Friday, September 16, 2011

Celebrate Color {Floss Palettes}

Ready to get stitchy?  Mollie, our needlework queen, has the first of a 3-part series to help us Celebrate Color this fall.  Mollie's floss palettes are always a treat for the eyes.  In today's post she shares 5 floss groupings complete with DMC reference numbers to make our shopping easy.  (Aha, I guess I should have been writing those little numbers on the edge of my floss cards...) 

In October Mollie will share free embroidery patterns to accompany these palettes and in November some projects to show them off!

Here's my favorite palette, named Leaves on the Sidewalk:

See the rest at Wild Olive.  I'm actually off to the fabric store today for some notions, so I'll grab these too!  Don't you wish that fabric were as cheap as embroidery floss?!?!  In my dreams.

Want to learn how to embroider?  Check out Molllie's Embroidery Basics series.  Embroidery is not hard so long as you accept that your stitches don't have to be perfect.  Cause they don't! Just go at it and have fun.  Every stitch is easily removed, and a lot less painfully than with knitting or machine sewing. 

Hoping to see your needlework projects popping up in the contest pool soon!  Thanks to your hard work, our Yarn pool is looking good.  This weekend I'm going to treat myself to a visit to everyone of your blogs.  Happy Weekend!


  1. mmm nice! I'm glad the color #s are there. Ooh I love fall.

    : )
    stitching in Saskatoon

  2. I saw her post on embroidery palettes. Lovely! I've been itching to start a stitchy project (see what I did there with the rhyming?), but I just haven't had a minute. Maybe this weekend! I do have a perfect pattern picked out to enter in the contest, but it may be that I jump in for October instead, since we're so close to the deadline. We'll see!

  3. Too much inspiration, not enough time!!!! Such a lovely set of colors and adding in the # was great. I'm off to pin all of her color inspirations.

  4. It's been so long since I started a new embroidery project! I love the colors of floss you picked.

  5. ooh, can a color palette name be any better than 'leaves on the sidewalk'? my local Ben Franklins has DMC floss on sale, I think I need to stop in and stock up. Have a happy Autum weekend! :)

  6. Love the embroidery tutorials.
    I picked out my own fall floss colors earlier today. I have the same basic color families, and also loved
    DMC 3777. My other colors were 730, 3852, 976, 300, and 918. I'm planning to make a little autumn tree in a hoop.

    LeAnn aka pasqueflower


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