Sunday, September 25, 2011

thanks all around

Thank-you, Jacey, for the beautiful bag!

for me, from Jacey!

Spot clearly approves.  I think he made himself comfy just as soon as I finished looking at it?

Spot approves

I put it to use this very weekend!  It was the perfect place to stash my large, Loulouthi Tiles quilt for some hand-quilting while house-sitting.

handy this weekend!

Love that pocket!

cute pocket

Thank-you, Natalie, for creating a fun, open-ended concept for our do. Good Stitches blocks.  Here's the strip I'm contributing to the Love circle's September quilt.

"Red" Love block

With "red" and the overall size as the only parameters I ended up using my diamond die in my Go baby cutter to make diamonds from my stash.  And, look, I got to use some of Annie's Farm Stand Seed Catalog print and those fun chairs from Tufted Tweets.

Love block for do. Good Stitches

This mix of prints just makes me smile!

Thank-you, Susan, for being the cutest little fabric-lover that could ever be.  I think you're right.  Those fabrics really would make a cozy Christmas quilt...

Susan dreaming of Christmas

And, thank-you, (yes, YOU) for following along on these stitchy adventures.  It just wouldn't be the same without you.  I'm so glad you're enjoying Celebrate Color - the projects, the interview, the inspiration and contest.  Tomorrow, Monday the 26th, is the last day to enter projects into the photo pools to be eligible for September prizes.  After the 26th, you can still enter your projects into the same pools, but they'll be counted in the running for October.  I can't wait to see what you've been working on!


  1. Ooh, great colours in your received bag :o) Doesn't look like you'll be using those Christmas fabrics any time soon... ;o)

  2. It was funny seeing the Ginseng fabric used for your bag. I'd had a yard of it sitting around for ages, not sure if I really liked it and what I would use it for. Then I decided to finally put it to good use for my Celebrate Color entrant and I love it. Your bag is beautiful too! Can't wait to see the finished Loulouthi Tiles quilt! :)

  3. Love the bag design as well as the fabric and colors! Your kitties are darling. I have 5 kitties, but just 2 that "help" me sew. I have to keep my straight pins covered or put away because one of my "helpers" picks them up in his mouth off the magnetic holders and carries them all over the house!! I have no idea how he keeps from getting poked!
    Great blog!

  4. I love the colors of your bag! You and Jacey both did a fabulous job!

    Cute, cute kitties! Lily is shedding like crazy right now and all the hair is driving me insane! I actually bought each of the kids a lint brush today so they can help me stay on top of it. :) Hopefully yours are not big shedders. It's a nightmare if you are a neat freak like me!

  5. Your kitties are too cute, and I LOVE the bags you made & received. Gorgeous!

  6. What a beautiful bag she made! Love your cute little kitties!

  7. I'm so glad you like it, Rachel! Wow, Spot does look like he approves. ;) I used mine this weekend, and everyone loved it! Thanks again. I really appreciate all of your hard work on my bag.

    The strip for DGS looks very fun!

  8. Love the bag! That ginseng print is one of my faves, I used it in a market tote last year. I love the photo with the cat on the bag-- I always think my quilts receive the highest praise when the dog wants to make himself at home there.
    And-- of course-- I *love* the do. Good Stitches block! Those diamonds are gorgeous, and I love the prints you chose. I can't wait to see it in person!

  9. I am enchanted by color and was given the gift of carrying a color (for matching) in my head. Your blog is enchanting as well and I look forward everyday to catching up on your fun. Thank you.

  10. thank you for having such a fun blog and for being such a nice person!


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