Tuesday, August 9, 2011

getting organized

I love to organize. Love it. It feels so GOOD.  But, I think that folding fabric may top the tidy-up list. After my flu weeks ago, I begged Brandon to hang these shelves for me. Oh my, did that cheer me up!

getting organized.

But since then I've also done a bit of reorganizing here at Stitched in Color. Have you noticed the new buttons?  My main navigation buttons, which used to be at the top, are over on the side now.  Why?  Because I need to add more, more, More!  Now you can easily find:

Colorbrick Quilt-Along
Bottled Rainbows Quilt- Along
Pattern Shop
Sewing 101 (the Stitch Your Life series)
do. Good Stitches

Today I updated my books page.  It's a list of sewing books I personally recommend sorted by category.  Learning how to sew?  Looking for modern patchwork or quilting inspiration?  What about crewel embroidery?  Each book is listed with my short description and links to projects I've made from the book and the book's Flickr group, when applicable.  So, check it out!  I'm on a mission to add some embroidery books to the list soon.  

If you ever want to find something you've seen before at Stitched in Color, stop by my projects page.  Every 4 months or so, I update it with links to posts on finished projects.  I find this page is so much faster than doing a search!  And, if you're looking for some inspiration, the projects are organized by categories like "quilts", "kids", "kitchen", "for mama", etc.

Alright, if there's something you still can't find, do let me know! 


  1. Love your organizational style. I just organized my whole sewing room and then tore it apart looking scraps for my bottled rainbow blocks - now it is a disaster again :)

  2. Love those shelves and the stuff on them too! Definitely worthy of a magazine spread...

  3. Yay! More buttons! I have several items on my organizing list and the blog is definitely one of them! I love your new shelves. Your solids stash is a thing of beauty, for sure!

  4. Look at all those pretty solids! I actually just stashed a bundle of solids myself, I could hardly believe it!

    I share your enthusiasm for organizing, I love, love, love it!

  5. I'm amazed at your organization!! :) And your tabs on the side look awesome!

  6. I love all the tabs on your sidebar! And I love your fabric shelves!! I just updated book wishlist with a few more that you recommended =D

  7. This is a very clean look. I would love to know how you did that. Can we talk?

  8. Every time I clean and organize my sewing room, I tear it apart again, lol.


  9. I also love organizing my sewing stuff :) Your new design is great!
    I wonder how you made these new pages. They aren't normal blog posts? Is it a feature from blogger to create new pages? I did not find it.

  10. I've liked the side buttons. Already used them and checked a book out of the library as a result.

  11. Susanne - Some of my pages are blog posts and some are blogger pages. You can access pages when you're creating a new post. When you're on the new post page, look at the top of the new post section and you'll see something about pages! Whether they are pages or posts, I created button images and added them to my sidebar with links to the appropriate page/post. Hope that helps!

  12. It looks great! I've been debating how best to recommend all my favourite books to my readers. I'm half thinking of adding an Amazon store to my blog, but really like the fact you've added reviews and links to your projects.

    Organising fabric is definitely one of life's little pleasures :)

  13. I like your new category of book reviews. It´s always interesting to see what other people read.

  14. I can't stop looking at that jar of pearl cotton thread... if it's missing one day, don't check my house ;)

  15. Pretty! I love those solids on your shelf.


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