Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Let's chat.

Today Jennifer and I got together to Chat.  It was quite a lot of fun actually!  I must have been in a gabby mood, because I had more than a little to say.  (I even admitted to keeping that "other" blog.  Yeah, don't get too excited.) 

Hope you'll stop by and visit!


  1. It was a very nice chat. And I ordered your makeup roll pattern. :)I don't know HOW I missed that...

  2. Great chat Rachel! When you mentioned your chlorericness (is that a word??) It got me thinking about different personality types and such. I love studying them and how they/we interact etc. I wonder if there are patterns in the sewing world..... I'm sure there would be. I'm a phlegmatic/sanguine, aka someone who rarely finishes a project!
    I wonder if there's a predominant 'personality type' that sewing appeals to or if it has 'universal' appeal?
    Oops gone off on a tangent, thinking out loud through the keyboard. :)

    Oh and love the bottled rainbow finished product! Very inspiring!

  3. It was fun to read - thank you both x

  4. Lucy, I too love personality studies. I homeschool my kids in a Waldorf-inspired way, which includes consideration of personalities in how you approach the child. I am melancholy/choleric, but mostly choleric comes out in my designs. It's funny, because I've been thinking of putting together a sewing/fabric quiz of sorts to find out if people's sewing/fabric style is indeed a reflection of their personality. For example, I'm betting that cholerics like using bold solid colors. They are very loud and pushy, as opposed to small florals. So, if only I needed to write a paper on the intersection of sewing/personality. Haha, I always did love school.


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