Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Love in Bubbles

Way back in the midst of summer, I dreamed of a watery quilt for the Love circle of do. Good Stitches.  I asked for extra-large blocks in solid bold blues, teal, turquoise, gray and moss green with circle applique, a quilt design straight from the pages of Block Party -The Modern Quilting Bee

Deep Sea Colors

While I was was waiting on blocks from the members of our charity circle, Harmony of Harmony Art sent me the sweetest email, encouraging me in our work at do. Good Stitches and offering to donate some of her fabrics to our bee.  I was already familiar with her beautiful, nature-inspired designs through my work at (our organic nursing pillows use her fabrics) and knew that Harmony Art fabrics are not only of the highest quality with a silky sateen hand, but that they are manufactured in a truly sustainable manner from start to finish.  This is a business with integrity.  So, I guess in some ways I'm not surprised to discover that Harmony is giving her fabric away to charitable causes!

Well, I said "YES, thank-you!"

donated to do. Good Stitches!

And soon this lovely stack arrived. Harmony Art sateen fabrics are 110" wide. Seriously - 110 inches!!! Talk about a no-need-to-piece backing for just about any quilt in existence.  The top print is called "Eyes of the World" inspired by "the centers of flowers, which can be so intricate. If you stop to take a close look...a whole world often opens up."  It's long been one of my favorite Harmony Art prints, so I was happy it coordinated so well with my watery quilt palette!

Harmony Art fabric backing

Love in Bubbles is a large quilt, with 12 blocks sashed in 2" wide Kona aqua. Bound in a Aqua Ta Dot and backed with Eyes of the World.  Made cozy with Warm & Natural batting by The Warm Company - my go to batting for all my projects.

Bubble Quilt by do. Good Stitches

I finished the quilt with wavy line quilting, for that watery look.  These photographs were taken at my parents' home in Chapin, South Carolina.  They are blessed to have a dock on Lake Murray.  Here in the shallow inlet you can see why I included moss green in this quilt!

Bubble Quilt, July Love circle

By now this quilt is halfway to Texas were it has been donated to the wildfire relief quilt effort to provide bedding for children who have lost their homes.  Each circle of do. Good Stitches (there are 12 now!) makes quilts for a specific charity, and the Love circle usually sends theirs to Wrap Them in Love.  But, this time, we decided to donate locally in Texas, where there is an urgent need.

If you are interested in joining do. Good Stitches, we're always looking for new folks who are active members of Flickr and enjoy quilting in a modern style.  You can see more of what we're up to at our main Flickr page.  If you're not on Flickr, creating an account is free.  Start uploading pictures of your sewing and find other people (mainly through groups) whose work you enjoy following.  You can find me on Flickr here.  We manage the bee on Flickr, so that's why having an account that you're comfortable with using is important.  When you're ready to join in, register for do. Good Stitches through this form.

Ok, signing off now!  Thank-you members of the Love Circle for your lovely blocks and your patience with me!  And, thanks again to Harmony for donating the fabric.

P.S.  If you're wondering, I have big plans for the rest of that fabric, which I'll let you in on next week!


  1. That quilt turned out so great. I love the colors together, and the Kona aqua just brings it all together so nicely! Whoever gets it must feel so blessed.

  2. i love the bubbles quilt!!! that book is amazing

  3. Oh my goodness! This is SO amazing. I just love the pattern and the fabrics used.

  4. What an amazing quilt!!! The colors are so perfec together. I'm inspired and moved that it was given for such a great cause.

  5. The colors are fun, yet relaxing. It is a perfect mix for someone who is healing. Beautiful job.

  6. It's such a beautiful quilt, and it was so great of your circle to send some quilty love to a needy fire victim here in Texas.

  7. It's lovely and so is the Lake there! Such a perfect place for the theme of your quilt!

  8. Love this!!! (from Houston ;))

  9. That is a beautiful quilt and such a good cause! Nice!

  10. Thanks for bringing the fabric to life so beautifully and all of the nice comments about Harmony Art! :) You just made my day!

  11. Thank you for donating to the wildfire project. We certainly have had a bad year here in the Austin area. I have my top done I just have to do my pieced back and quilt the whole thing for the wildfire project.

  12. all of the blocks are fantastic and i love the colors. Gorgeous quilt!
    Such a great charity to give to as well - keep up the good work!

  13. Beautifully bubbly!

    Perfect backing fabric too!

  14. this came out wonderful! I love it :)

  15. I have some Harmony Art fabric and I have made baby bibs and a quilt for a friend using them. They are amazing!!!!! How very kind that you were sent some for good causes :o) Really beautiful quilt !!!!! Many reasons to love this !!!!!!


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