Friday, August 12, 2011

I have questions...

Q:  How much lint does it take to bring your sewing machine to a grinding halt?  As in, you cannot turn the hand wheel for anything and your machine refuses to make a single stitch.  Even when you take the last-resort side of the machine apart, put it back together and explain to your machine and anyone listening the very serious nature of the matter?

A:  this much lint

A:  Exactly this much lint.  Kind of looks like a small rodent?  Aparently it had been longer than I thought since I last cleaned under the bobbin case...

Q:  How do your readers feel when you put off Loulouthi hand quilting for small, portable hand embroidery?  Because you've never done a filled-in satin stitch before and became engrossed in the process of making these flowers.  And, now you're hooked on the millions (no zillions!) of French knots that are destined to fill the remaining space?

zillions of French knots...

A:  They are ever so gracious.  In fact, they're the sweetest people and love to be reminded that you're as distractably human as anyone else.

Q:  Does the tooth fairy come during naptimes?

Stuffed Animal Portraits by Aria

A:  I'm guessing not, but why discourage anyone from trying?  Aria's attempting to test her theory right now.  I'm enjoying a very quiet rest time!  Oh, and while I'm digressing, this is a series Aria began last week during her rest time - stuffed animal portraits for her brother, of course.  She created the shaded backgrounds with the largest edge of block crayons after we worked together on that technique during form drawing and a led drawing.  So, see, she's already learned something in first grade.  Ta da!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend filled with questions and answers!


  1. You can take one of those adorable drawings and do an embroidery with it. Cool, huh?

  2. The embroidery is exquisite and the drawings are adorable...especially LOVE the octopus. Have a great weekend.

  3. Your embroidery b is amazing! I just love your flowers. Aria's drawings are adorable. Is that an octopus on the right? Love it!

  4. That Satin Stitch looks REALLY good! But you will be doing French Knots until your kids are in HS.

  5. Love the drawings. The tooth fairy doesn't come during nap times here either.

  6. Q: Is "b" for beautiful?
    A: I think YES!

    Awesome work!

  7. Yep, that's an octopus from Ikea. It's totally my favorite in real life. I love how she got the little curly sides just right.

    Thanks all for the kind words about my embroidery. This gift is due September 9th, so it's a good thing I've been obsessed!

  8. sweet drawings- love the embroidery too. I haven't mastered the satin stitch yet but sometimes handwork is really fun and a nice change.

  9. I wish I would have thought of the tooth fairy coming at naptimes when my daughter was little...might have actually gotten her to take a nap!


  10. That reminds me, I should clean out my bobbin case, lol. My sensor goes off it a piece of lint gets stuck in the wrong place and I end up at the shop to clean it out, sometimes computerized can be a pain.


  11. loving your embroidery. I have an unfinished project that is similar, I may have to get it out and give it another go!

  12. Hehe! I understand the obsession! You must come see my zillion blue knots. Awesome!

  13. It takes a lot less lint than that to bring my machine down! Yikes! The embroidery is beautiful :)

  14. That's a lot of lint! Wow - you win...

    Amazing embroidery - will be very interesting when finished.

    Love the drawings - I agree they would make interesting stitcheries.

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  16. AMAZING!!! What embroidery pattern is that?....Would love to try it!!
    Sorry - reposted this as was having trouble with my blogger settings :) - such a newbie I am!!

  17. My embroidery project is taken from Anna Maria Horner's book "Handmade Beginnings". However, she doesn't give a pattern for the flowers or a template for the letter. I just chose a letter font I liked and drew the flowers myself (with much hesitation, because I am a timid drawer). I'm happy with how it's turning out though!


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