Wednesday, June 8, 2011

lucky one.

Well, that was fun!  Thanks for sharing your thoughts on crochet.  I was happily surprised to hear that so many of us learned to crochet from a loved one.  Me too!  My mother-in-law taught me, and it was my first fiber craft.  I love that with crochet it's so easy to spot mistakes, fix them and alter a pattern for my needs.

Mr. Random chose comment #23 as our winner of the Block Party book.  That's "MLE Knits" who said, "Crochet definitely came easier for me, but I was determined to become proficient in knitting because honestly I like the look of the finished results better and I think there is just more room for variety with knitting. I still enjoy crocheting every once in a blue moon though (especially when I see the things One Flew Over crochets)!"

You know I feel the same way - I love the look of knitting for clothing because it doesn't have all the holes.  But, I do appreciate the possibilities of crochet, especially for really colorful work a la granny squares and zigzag stripes.  Oh to be proficient at everything!  Well, there's plenty of time yet.

*Inspiration* in Modern Crochet
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You know, someone suggested a crochet-a-long.  I wonder if that's a good idea?  Maybe sometime this fall.  And what would we want to make?  I'll put my thinking cap on....


  1. I wish I could knit or crochet as well as those pictures! I have tried both when younger, taught by my mum but I have never had the patience to stick with it long enough to make anything that isn't stretched and wonky!

  2. Ooo, I'm so excited that I won! Thank you! And all those gorgeous crocheted blankets definitely make me want to start a crochet project too!

  3. I love crochet - it's very addictive and I find it easier than knitting, partly because it's easier to pull out & there's only one stitch to pick back up! Have you visited - a wonderful blog full of crochet ideas!

  4. How about a crochet a-long for the ziz-zag afgan(?) in the picture above?

  5. I'm up for a crochet along!

  6. Have you seen the Babette blanket, I love it but have not had the time to start it. I think it would make a great project to break down into do-able parts.

  7. I just remembered something else about when I was learning to crochet I wanted to share...

    I really got the hang of it when I started doing circles. You know, chain 6, join in a loop, 6 double crochet into the loop and then go round and round.

    I remember thinking that I wish I'd started on circles rather than trying to do rows back and forth.

    Not sure I'd join in a crochet-a-long.... I learnt how to do it, made a few little toys and now feel a bit "done that, over it". But of course, that's just me ;)

  8. Karen - Thanks for saying so about the crochet-a-long. And interesting point about those circles...

    Yes, I've visited Attic 24 and I'm going to search for that Babette blanket now.

  9. the babette blanket is so beautiful, its on my bucket list of things to make for sure.


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