Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Celebrate Color {Fall Decor}

Today I feel like nesting.  Moving beyond hemming pants and finishing up projects to sprucing up our home for the autumn season.  It doesn't have to be complicated.  In fact, those leaves in vases are just the elegant kind of simple that I like best.   Heck, I could even branch out of sewing and string leaves or make a pine cone arrangement.

Since I'm leaving for The Sewing Summit tomorrow, I'm going to spend the day checking things off my list and tidying up.  With any luck (since my kids are going to be staying with Grandma while I"m gone!) I'll return to a clean home and turn one of these projects from pinned to Pin-Did.  

::Warm:: fall decor

::Bright with Black:: fall decor

::Bright and Black::  Candle holders, unknown.  Fabric pumpkins tutorial.   

::Neutral:: fall decor

::Neutral::  Gourd candles, unknown.  Pinecone wreath tutorial.  Gourd owls.   
Crochet garland tutorial.

With a little collection for each color mood, I hope one of these mosaics inspires you.   A handful of those links are tutorials too!  

As crazy as it may be, I really connect with each of these color boards.  This scatterbrained approach gets me all tangled up when it comes to home decor, since my favorite inspiration rooms have more of a color-focused than eclectic approach. Case in point: ever since I hung those patchwork curtains, my choices for that room have seemed to become soooo focused.  Which kind of makes me uncomfortable.  I like how they look - don't get me wrong - but my color-love is fickle.  If only rooms were as easy to change as clothes!

Maybe I should make patchwork panels for different moods?  

Oh, dear.

P.S.  thanks for continuing to add your fall-inspired creations as we Celebrate Color!


  1. You have my "boo!" Glad you liked it! :)

  2. Hmm, I'm going to encourage you NOT to make patchwork panels for different moods. That sounds a little much! But I do think you could bring out certain colors in your panels with accessories, which would definitely keep you sane. ;) I love your inspiration boards. Today, I feel especially drawn to the bright and black. Lovely! Safe travels, Rachel!

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  4. I love your mosaics, fall is my favorite. I especially love the wreaths and the owl pumpkin.
    Cya soon! :)

  5. Have fun at the sewing summit. I am sure you will have a blast.

  6. Great fall pics. I have a project to link up when we get back next week! :) yea!
    See you soon. Have a safe flight tomorrow.

  7. Gorgeous pics, all of them! Have fun at the summit!

  8. A good neutral couch and lots of changeable pillows and throws is the solution in my mind. Mostly I only get around to making one or two versions :)

  9. I'm with you, I love all of the color boards and would love to make several of these! Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. fantastic ideas.. thank you!! Have happy holidays...


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