Monday, August 29, 2011

weekends are for...

::Writing on the Walls::

Did you have a lovely weekend?  I hope so!  This weekend I made two finishes! (and of course I started a new project, but let's talk about the finishes, shall we?)  One was quilt #3, which shall make its appearance in January, and another was a project from Anna Maria Horner's Handmade Beginnings. It's "Writing on the Walls" for a friend's nursery:

Writing on the Walls for a friend

So, so much fun!  This project is embroidery and applique secured with staples and other such serious tools to assorted-sized canvases.  Only, we couldn't find a round canvas, so my clever friend supplied cardboard cake plates (like you'd use to make a tiered wedding cake) and a floral arrangement ring.  It worked perfectly.  Genius!


She chose the word "Baby" spelled out in gender-neutral colors for first and future babies.  As I finish this gift just before Celebrate Color, I can't help but notice it's a color scheme that quite suits the event.  Serendipity!

How about a closer look at those letters?

"b" simple, good

"B" was simple, but good. Probably the most fun to make. Embroidery on Kona earth.

"a" loving the texture on print!

"a" is a Hugs & Kisses print from Loulouthi appliqued with Steam a Seam Lite II onto a favorite graphic print by Jennifer Paganelli. Running stitches along the background give this letter a yummy texture.

"b" so enjoyed the flowers

"b" was quite the time-consuming little project, embroidered on muslin and appliqued to a Tutor stripe. I so enjoyed the satin-stitched flowers (which I managed to hand draw despite my fear!), but the zillions of French knots... not so much.

French knots ad infinitum

Hopefully in the end it's a good effect. I did take out all the one's I showed you before, when I opted to switch to simple yellow knots. This letter was already a busy bee "b".

"Y" with running stitches

Lastly the "Y", which has a nice sunny hue that pulls together with the bright lemon yellow stitching on the first "B". The background fabric is Timeless Treasures "Crosshatch Sketch" and the applique print is from Valori Wells' Nest collection.  Also secured with Steam a Seam Lite II.

The baby shower's coming up.  I can't wait to see her reaction!!!

::Painting the Trees::

We don't just write on walls around here, we also paint the trees.


This was one of those moments where you squeeze out a "yes", because why not?

weekends are for...

Didn't quite expect things to go this far, but... all's well that ends with a bath.  (Note:  no trees were harmed in the making of this post.)

::Getting Kittens::

Yessiree, last weekend we got ourselves some kittens!

Spot & Susan

2 Kids = 2 Kittens. Trust me, this is an important ratio.

The kiddos have been in kitten-heaven!  There is so much lovin and petting and playing going around that these two kitties don't get to really let loose until after bedtime.  That's when I caught a few shots of their adorable play.  Please excuse the quality.  The lighting was poor, as are my skills at capturing action.  Good thing my sewing usually holds still!

so fun to watch

new kittens!

Good use of pillows here...

good use of cushions...

Oh, and look closely now to find crazy Susan!

look closely for crazy Susan!

Good times!

Now on to a new week, with new projects, new contests, new fun!


  1. Wow... there are a TON o' French knots in that letter! Wow...

    The kittens are so cute... love seeing the photos of them playing...

  2. Wow, Rachel, I am really impressed! All of the stitches that went into those letters--especially into the flowers and french knots on the lowercase b--that looks like true crafty dedication! Also, your new kittens look darling! New pets (and old ones, too!) are so much fun :)

  3. aww, KITTENS!!! and your embroidery is quite lovely.

  4. Kittens!! Yay! I bet you're right about the ratio thing, at least from my personal experience when I was a kid. ;) Your baby letters look amazing! It's hard to pick a favorite, but I am completely in awe of all of your french knots. So lovely!

  5. I've been wanting to do the Writing on the Walls project for a while now. I'm glad to see how yours turned out. The neutrals are fantastic, and the reds really make it pop. You did awesome on the little b! I'm waiting to find out what we're having, then I think I'll settle down and get to work on spelling out the name. I love me some handstitching in the evenings! Also, the kiddos and the kittens are precious. And they painted trees. So cute. Thanks for the post!

  6. Babies, kittens, children in trees, looks like a real Sound of Music kind of week; lovely x

  7. Cute kittens! Your letters are going to make such a wonderful gift. You're so smart to make them in versatile colours.

  8. Your "Baby" letter project turned out wonderful, just like I knew it would! I am sure your lucky friend will treasure it!

    So much cutness in the photos of your kiddos and kittens! Wishing you all a wonderful week!!!

  9. Great wall art! Just adorable. I love the embroidery on the second b.

  10. your "baby" letters are awesome. i love every single stitch. i wish i knew someone that had kittens. i want to play with them and snuggle them and not have to live with them full-time :) those tiny claws jumping on your head while you sleep are just too much.

  11. Your letters are gorgeous! And your children and kittens are so funny :-)

  12. Gorgeous! I am sure you will make someone very happy with those! I'm in awe of the "b" with all the french knots!

  13. Love the BABY letters -- and the kittens (and kids!) are adorable.

  14. Your baby letters are so terrific, but I must admit it was Mr. Purple Eyes that got my attention--and made me laugh. He's so much like one of my children (now grown) that I really enjoyed this. I think painting a tree is a fabulous thing to do. Hope they had fun!

    Elizabeth E.

  15. The letters are so timeless! Such beautiful work. Those are definitely pieces to hang on to for a lifetime!

  16. "B*a*b*Y" is going to be the hit of the shower! You did a wonderful job with them.

    And you just can't go wrong with pictures of kittens, can you?

  17. Your kitties are adorable! I got two myself (Mini, a girl and Merky, a boy). My very first kitten, Tybalt, died when he was just 13 months old and I was devastated. The house just didn't feel right without a cat. So I got these two when they were 7 weeks old and they are now 5 and a half months. They run around the house like crazy, destroying things, but they are my babies and I love them to bits! I hope yours bring you as much joy as mine do x

  18. You are braver than me, I am tentatively considering a rabbit for my little one!



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