Friday, June 3, 2011

Loulouthi Tiles {Versions & Design}

I'm so excited to get started!  Thanks for your feedback last week on my Loulouthi quilt design.  As I shared yesterday, I'm going with the larger quilt, which features generously-sized "tiles" to allow us to really enjoy Anna Maria Horner's large-scale prints.

This quilt is all about the fabric - ok and also some hand-quilting - but mostly about the fabric!  And since Anna Maria Horner's Loulouthi collection is not the first collection to feature stunning large-scale prints, Loulouthi tiles is a pattern you can use to enjoy your favorite large prints!

Some of you wanted a baby quilt and some a queen... so I've designed a few versions of Loulouthi tiles and asked my sponsors to create fabric bundles that coordinate. 

::Large Loulouthi Tiles::

Loulouthi Tiles Large Quilt

  • Finished size: 73" x 85".  Generously sized throw for two adults.  (Or, add a row of tiles to the left and at the top to create a queen-sized quilt measuring 85" x 97".)
  • Uses all 13 of my favorite "Loulouthi Morning" fabrics.  
  • Purchase bundles at Sew Love Fabrics, Whipstitch and Marmalade Fabrics.  
  • Note:  if planing to make a queen, the bundle does have enough fabric for the additional 2 rows of tiles using leftover fabric from some of the prints.  However, for a balanced color scheme I recommend buying an additional 1/2 yard of "Framed in Citron" and "Coreopsis in Sugar."

::Medium Loulouthi Tiles::

Loulouthi Medium Quilt

  • Finished size: 61" x 73".  Generously sized throw for one adult, though 2 could definitely cuddle together.  If you like the project, but don't want to make such a large quilt, this one's for you!
  • Uses 12 of my favorite "Loulouthi Morning" fabrics.  
  • Purchase bundles at Marmalade Fabrics, Sew Love Fabrics, and Whipstitch.

::Baby Loulouthi Tiles::

Loulouthi Tiles Baby Quilt

  • Finished size: 43" x 49".  A sweet little baby quilt that would look stunning over the side of a crib!
  • Uses 11 of my favorite "Loulouthi Morning" fabrics.  
  • Purchase bundles at Whipstitch, Marmalade Fabrics, and Sew Love Fabrics

Let's talk about Design!

The focal fabrics in my design are the "Summer Totem" and "Clippings" prints.  The full repeat on Summer Totem is 17" wide and 24" tall.  Wow!

Loulouthi darker tones
darker tones from the "Juliana" colorway

Loulouthi for Scale
shown for scale by Summer Totem in Grapefruit (not in Loulouthi Tiles)

Allowing for a full, uncropped repeat would create a quilt of gigantic proportions, which would make the smaller prints (such as those shown in the charms above) look rather funny.  I compromised with a slightly cropped focal rectangle (finished fabric portion will be 14" x 20"), approximately as represented in these mock-ups. Please be aware that many of the fabrics are not to scale in these mock-ups. For true scale, see the pictures above.

Notice the lines around the focal fabrics in the quilt mock-ups?  Those are 3 lines of hand-quilting stitches in pearl cotton.  I'll be using colors from both of Anna Maria's pearl needlework box sets, which are due to release soon.  Don't worry - we're not there yet!

Including the sashing for hand-quilting, the focal blocks will finish at 17" x 23".  The square blocks are 11" and the long rectangle block is 17" x 11". Sashing is 1" finished throughout.  I have not yet received my fabrics from Freespirit, so exact Kona sashing shade is to be determined.

Also, not yet determined - backing requirements and machine quilting design.

What to expect from Rachel?

So, I'm not thinking of this as a "quilt-along" per se.  I'll be creating a free PDF downloadable pattern that includes directions from all three versions of Loulouthi tiles.  This PDF will be available after I've created my quilt, so that I can work out any bugs, ok?  For those of you with plenty of experience, that don't want to wait, I'll post notes as I go as to cutting and piecing.  As you can see, this quilt is rather straightforward, so most of you obviously don't need me now that you have block dimensions.  But, I'll share what makes sense as I go and feel free to ask questions!

Really - I love questions!

If you're new to quilting, I suggest you make the medium or baby-sized quilts.  These will be easier to machine quilt.  That said, this is a great quilt for a beginner!  With it's large cuts and simple straight shapes, you'll do just fine. 

Ready to jump in?  I am!  I should have my fabrics next week!


  1. I have just recently seen a whole bunch of the fabric lines that are releasing soon slash have recently been released, and I think Loulouthi is one of my favorites. This quilt layout is perfect for showcasing those prints (which, seeing the pictures instead of just the internet rendering in the layout, are even more beautiful than I thought they'd be).

  2. This is going to be perfect for showcasing those large scale prints. Can't wait to see the finished quilt!

  3. This is the perfect design for those fabulous fabrics. I just got mine yesterday and was wondering what to do with them that showcases their loveliness. Thanks Rachel!

  4. I have a bit of a random question... what software do you use to create the mock quilts? BTW I love the quilt design for the Loulouthi fabric.

  5. Yeah, I'm glad you like it! So, I make my mock-ups in Photoshop. I create each fabric swatch as a layer so that I can move them about as much as I like. It's time consuming!

  6. Wow photoshop what a great idea. I never would have thought. I'm just getting tired of hand drawing on graph paper. Thanks for the information.

  7. Yep, great idea to showcase the larger prints. I got my loulouthi fabrics this week & I can't wait to get started! Thanks for the quilt along fun!

  8. Thanks for talking us through your thought process. So many decisions go into making a beautiful product and I like to hear how you so often end up there.

  9. I love the simple design of those quilts, and the fabric is beautiful! I'm just learning to quilt using my own machine, and wondered if you had any suggestions for tutorials or something. I can piece it all together, and once its quilted I can bind, but its the in-between that seems to have me held up! All of your quilts are beautiful, p.s.

  10. This will go together really fast. I am looking for a hand quilting project to take with me when I go out of town on business.

  11. Yes, definitely a fast one! All the better to just enjoy I think =)

    For Fire Wife - It sounds like you need some help on basting and quilting? My first quilt-along (Colorbrick) was designed for complete quilting beginners, so it went into a lot of detail on the quilt basics. Here's a tutorial on how I baste quilts: and here is one on simple machine quilting: I hope those help!


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