Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fabric {Wearables}

made by RAE, purchase pattern here
Looking for the Fabric {Wearables} contest photo pool for our Celebrate Color event?  You found it.  Enter your creations here!  When you're done, we hope you'll blog hop among the other artists to discover new blogs and inspiration!


  1. Whoops, I changed the name of my blog, so now you can't get to me from that link (silly gal!)Is there a way to edit the linky or should I add again?
    It's great to see so many new additions! Slowly getting around to visit them all.
    Cheers Christie

  2. You can just delete the old listing (hover over the picture, do you see the little "x") and add your new listing!

  3. Rachel - I just can't get enough checking out all these items! This is really fun. Thanks for dreaming this one up! : )


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