Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Thanks for such a great response to "what's next?" on the Fat Quarter Shop giveaway post!   Here's a handful of your ideas:

*Table runner - lots of votes, probably the most over all!  I like it, but so far I've got nothing.  Actually, I've never, ever made a table runner for my house, and I do have several naked side tables.  Is there such a thing as table runner block?

*Bunting - always fun!  I made a fall bunting last year.  Maybe a Christmas bunting?  Or, since some cute Halloween prints just arrived at my doorstep...

*Christmas tree skirt and stockings - hey, y'all I already rocked that last year!  I so look forward to hanging these Christmas stockings again.  They match the colors of the fabric wall panels in our living room.  So, they're "Christmas" but not in traditional colors.

Color play.

And here's my Spiderweb Christmas Tree Skirt!  Check out the tutorial: Part A and Part B.

Spiderweb Christmas Tree Skirt

*Christmas quilt - so, it wasn't until like the 4th person said this that I actually thought "Christmas quilt? Hey, that could be pretty fun!"  And, I love the idea of doing a little quilt along with it, since many of you have a Christmas quilt on your list.  I'd like to do it in true Christmas colors, but that would totally clash with our living room decor and especially with the new curtains.  Hmm....

*Pillows - another goodie and lots of votes too.  This is another project already trying to emerge.  I'm thinking black/white, but a vision has not arrived.  As soon as I "see" it, I'll make one.  Promise!  In fact, I just got these cuts of Miscellany from Fresh Modern Fabric.  Nethercote, the line drawing on left, is destined to become something for my home real. real. soon.


*Something for me - what?  Huh?  I don't know what you're talking about.  Isn't all fabric "for me"?  Hmm.. what do I want?  I have no stinkin clue.  I think I want to go to The Sewing Summit most of all!  And that's just a few weeks away, so I'm feeling pretty satisfied.  Still I added "patchwork skirt" and "pleated necklace" to my list, just to remind myself that there are projects I want to make for little ol' me.

making a list

*A quilt for Brandon - oh, honey, you don't know my husband.  Can't you just see me running towards Brandon with quilt in hands, eyes wide and crazy-like and him running away screaming "nooo, please, nooooooo" hands high in the air.  Wait, maybe I should make him one just for the reaction?

*And then a few really sweet souls said I should make a cup of tea or a hot fudge sundae.  Now, we're talkin!

Anyhoo, today I closed comments and set about to choose the winner.  After consulting Mr. Random I realized that you might be expecting me to handpick the winning comment.  Not wanting to disappoint, I went back through several I'd saved.

But how the heck can I choose a favorite comment?   You know it would be a silly one (like Jenn's about making a baby).  I mean, I was totally cracking up!  But then I'd feel bad for not choosing one that gave me an idea for my list.  Doesn't seem fair.

And THEN I couldn't choose one that gave me an idea for my list, because everything was mentioned more than once.  Aaaah!

Which is all to say that Mr. Random or a jar full of buttons is totally the way to go.  The winner of a $50 gift certificate to Fat Quarter Shop is comment #234, who was Esch House Quilts.  Congratulations.  I'm totally jealous ;)


  1. Congratulations to the lucky winner!

  2. You can totally make a table runner block! I made one for my sister a while back. (She has a square dining table)

  3. I almost bought Nethercote the other day but couldn't justify it. I've had a swatch of that wallpaper in my paper stash for three years and I even embroidered one of the birds for a hoop I did last year...still can't seem to actually click the "buy" button though. ha.

  4. i'm noticing "echo baby quilt" on your list... um, did you get your hands on Lotta's line early?! scandalous.

  5. I'm all for a Christmas quilt along! (as long as it includes charm packs because I already have those on hand ;-)

  6. Congrats to the winner!

    PS. I didn't know that table runner was so popular - so this means that you "should" sew it:) I'm really curious how it will look like.

  7. I love lists. So yeah, I already told you of my jealousy over your Miscellany fabric over on flickr. Love that line (especially the mustardy print)! It sounds like you've got some great ideas for what comes next. Ditto on the Summit excitement!!

  8. Jessica - Yes, and it's totally scandalous. In fact, I feel bad sewing with it... I'm kind of leaving it until we get closer to the release on purpose. But, I know an expecting couple that will love it as a baby quilt.

    Jenn & Jacey - My Miscellany purchase was one of those that I didn't have to think twice about (except how much). I really want to wear it somehow, but I'm not sure how.

  9. Congratulations to the winner! I'm sure whatever you decide to do will be a blast! And the stockings are beautiful!

  10. I put your Christmas Tree skirt forward for SewMamaSew's Holiday call out, I love it so much. Would love to be part of a Christmas Quilt-along if you go that way!(though I am about to move house!)Patchwork skirt is on my "to-do list" day : )

  11. Several years ago I made a Christmas quilt with the idea that each year someone different would get to sleep under it, family, visitors, guests etc. as a special thing. Christmas in Australia is HOT and even a crisp cotton sheet is sometimes too much on Christmas Eve. Oh well, at least it looks good on the bed!

  12. Congratulations to the winner! Good going and Enjoy!

    Have a super great sewing and stitching day.

  13. If you make a quilt for your husband and he runs away, be sure to take video... we want to see!!!

  14. bah! I LOVE those stockings! I've got to make us some stockings :)

    Thanks for your comment. I'm busy working on my submission for the embroidery pool. I'm so excited about my project for that one too!

  15. Hello! Wow I love your Christmas socks and the tree skirt! Beautiful!
    I have add my link to Celebrate Color - Yarn, but it just doesn't show there?!
    Wishes! Teje


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