Monday, June 13, 2011


I seemed to have a lot of energy this weekend, for doing and finishing and rearranging.  I so enjoy that productive kind of mood!  And while some of the "farm" chores I tackled were far from glamorous, I do have a finished quilt to show you.

Rainbow Craze Quilt

This is "Rainbow Craze", a collaborative creation with the Faith circle of do. Good Stitches.  Course, that's only a corner. You can see the whole quilt top here. I actually like this sampler quilt better in bits and pieces. It's sure to be enjoyed up-close and personal by the family who will receive it.

love those geese!

happy corners

And it does have such happy corners!

Bermuda Zig Zag backing

I knew that a Remix print would be ideal for backing this quilt, so I asked the good folks at Robert Kaufman if they would be willing to donate yardage for the backing. They sent over this lovely Bermuda Zig Zag by Anne Kelle. So lively!  And I couldn't resist using the same print for the binding.

Stripes make perfect bindings!

Bermuda Zig Zag binding

Thank-you, Robert Kaufman! You've been a blessing.

with "organic" straight line quilting

For quilting, I landed on "organic" straight lines, stitched free-form with no plans for spacing and no guidelines to follow. It was a very nice experience and quilted up amazingly fast.  Photographed fresh from the dryer!

with Faith circle of do. Good Stitches

The amazing blocks that make up this Rainbow Craze were completed by my friends in the Faith circle. You can find them on Flickr under these names and at the do Good Stitches group page:

Alecia Sharp
Handmade Retro
Stitch Sister
Evelyn F Wells
Splendor Falls

This quilt is being donated to a single mother of 6 who has escaped an abusive relationship. It's my hope that she receives it with our love and with the love of God, which surpasses all pain.  I know that it's a little thing to give a quilt in the face of real suffering.  And yet, our quilt is a tangible expression of care and beauty made with her tastes in mind, so I send it confident that it will bring some encouragement.  And I am thankful for the opportunity to be part of this work.

On a completely different note, I spent some time this weekend rearranging the corners of our home.  Aria and Liam got desks for their room, which necessitated some furniture juggling. 

made over toy corner

This shelf (discovered in a closet when we bought our 60's home) appreciated a new coat of paint, and found itself to the living room.  Our kids are almost beyond playing with toys like these - almost, but not quite.  Oh, goodness - it all goes so fast!

our entryway

And here's our entryway/my office/kid's art room, where I also do yoga. That table was about to be Craigslisted when my mom said we should try it in this spot.

a little rearranging..

Um, yes. I'm loving the new corner!  Thank-goodness for moms.

very summer!

And don't let me steal the credit, because she told me to put the shells there too. If it didn't feel like summer already, this would certainly do it!

Wishing you many lovely little corners in your day,

xo Rachel


  1. You did a beautiful job on the quilt! I'm sure it will be a blessing to the family it is going to. I love the binding stripes on the diagonal. Perfect!

    I like your "new" corners of your home, too. I wish I had some productive energy to do the same to my house! Someday, I'm sure it will come.

  2. The rainbow quilt is GORGEOUS! love the greens that surround the blocks. That quilt will definitely make someone smile.

  3. wow, that is a productive weekend! How special knowing that your beautiful quilt will go to a family like that.

  4. The binding/backing choice is just wonderful; it was so nice of Robert Kaufman to donate the fabric for this use. This quilt will make the recipient momma feel loved for sure!

    Your new corners are wonderful! Sometimes, you just need a spruce. I donated some furniture this weekend, and it inspired me to clean and purge. That's a good feeling!

  5. The quilt is really lovely, and you did a great job sorting out all those different sized and designed rainbow blocks! And I like the entryway too. The butterflies are adorable!

  6. Gorgeous quilt - I'm sure the recipient will be delighted! I especially love the curved flying geese

  7. Jacey - Aaaah, I LOVE cleaning and purging too! Always good to make room for new fabric and yarn, right? Wink.

    Sew Happy Geek - Ah, thanks! I feel kinda silly sharing my entryway, but I'm so blessedly happy with it right now!

  8. Love this quilt Rachel!! Remix is such a perfect backing/binding for it! Great job.

    Your house is looking lovely as well!

  9. Don't you just love Remix? That quilt will be WELL-loved I'm sure! And the corners of your house are lovely.

  10. I love what you have done with this quilt! It's so beautiful I want on.

  11. Just about the happiest quilt ever- I know it will bring them much love and comfort.

    And yes- thank goodness for Moms. Got to spend some time with mine today and I loved every minute of it. :)

  12. The quilt is beautiful! That family will LOVE it!

  13. That quilt would brighten anybody's life. It is only made more special by the amount of love, time, effort and talent that went into it. You and your circle are incredibly talented.

  14. The rainbow quilt turned out so wonderfully, that green was perfect. And Robert Kaufman - so generous! Love the decorations you did!

  15. The quilt is awesome, and will certainly be a comfort to the recipient! Keep up the good work!!!

  16. The quilt is really beautiful. I love all the blocks, and you did a great job putting it together and quilting it.
    Your corners have inspired me to tackle a few of my own. I can see the first one from where I am sitting right now.

  17. Love that quilt! It will be a blessing to the family that receives it. I especially love the way the binding ties all those colors together with a touch of whimsy.

    LeAnn aka pasqueflower

  18. Your quilt is beautiful and I know the recipient will love it.
    I'm a new subscriber to your blog and I've really enjoyed it. Maybe I'll try to make a second quilt this year.
    I did make a mug rug today for the first time.

    Thanks for sharing!


  19. Such a beautiful quilt, made for a wonderful reason!

    As usual, everything is lovely!!!

  20. You've done a wonderful job of putting all these amazing blocks together! Basically a genius idea to use a graduated color of sashing!

  21. beautiful colors, I love how I link all the blocks. congratulations

  22. That is just SO stinkin' gorgeous! So gorgeous. :) Love it. How big did it become, anyways?
    Love it. I also love the Remix choice, Robert Kaufman ROCKS!! I'm thinking of using that as the backing and binding for my RK Solids Challenge quilt. You helped me to see how perfect it is. :)

  23. this quilt is beautiful front and back. I love the greens in it. so fresh! And the binding is lovely too!

  24. very fun quilt! it is sure to bring some warmth and happiness to the recipient!

    it's always nice to re-arrange a bit, isn't it? makes it all feel new!

  25. Well done! Love the binding too.

    I love doing charity quilts. Blessings to you for continuing on that journey.

    All the best - Chris

  26. Loving the quilt & all of it's corners!

    Also, I love the shade of green you have on your walls & the shells in the basket! I may have to use that for my bedroom- I know I have some shells in a box somewhere... :-P

  27. The rainbow quilt is lovely, and the backing fabric sets it off perfectly!

  28. There are a few blocks in there that I just love. That remix is fun.


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