Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Loulouthi Tiles {Piecing}

Loulouthi Tiles button Loulouthi Tiles is a quilt pattern designed to showcase large-scale prints.  There are several sizes available for you from baby to queen.  I'm using Anna Maria Horner's new Loulouthi collection, but you can use any fabrics!

Here's what has been posted so far:
1.  Versions & Design
2.  Fabric (with links for Loulouthi Tiles Bundles)
3.  Cutting

Today:  Piecing!

My goodness, it's been weeks since I've touched my Loulouthi Tiles quilt!  Thanks for your patience while I've focused first on finishing up Bottled Rainbows and then that book proposal.  Now Loulouthi Tiles is my one and only big project in the works.  Feels good!

Loulouthi Tiles Piecing

So, let's get started!  No matter which size quilt you're making, you'll want to start by framing each large 14.5" x 20.5" picture frame tile with the 2" wide sashing.  Remember, the "picture frame tiles" are your largest cuts, in either Summer Totem or Clippings if you're following this tutorial closely.  First sew the 2" x 20.5" sashing pieces to opposite sides.  After pressing seams, sew the 2" x 17.5" sashing pieces to remaining sides to complete the sashing frame around each picture frame tile.  Finish by squaring each picture frame tile to 17.5" x 23.5".  

Loulouthi Tiles - Large Picture Tiles

Next up, lay out the entire quilt, minus sashing, on your floor or design board.  If you like, refer to the Loulouthi print layouts shown a bit below.  This is the time to switch around any prints you're not in love with to finalize your layout.  Since I made one cutting mistake, I did have to juggle prints a bit to compensate.

Loulouthi Tiles quilt layout

Got it?  Now we'll add the 1.5" wide sashing and complete the quilt top.

::Baby Loulouthi Tiles::

brown lines indicate sections for construction
This baby quilt is assembled in 3 basic rows. Let's talk about that center row first.

Start by piecing the "stacked" square tiles to each other, with 11.5" long sashing in between. Once those 2 mini-sections are pieced, they will match the 23.5" height of the center picture frame tile.  Sew 23.5" sashing in between the mini-sections and the picture frame tile to complete the center row.

For top and bottom rows, sew 11.5" sashing between each tile.  Next add a 41.5" long sashing both above and below these 2 rows.  Last of all, join all three rows with the large tile row in the center.  

Finish the quilt top by adding 49" long sashing to the outer, vertical edges of the quilt.

::Medium Loulouthi Tiles:: 

brown lines indicate sections for construction
The medium-sized Loulouthi Tiles quilt is composed of 3 main sections, A-C.  The sections really can be worked in any order (so it's OK to make section C before section A).  However, when working within a section, piece each numbered part in numerical order.  For example, join the A1 row and then join the A2 row.  Piece the rows together with a 53.5" sashing strip before joining to A3.  

You'll use many 11.5" sashing strips between square tiles in rows.  There's also one 17.5" sashing strip that goes below the large picture tile in section B1.  Notice that all of the brown lines indicate long sashing strips.  In the cutting instructions the sashing strips are matched to quilt sections.  

Loulouthi Tiles Sashing labeled

If you labeled your sashing while cutting, it should be pretty easy to find what you need as you go! 

Loulouthi Tiles Piecing

As you join parts, take care to match up seams where short sashing pieces connect to create the illusion of continuous sashing.

After all 3 sections are complete, join section B to section C.  Then, using your longest sashing strip (71.5") join the bottom half of the quilt to section A.  Sew 71.5" sashing strips to the top and bottom of the quilt.  Finish the quilt top by adding 61" long sashing to the outer, vertical edges of the quilt.

::Large Loulouthi Tiles::

brown lines indicate sections for construction
For piecing the large-sized Loulouthi tiles quilt, please see medium quilt instructions.   The only differences here are a slightly enlarged section A and section B, as well as the addition of section D.  Obviously, section D is a simple row.  I know you can handle that!

After all 4 sections are complete, join section B to section C.  Then, using your longest sashing strip (83.5") join the middle of the quilt to section A.  Using another 83.5" strip, add section D to the quilt bottom.  Lastly, sew 83.5" sashing strips to the top and bottom of the quilt.   

Finish the quilt top by adding 73" long sashing to the outer, vertical edges of the quilt.

Loulouthi Tiles Quilt, pieced!

I've just finished my quilt top right now!  It's super-cloudy today, so I'll be back to show my quilt top and a few others from around the web another day.  I can't wait to get started on the hand-quilting!


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  2. I can't wait to see that quilted up! It is so pretty!

  3. I LOVE those fabrics! Can't wait to see some of these finished. Maybe when I have a little more experience I'll try this;)

  4. gorgeous! can't wait to see the finished quilt! :)

  5. I just stashed Loulouthi for a second time!!!
    I love how you are framing the large prints, it's going to be gorgeous!!!

  6. Smart design. Sometimes those large prints need to stay big. Once I cut up some Amy Butler into tiny little pinwheels and they looked awful. Also it's great fun to get a quilt top done in a day. Thanks for the tutorial.

  7. good googly moogly! i had no idea these fabrics were this pretty. that must sound weird to hear, but sometimes i have to see them in action to understand scales and colors. your quilt design is a great way to honor those fabrics: not to fussy in the patchwork and retaining the spirit AMH intended.

  8. Absolutely stunning, you've really changed my mind about Loulouthi and now I have to buy some!!

  9. You've done a great job~ a simply beautiful quilt! I love it!

  10. So very pretty! I need these fabrics now!

  11. Oh, I love this pattern. I have my Loulouthi fabric and was looking for some ideas how to use it. Thanks for sharing, I'm sure I'll give it a try soon.

  12. Wat a fantastic way to use any fabric line that has a large pattern as a focus. Would love to see it made up into a childs quilt..... one day maybe I will get around to it!

  13. beautiful. sososososo beautiful !!

  14. beautiful. sososososo beautiful !!

  15. What a beautiful Layout! Also I absolutely LOVE the fabric!!!! Count me in :)!!!!

  16. i'm just finishing up my baby quilt top now!! I love how it's turning out!

  17. Love that quilt top...just gorgeous!!

  18. Wow - so inspired, I might HAVE to make a new quilt for my bed after seeing all your lovely work.
    Just beautiful!
    Hope your book development goes well - I dream of writing a book proposal SOME DAY!


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