greatly blessed!


  1. Oh, they are so beautiful & I especially love the new one with the star. I love being a small part of do. good stitches & I am so thankful you have these amazing & generous women who host the circles. That was so sweet of you to make these for such deserving ladies!

  2. Oh My Gosh, this is absolutely wonderful. Such thoughtfull gifts! Those ladies are amazing, but you are amazing as well.
    I feel proud to be a member of the Joy circle now and to be able to contribute in a very small way!

  3. A very thoughtful gift for some very deserving women. I hope you made one for yourself as well!

  4. Rachel this is so so sweet of you! Thank you so much for all that YOU do with do.Good Stitches! I cannot wait to use my new journal! I absolutely love it...but I think I've mentioned that to you before :)

  5. It was so great of you to send such a special homemade thank you to all of the DGS leaders. I love that each one is unique and made especially for each person.

  6. Such a nice thank you gift to the circle leaders. I know you spent a lot of time picking out the perfect fabric and design. I am sure all of them will be thrilled with their gift.

  7. Rachel, that is such a lovely and amazing surprise. But we should be thanking YOU for all of the amazing work you have done to get this amazing and inspirational project started and running. It's such a wonderful success thanks to you! It is an honor to be a part of it. I am only sorry that I won't be able to thank you in person at the Sewing Summit. Maybe next year. You're the best!

  8. Gorgeous journal covers - they have given me some lovely ideas to make some of my own.

  9. What lovely gifts, and love that wonky star

  10. Rachel, you have a kind and generous heart. End of story.

  11. What wonderful, thoughtful gifts- you are so kind and I am sure they will love them. They're all so creative and very special.

  12. These journal covers are little works of art. I'm sure the recipients will feel appreciated!

  13. I love each and every one of your journals and I bet the ladies will be utterly delighted by them and your generosity.

  14. your kindness and thoughtfulness is inspiring. not only are you the mastermind behind charity quilting but you are so gracious! you are a sweet soul Rachel and i am sure that each journal will be loved and cherished! i hope you have a fantastic weekend at the summit!

  15. They are all each so unique and so beautiful!

  16. your journal covers are so well done. could you possible post some tips and/or a tutorial on how you do them? i have seen others made and they do not seem to fit as nicely as yours. love your blog. it is always so inspirational. and being the stay at home mom of 4(now grown) kids, i honestly don't know how you do it all. wish i could have been more organized. lol


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