Sunday, September 18, 2011

what's next?

Here we are on the heels of the weekend again. But this one - this one was golden! On Saturday I wrapped up 3 (yes, THREE) projects that have been meandering their way towards "finished", and today we went bike riding as a family along the riverfront. Thank-you, autumn!

Oh, and I also had the most perfect binding experience of my life. It was practically holy. Brandon can attest that I sang more than one "alleluia". Tutorial to come.... just as soon as I have another quilt to bind.

Excuse me, would you like one of these?

finished chains

Really?  No? Even if they have baby socks on them?

finished 053

Well, in my family these puppies are baby essentials. We believe in the pacifier.  And, we mostly try to keep them clean.  I used Dana's super duper tutorial to whip them up.  Life would have been even peachier if I had a serger, but pressing and hemming did the trick.  Sides, my mother-in-law says sergers tend to suck your time with all the threading.  So, I like to tell my not-often-apparel-sewing self that I really don't want one.  Someday, when I'm fully evolved and sew all my own clothes, I'm sure I'll revise that.

finished 057

Anyways, these pacifier chains have been on the to do list for some time because I wanted to send some to a certain preggo sister for whom I made this quilt. Package is out the door in the morning.  Hurrah!

I'm not sure, but it's possible that the best thing about finishing is deciding what's next.


  1. Cute pacifier chains-I could have used them a long number of years ago!
    I have to comment on your serger remarks. Please don't ever stop from getting one because of threading. They are sooooooooo much easier to thread now-some are automatic even, just push a button! I just got a new one last year & it is a dream-so much faster and easier than my old one. I do sew garments as well as quilt & it is wonderful!

  2. Sweet on the binding! (hand or machine?) I made a tute too once it made sense to me. There certainly is that moment where all of a sudden - AHA! It works and it wasn't even difficult! ; ) I used to be terrified of mitring corners.

    right on!
    glad it was holy


  3. Those are so cute- love the card too. I think finishing is super but love the thrill of planning the next big thing! I've had so many WIP lately that being able to complete something this weekend and finally mark something off my to-do list was HUGE!

  4. Don't you just love those owls on the quilt.

  5. That sock fabric is adorable & those are exactly what I need lately! I guess they need to go on the to-do list because I am a new mom & forever misplacing the darn paci's! I can't believe how hard those things are to keep track of!

  6. Congrats on the wrap up. I have a serger that I've only had to rethread once, and it's a breeze to use (even threading has idiot proof colour coded paths for the thread!)

  7. Adorable! My youngest is a thumb sucker. We tried a pacifier and he just did not want it. Our oldest child had a pacifier for a long time though. Clips would have been handy. We kept losing the darn things!

  8. What a nice group of baby gifts. That is one lucky baby. And yes, I agree that the best oart about finishing things is getting to pick a new project. I can't wait to see what you do next!

  9. The pacifier straps are so cute! That's such a practical gift. I am celebrating one finish this morning, too! And yes, the best part of that is definitely starting something new (except, it really should be working towards other in-progress finishes!).

  10. Just got a serger and it is AMAZING!!! Once that puppy is threaded (which is easy, yeah takes a minute but the horror stories probably come from old machines because it really isn't bad at all...almost fun!) it stays threaded and the machine is ready to roll. FAST seams and pretty too. Highly recommend a serger....I heard once you have one you will ask how u ever did without one and I have to say its true!!

  11. oh I love to finish projects! How fun to finish three in one weekend. How very industrious of you. ;)

  12. Soooo sweet! I love the one with little socks on. Ive seen that fabric around and never purchased it. but you've inspired me to go shopping for some fun baby fabrics . I too, believe in the pacifier (or dummy, as we call it over here!). It's always a great start to the week when you finish a ton of projects isn't it? Hope the rest of your week is as productive!

  13. Perfect binding experience?? I can't wait to hear all about that!


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