Thursday, September 29, 2011

Triangle Play

hmm.. Triangle play?  What could that be. What has Rachel been making lately...

Folks, it's just more journals.

Yep.  But, after these two that I'm sharing today there's just ONE left before they can all mail out.  And then I can finally reveal the folks who inspired them.  Which could be kind of dicey in theory, but I think you won't mind when you see who.

So, inspiration?

inspiration in triangles

Triangle scraps.  Oh, do they accumulate!  All sorts of random trimmings from blocks like flying geese, bindings joined with diagonal seems, half-square triangle misshaps - the triangles amass.  And then they taunt me with their exclusive triangle shape, trying to resist improv piecing.

But, aha, they can be made into square-in-square kind of shapes!!!

chop, chop

And, then, if you are unsatisfied with your square-in-square scrappy creations, you can chop-chop them in half to make flying-geese-esque mutations.  

Recipe:  Sew 2 triangles together to make a square (this is the center of your square-in-square shapes.  No actual squares allowed).  Choose 4 triangles which have one side about a 1/2" longer than the sides of your square center.  One at a time, sew a triangle onto the side of your square, always centering the triangle and leaving little overhanging fabric bits on each side.  Press seams as you go.  Once all 4 triangles are added, square up your square-in-square shape.  Continue adding triangle layers to enlarge.  Cut in half to create flying-geese mutations.

Triangle Play journal in process

Many triangles were claimed in the process.  Muahahaha.

Triangle Play fronts

The finished journal covers are Triangle Play.  See?  At first I thought it was going to be Triangle Failure because I really wasn't digging the way the colors and points looked in the square-in-square form.  But, here, I see happy, wonky, scrappy delight. Chopped points and all (which result from my stubbornly using triangle scraps which were too small).


on the back too.

inside snippets

With insides that want to hold doodles and sketches for future stitchy creations.

Postscript: I have been asked by many fine folks if I will be selling my journal covers.  Hmm... This is a tres tricky question because y'all know that much more time goes into making things like this than can be pulled out of the product in market value pricing.  Which is a way to say, that I wouldn't want to charge enough for my time.

So, I am currently hemming and hawing about possibly making a stack of these to sell (this stack is definitely to be gifted) pending my continued desire to scrap them together, pending my free time and pending your intention to really, actually buy them - on a limited bases.  Pricing to be determined.  Suggestions welcome.   Sorry, that's not really an answer.


  1. Yep, I really love your journals. These latest ones are too fun. And I hear you on the triangle scraps. I plan on using some of mine in my Bottled Rainbows (which I'd really like to get back to). Pretty, pretty!

  2. I've really grown to love triangles. These journal covers look great.

  3. Love these ones too! The color combos are sort of unexpected but really look great on the final covers!

    And if you decide to sell them, please do so at a price you think your time is worth, not where the market currently lies. If people want to buy your journals, they will be willing to pay for them! :)

  4. Love these! All your journals have been beautiful. You inspired me to make some...well, I've only made one, but I hope to make lots more!

  5. Fabulous! Now my scraps will only multiply faster because I will never be able to throw ANYTHING away after seeing the clever way you turn them into such fun projects!

  6. Pretty pretty! I've made about six composition book covers for a sale I participate in and I think I'll charge around $22 - so yeah...thats why I only made six. =) I took pictures just haven't blogged them yet.

  7. These are VERY cool. I was just on a Blog Stroll, but had to stop and comment. You've outdone yourself!

    I'm now going to be saving more scraps, hoping to follow in your (creative) footsteps.

    Elizabeth E!

  8. oooooh i have a bunch of triangles that could use journal-cover-conversionation... yeah, you heard me... Also, don't sell them unless you really really want to. In my experience, making the same thing over and over just to sell instead of gift is much more grueling and you will grow to hate them. Well, maybe you won't and that's just me. But that's my 2 cents :)

  9. I really find these so lovely. I'd buy one for sure.

  10. Those triangles are awesome. Brilliant idea!
    Love the journals too.

  11. So, so beautiful, Rachel. As always...I hope the lucky recipients adore them! :)

  12. these are really lovely rachel - i think they're my favourites of all the ones you've shown - except maybe that pleated one!


  13. If you decide to sell them, pick an amount of money for your labor and stick with it.

    Your time is worth it and you are not Target/WalMart/Costco/...

  14. I love them. As others have said, the combos are unexpected, but delightful. I also agree that you shouldn't sell them below what your time is worth, OR if you don't really want to. I went through a phase where I was selling felted black cats, and I got to a point where I never wanted to see a piece of black felt again. It's not good to be so resentful of your work... so keep that in mind.

  15. Thanks all for the support on pricing/making to sell. I've always shied away from it because of the becomes-grueling concept and the pricing issue. If only...

  16. Yes yes, don't let selling ruin your joy. And remember you can always Start selling and stop. I have a jewelry business that basically starts and stalls depending on my love/hate relationship with selling at the moment. My point? You can always regroup!

  17. Too gorgeous Miss! If I had one of these I would pat it all day and NEVER open it and start journalling because eventually it would get dirty and stretched and sadlooking. Keep them for your own use over the years... one day when you get old you will marvel at how clever and skilled you used to be before arthritis/wonky eyes.....and the pension kicks in!
    They are so happy looking.

  18. Love these and I definitely think you should sell them! You go girl!

  19. Great block! I have a pile of triangle scraps myself, so I may have to give this a go. :)


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