Thursday, September 1, 2011

Celebrate Color {a Fall Palette}

Welcome to the first day of Celebrate Color You can join in today with your musings on the colors of fall and get to know others celebrating with us through the blog linky pool below. 

Don't miss posts by Mollie at Wild Olive and Shannon at LuvintheMommyhood!

Here in the south, fall spells R.E.L.I.E.F.  An escape from an endless string of scorching summer days.  It means coming out again, trusting the cool morning air with open windows.  And even before the leaves begin to change, there are bright red berries in the dogwood trees and excursions to be made to the apple orchard.  In the south, the leaves stay green for quite some time.  I silently beg them to change.  And, yes, Halloween is the perfect night to be outside.   Just warm enough for fairy costumes and tights.  Just cool enough for hot apple cider around the bonfire.  In November the skies are full of color.  November surely rivals April for the prettiest month of the year.

in September I see Red

In September, I see red. Red berries, red apples.  I dream of the first leaves to change on the red maple tree.  And yet, lots of green.  Green reborn in cool mornings and cool nights.

in October I see Orange

In October, I see orange.  Pumpkins of course.  A season of stark contrast, the black and the white, the first flush of changing leaves.  And brown comes to gather under the trees.

in November everything glows

In November the skies dance - red, orange, yellow, brown.  Life glows.  And I feel plum, a rare and regal shade.  Plum is the queen of my fall festival.  When all the other colors have had their dance, she steps out and wears the crown.

and Plum wears the crown

My head is always turned by the glowing colors of fall - mustard yellow, pumpkin orange, scarlet and plum.  But, I often find myself drawn to those creative works which make good use of subtle fall neutrals like ashy gray, charcoal gray, pale gold, earthy dark eggplant and caramel.

As I begin to dream up my fall-inspired projects, I hope to enjoy a run or two with flaming colors and a fling with lavish, earthy hues.

And what about you?  What is your fall palette?  What does fall inspire in you?  Please link up your posts here!

note:  For image credits, click through on each photo collage.  For more photo inspiration, follow my fall boards on Pinterest!


  1. Very inspiring, Rachel! I especially love your plum/eggplant inspiration board. And I didn't know you were on pinterest, so I just added you over there.

  2. Lovely. Here in Central Texas I'm thinking there will be no change for fall. Everything is already brown and dead from the drought. It makes me sad.

  3. What an amazing and inspiring blog post! Here in Alaska, our seasons are a lot different. I'll have to do some soul searching on this one. Our colors are very different...

  4. I have been thinking of a fall palette for a bit of time, this is really timely! Beuatiful pictures!

  5. Everything is so gorgeous! There is nothing like Fall where I live, it's so magical!

  6. Stunning pictures. The colors are fabulous! Off to check out your fall pin board!

  7. LOVE the photos, and of course, the colors. Such a great start to Celebrate Color!

  8. beautiful color inspiration - wow!

  9. amazing pics and colors!!!!!!!!
    you made me not too much sad that summer is ending!!!

  10. how do you create the photo montages on this post? they are a great way to display images. thanks for your help.

  11. Wendy, I made them in Photoshop by creating a blank image and adding the photos as individual layers. Then I could adjust the size and arrange the layers. It was very time consuming, though!

  12. Hi! My bad - I had JUST made the perfect post for this only a day before you made the announcement about all this fun stuff! So... I redated it for September 1 and linked it up. Just letting you know... my colors are weird. electric chartreuse and grey? ; )

    I will follow the rules after this point. : )
    sewing in Saskatoon

  13. Love the fall colors, Rachel. So beautiful! I'm looking forward to the change of seasons, maybe we'll get to wear a sweater or two!

  14. Whoa holy color. You just jump started my love of fall again. Thanks for the inspiration!!


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