Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Celebrate Color {Autumn Tunic}

Speaking of making clothes (yes, I've been reading and very much enjoying your "what's next" comments!) you won't want to miss this stunning tutorial created by Shannon of LuvintheMommyhood for Celebrate Color.  I happen to know that Shannon had something else planned for today, but that project kept throwing her nasty curve balls.  She put it aside and whipped up this beautiful tunic in 2 seconds flat.  Or, at least, that's what it felt like from here.  And this is no "been there, done that" kind of tunic.  Seriously, WOW!  As I told Shannon, I adore box pleats so she had me at "go", but then there's that glowing autumnal fabric and sweet little buttons...  Ok, just take a look!

And this too!

Soooo pretty!  I'd be tempted to make one for Aria but she already has too many clothes from Grandma (I know, I'm always so darned practical).  Oh, and my to do list has about tripled due to yesterday's "what's next" question.  Eeee, idea!  I would love this as a dress for Aria to wear next spring.  Maybe our next Easter dress?  Sorry! That is soooo far past autumn and I'm being a bad influence now.  Tsk, tsk.

Please ignore my ramblings and run on over to Shannon's blog to see lots more pics of this gorgeous autumn tunic, as well as a tutorial so that you can make one too!  Thank-you, Shannon, for contributing to our fun. 

If you're just joining us, Celebrate Color is bringing together fiber artists of all kinds from crochet to crewel to celebrate the colors of fall this September, October, and November.  You can follow the event at the main Celebrate Color page.  Don't miss the photo pools to find new blogs and new inspiration in Home Decor, Wearables, Yarn and Needlepoint.  All entries for the September prizes must be submitted to the pools by Monday, September 26th (see entry rules).  We'll be voting on the winners late next week!!


  1. You're so sweet :) Thanks my dear...celebrate color rocks!

  2. Aww, how cute! I do love the pleats and details. What an adorable pattern!

  3. I just love Shannon! So happy to see her here today!

  4. I was wondering, I have made my 3 daughters matching dresses. Can I enter them in the "wearable" category all together or do they need to be separated?


  5. Jennifer - I guess that depends on how similar they are. If they are very similar, one entry would be great. If they are significantly different and you can't decide which one you like better, you can make two!


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