Friday, August 5, 2011

pretty artsy

Thank-you all for your well-wishes on this, our first week of school.  Things are going nicely, I think.  At least no one's saying they're bored yet!  Aria had her much-anticipated first music lesson (the penny whistle) tonight, taught by Daddy.  Yeah for team homeschooling!  But, I'm definitely still adjusting to our new routine, as evidenced by the fact that I forgot to make my post to Stitched in Color TWICE today.  So here I am finally, clicking "publish".  It still counts as Friday, right?

I have 2 new improv-pieced journal covers to share today.  (Quick reminder: I'm following this tutorial and using graph-paper composition books, which are quite the bargain at this time of year.)

"before" - composition covers

The first one started off with those 2" squares that I had let the kids make with my Go! Baby cutter. I pulled out more scraps in fresh, pretty colors and pieced and pieced until I had a suitable stretch of patchwork.  Here's what it looks like before the finishing steps.  So happy!

  improv Composition Covers

And the second one.... totally a different feel.  That owl print scrap caught my eye one night after I'd finished piecing Summer Sampler quilt blocks with that black pinstripe.  I was in the mood for more angular, dramatic piecing.  I especially like the inside flaps on this cover!
the Details
I find it interesting that each time I've made these journal covers I've made one "pretty" and one "artsy." 



They're both aesthetics that I enjoy, but I think I've mainly sewn in "pretty".  What about you?  If you enjoy both, but gravitate to one with your sewing, why do you suppose that is?


  1. It's very interesting that the main difference seems to be right angles and straight lines verse varied improve angles. I'm not saying I disagree that the first reads pretty and the second as artsy, but I wonder why that is? Really they are both pretty and both artsy...I don't think I know what I'm talking about any more :)

  2. Those are really fun, love the owl print.
    Kids here don't go back till September.


  3. I love the owl one! That scrap and the pink...I might be swooning a little bit. But that might be the wine. ;)

  4. Love the owl and the purply fabric. What fabric is that? I LOVE how it looks with the owl!! I must have it! :-)

  5. Wonderful, again!
    I'm definitely 'artsy' in real life but 'pretty' in sewing... interesting.

  6. Okay, another project I'm just going to HAVE to make! *lol*

  7. I definitely like both artsy and pretty, but I feel as though I usually create more "pretty" projects. Probably because I'm very type-a and It's so much more comfortable for me to do things with clean straight lines and a little more difficult for me to feel comfortable with a more organic project. (I should work on that)

  8. These are gorgeous - and they seem quite simple to make - I might have to try it!!

  9. Jessica - I'll definitely agree that the terms should be held loosely and both can be both. But they "feel" different to me, for what that's worth.

    Anonymous - the purply print with the owl cover is a Central Park print.

  10. Pink trellis from Central Park. It adds a bright tone. I think everyone loves owls. I got a few scrap packs and there were owls in both. They just add something to a quilt or other project.

  11. I really like both of them and am not sure I could pick over the other. I guess that means I'm Pretty Artsy? LOL

  12. Love the journal covers...and YES, they are on sale this time of year!
    I'll need to check that out. My hubby has cut a HUGE bag of 2" squares with the GO!Baby (his new toy).

  13. I tend to sew "pretty", because I am not confident in my ability to sew "artsy". I know that pretty can be artsy, and artsy does not necessarily require more skill than pretty, so don't get me wrong... I am certainly not trying to insult any style here. However, the quilts I've drawn out or thought up that I would consider "artsy" are much more technically involved or involve a large understanding of fabric and color and etc than I currently have. So I guess to answer your question, I think I prefer artsy, but I tend to sew pretty. Of course, I pretty much love just about everything people do.

  14. Ooh, very good comment, Jennifer! There feels like more risk involved when I aim to sew artsy, so I know what you mean. And, that's not to say that pretty is "so easy" or something. Not at all! Interesting.

  15. I think all four covers are artsy AND pretty! I think my favorite is still the pinwheel one, but your two news ones are fabulous!


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