Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Alphabet Soup

Hey you!  Please stop in for a minute to visit...

Liam's room

That's Smokey the Bear waving "hello".  He was my bedtime bear at grandma's house.  I do so love him.  Oh, and the lamp beside him?  It inspired the colors of Liam's quilt!

Alphabet Soup quilt

I had my fears during the making that an alphabet quilt would be way too young for a boy of Liam's age.  But, at 4 1/2 he's actually really into writing letters and creating silly strings of them for me to "read".  At first he liked the idea of this quilt, but by the time I mailed it to Stitch he was saying "no", "no", "no". 

Sniff.  I wasn't going to make him keep it.  I had "really" made it for the magazine after all

hmm... I'm feeling a makeover coming

I don't know if it was the pink hand-me-down comforter he used in the interim (or the times his bed was covered only by a sheet in the hot weather), but when the box arrived from Stitch, Liam eagerly claimed it as his own.  I do love how it looks on his bed!  But, I'm thinking those curtains (which have since been damaged) and the pictures might be due for a change.  How did we ever get by without a mama who sews?

flannel backing

Or maybe it was the cozy flannel backing that won him over...

Well, let me show you a few more details.


"L" is for Liam.

Pinked Letters

With some letters pinked and straight stitched,

Satin Stitched letters

and others satin stitched. All fabric letters also secured by Steam a Seam Lite II. Love that stuff!!!  And there are a few hand-stitched felt letters in the mix as well.

Peanut butter cookies?

The quilting is minimal (I was getting close to that deadline!), but I do love the little patterns it creates at the intersections. Do they make you want peanut butter cookies? Or, maybe that's just me.

lucky stripes

The border ups the "manliness" factor with that dark brown.  And those meeting stripes?  Total luck.


Border is an Eliza stripe by Jennifer Paganelli. Binding is Kona Paprika.

on his bed

Focal letter prints are Anne Kelle's Remix by Robert Kaufman. Kona Cottons used for solid blocks: Bone, Bahama Blue, Paprika, Earth, Amber and Olive.

Well, thanks for visiting!  We're going to get ready for afternoon schoolgroup now.  You enjoy the rest of your day!


  1. It's absolutely gorgeous, Rachel! I'm so glad you shared more pics!!

  2. It's super awesome. I love the colours you choose <3

  3. the Eliza Stripe is probably my favorite stripe of all time. I have it in a bunch of colors! lol

  4. I love Liam's quilt! I'm currently teaching my son letters and I think he would love this...will the design be available in Stitch magazine?

    Thanks so much for sharing!

  5. It fits so well in his room. I love the quilt, and I love the wall hanging "L" (did you make that, too?). I'm glad Liam came to his senses and claimed this for himself. My favorite part is definitely the stripey border.

  6. it is such a sweet quilt and i am so glad he loves it so much!

  7. congrats on being published Rachel, that is uber cool! I was flipping thru our shop's copy of this issue the other day and I noticed how adorable that quilt was, but I didn't notice who the designer was. Clever clever.

  8. Another great quilt!! Wonderful!! And congratulation for publishing, you can be very proud!!!

  9. I love the quilt, and smiling that 4 year olds are the same the world over - my girls are continuously asking me what the jumble of letters they've written says :)

  10. As I said last, the quilt is very very nice! Thanks for photos with details, thanks for sharing! Your work is so inspirational!

  11. It looks so great in his room - I bet he is over the moon :)

  12. That quilt is so cute. I am glad your little guy is enjoying it.

  13. I love this quilt! I can't get over how perfect it is. Its so hard to find fabrics that are good for little boys that aren't lame. And your fabric choices...they are just right. I so want to make this, but my girl is just 1... But is it ever really too early to learn- if only to feed your mother's quilting addiction? Thanks so much for going through the headache of submitting this to Stitch. I'm buying this copy!

  14. Gorgeous - boyish but grown-up! Simply lovely.

  15. It's gorgeous - just perfect! And thanks for sharing the whole submission process in a previous post.

  16. R is for Argyle.... (If you're a BNL fan, you might get that) I LOVE the "R". I'm not sure why it stands out to me so much, but cuuuute.

  17. This quilt is wonderful! What a great idea for baby blankets, or any child, to make the letter for their name extra big! So cool, thanks for sharing!

  18. I love this quilt, such a fun pieces and looks beautiful on the bed.


  19. I love the colors you chose, the pattern and especially the stitch length! Seems like a restful room for a little guy (and that can be a good thing!).

  20. A perfect quilt for a boy, its lovely Rachel - well done!

    I've been looking for a quilt for my 5 yr old boy - nothing too babyish or too girly, this really hits the mark, thank you.

    Now all I have to do is get hold of a copy of Stitch Magazine.
    Does anyone know if it is available in the UK??

  21. Awesome! Definitely a big boy room with a fun and friendly vibe.

  22. Amazing~ I love everything about this quilt!It makes me want to make one for my little boy~

  23. I love this. Nicest quilt I've ever seen for a very lucky young man!!

  24. Awww...I love this quilt so much! I've been wanting to make my Kindergartener a new quilt, but I've been feeling uninspired...not any longer. Thanks for sharing.


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