Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Celebrate Color {How to Enter}

So, you've made something special in your favorite fall colors and you'd like a shot at some fabulous prizes? That's perfect because we really, really want to see!!!

Modern Meadow Colorbrick Quilt
for tutorial see Colorbrick Quilt Along

{How to Enter}

1.  Blog Post or Flickr Photo:  Create a NEW blog post for your finished item, including as many pictures and details as you like.  Remember, we'll all be visiting one another, so tell us about it - what inspired you and any special techniques or materials you'd like to share.  Also, be sure to include a link to Celebrate Color in your post.  We want to spread the news!  Including the button might be a fun touch.

As of November 1st, you can also enter by adding a NEW Flickr photo of your item to your photostream, so long as you include a link to Celebrate Color in your photo description. 

2.  Photo Linky:  Now you've done your part, but we need to find you.  To complete your entry into the contest, add a favorite photo of your item to the appropriate category photo pool with a link to your blog post.  To do so, copy your post's url address, then paste it in the linky.  The linky system will show you your pictures in that post, so that you can choose one to add.  You must add your photo by the 26th of each month to be considered for that month's prizes.  Access the contest photo pools via the main Celebrate Color page.

{What are those Categories again?}

1.  Fabric {Home Decor}: quilts, pillows, runners, etc.  Think anything at all for a home.
2.  Fabric {Wearables}:  clothing, bags, accessories (like jewelry).  If it goes on the body and it's made of fabric, it totally counts.
3.  Yarn:  anything knit or crocheted.  Really, anything.
4.  Needlepoint:  with elements of hand embroidery, crewel, cross stitch, etc.  The finished item is probably sewn, but needlepoint is an important design element.  This category spans a hoop for the wall, a bag embellished with embroidery, and even a quilted item that is decoratively hand quilted.

{Nitty Gritty Rules}

1.  There is a limit of 2 entries per person per category per month.
2.  Items must be handmade by YOU.  For simplicity, no refashioned items please.
3.  Design may be original or not.  We trust you'll give it your special touch.
4.  Items must be new, completed after September 1, 2011.
5.  Updating an old blog post or old Flickr photo with a link to Celebrate Color does not count.  Make a NEW post/photo please.
6.  International entries welcome!


After the 26th of each month, Emma, Shannon, Mollie and I will narrow our respective category to 3-5 finalists (the number will depend upon how many entries are submitted).  On the 28th, finalists in all categories will be posted at Stitched in Color for open voting.  1st and 2nd place winners will be selected by popular vote.  Voting closed and winners announced on the 30th of each month!

Ready, Set, Create!

Pumpkin Coasters
coasters and photo by Patchwork Pottery


  1. This looks like so much fun. Can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!

  2. I'm looking forward to it! I've already started dreaming up some fun fall crafts. Now if only the weather would cooperate with my autumn thoughts...

  3. Oh, we had the most lovely autumn day yesterday - breezy and cool. Hurray!

  4. Confused, but excited about this! Do themes (fabric wearables, needlepoint etc) correspond to months, or is each month open to all categories? Thanks!!!

  5. Each month is open to all categories! So, we'll have 8 winners each month!!!

  6. I am so ready for Fall! This is going to be fun!!!

  7. : ) Nice to see those Canadian potholders! There's something I recognize. : ) I think I just may jump in! I'm so pleased that it can be any sewing, and not strictly quilts. I'll show up with some postcards later next week!

    sewing in Saskatoon

  8. Hi Rachel! Hey - I have fabric art postcards on my blog for mailing. Any suggestions where this would go? Home? not sure... It doesn't have lots of my usual handstitching on it (so not needle point) hmmmm

  9. quelle chance ! l'automne est ma saison favorite ;-) Tine, de France

  10. what a fun contest! but I'm confused. Can people w/out a blog enter using the photo linky? Or do you have to do the photo linky thing AND have a blog?

  11. Kitty Crafter - Actually, the contest does require a blog post to enter. So, yes, a blog is required. Sorry that it wasn't clear!

  12. So the contest is only open to people who have a blog and not people who follow your blog? So are the prizes essentially just for the other bloggers?? :(

  13. Cherie,

    Yes, in this case you do have to make a blog post as part of the entry. So, I guess that does make this an event for bloggers. However, anyone can easily start a blog, if you like. This can even be the only post ! And, I'll continue to have other giveaways that are open to anyone. Still, I'm sorry to disappoint you!

  14. Does handspun yarn count under the Yarn category? i just finished up some laceweight tussah silk and was wondering if it would be applicable. thanks.

  15. A project made with handspun yarn would be a great fit. If you mean the yarn itself, I hadn't thought about including that to begin with, so I guess it's a "no" alone. I'm certainly impressed by the project, I just don't think it fits in the realm of "things made with yarn".

  16. I'm just setting up my blog, but I hope I get it more or less finished until October so I can participate in this fabulous project! It sounds so much fun.
    I love crafty challenges like that, with a theme.

  17. Maybe I am just blind, but how many months will Celebrate Color run? I see a reference to the 26th of each month, so I presume more than just September...

  18. That's right, it's September, October and November! Just the three months are all that's planned at the time.

  19. Rachel, I think I am missing something- it is probably right in front of me- I want to link up to celebrate color tomorrow- can you direct me to the link party?

  20. Another rule question: Can you enter one item into two categories (ex, a bag featuring embroidery could feasibly fit into the embroidery and the wearables categories), or do we need to choose one category only for one item?

  21. You do have to choose one category per project! So you can't enter one project into multiple categories.


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