Monday, July 4, 2011

dear, Liam

Happy 4th of July!  You are going to stay up so, soooo late tonight!  Are you sure you can handle it?  I know, I know you can.  The question is can grandma and grandpa? (wink).

stashing for Liam!
Pooches & Pickups by Laurie Wisbrun.  Find at Sew Fresh Fabrics, FabricShoppe & Hawthorne Threads

So you know that I'm making you a cushion for your desk chair, like mine, but what you don't know is that I ordered some fabric just for you.  As soon as I saw that great big blue truck, I thought of you.  See there's a dog in the back of the truck too.  Isn't that neat?  And the big circles print kind of looks like wheels.  So...

the making

I pieced together a picture and quilted-as-I-went to some batting, adding a second layer of batting at the end so that your cushion will be nice and soft.

lovin this tool!
Backing wraps around to finish the edges.

I know that you like gray and black like daddy does, so how about some dark gray edging?

featuring Pooches & Pickups

Here it is! Now your chair is not so plain.  It's blue and green and orange and black - all your favorite colors.

Liam's chair cushion

I hope you like it, buddy. Can't wait to see you back at this desk drawing up something new. Maybe a picture about the rollercoasters? I'd love to see that!

see you soon, Liam!

I'm so glad that you'll be home real soon!  I miss our bedtime hugs.  Daddy and Mommy can't wait to see you both.




  1. So sweet - and the cushion isn't bad either!! x

  2. Oh, these posts are so cute! I really hope he likes it - but how could he not? :-)

  3. =0) I'm so ready for them to come home!

  4. That's a really great chair cushion. I'd like to know more about piecing directly onto batting, it sounds like its really easy but I can't quite get my head around it, maybe I'm over thinking it. I love that pick up print too and have been eyeing it for my boys. I love that it's not babyish, some of the children's prints are starting to look too cutesy for them now they are 3 & 4.


  5. Dolores, I know what you mean about babyish boy prints. I think that pickup truck can totally grow with them. My boy is 4 as well! So, for this project I was working with a log cabin block design. I placed the center fabric piece on the batting and then added my first log, sewing right sides together. As I pieced the log, I was also sewing through the batting. Then you press the seam open from the right side of the work. You continue adding logs in this manner, building the block right onto the batting. I hope that makes sense!

  6. I just LOVE the truck print!
    I was bummed about not finding any good prints for boys at the local store, but when I found this and also Caleb Gray, Cars On the Road i knew I'd struck gold! Just have to order enough for the two boys twin quilts! VERY excited! and your desk chair pad is ADORABLE...

    Fantastic explanation of a sneaky trick too! I'm going to have to try sewing directly onto the batting.. helps secure it i'm guessing!

  7. So sweet Rachel! I will be using the qayg method often now then I have been doing it will my Bottled Rainbow quilt blocks. And I agree that extra layer of batting is necessary for comfort -- I didn't add an extra one to my patchwork stool cushion and after a few weeks of trying it out, guess what just become a bib! :)

  8. Rachel: Your post is so sweet. What a great way to save a really darling letter you your wee one. :) I'm sure Liam is going to be so excited to be home! And the cushion will be icing on the cake.

  9. The cushion is so fun! I love the dark gray border, especially. I'm glad your kiddos are coming home soon! I know you've missed them.

  10. This is a great idea! I love it! Turned out so great :)


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