Friday, June 17, 2011

Bottled Rainbows {Teal Block}

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Teal Bottled Rainbows

And here I am, staring into the face of my last Bottled Rainbows block. A little sad, a little eager to finish, a little surprised that the quilting's practically done. I'm now a firm believer in quilt-as-you-go. I've already done a fair amount of Bottled Rainbow block piecing, and I'm quite happy with the way the seams feel. Not bulky at all!


Sweet scrappiness.  This teal Bottled Rainbow block is sashed in Kona Emerald.  You can find all recommended Kona sashing options here and a fat quarter set for sale here.  

In typical "me" fashion, I've already put my leftover color-sorted scraps "away" in little ziplocks for another day.  Because... I will be making another Bottled Rainbow, with a twist.  But don't hold your breath.  It's gonna be awhile.

the Bottled Rainbow blues

Here are the blues, which make up the upper right quadrant of the Bottled Rainbow color grid.  Delightful, yes?  Next I'll be piecing together rows and adding the border.  hmm... maybe this weekend? 

It's kind of driving me crazy that I'm finishing up Bottled Rainbows, cutting/piecing Loulouthi Tiles and working on my big sample project for the book proposal all at once.  Too many directions... aaaah!  Did you see Cauchy's post "on Monogamy"?  That's totally me.  For me, the perfect balance is 1 large project and 1 small project. That way I see progress (small project) and appreciate scope (large, obviously).  Due to the plethora of large projects around about lately, I've been craving something small.  

So, game plan - finish Bottled Rainbows before kids leave next week so that I can go into my sewing staycation with a clearer head aaaaaaaand.... the freedom to start something new and smallish.  Happy weekend to you!


  1. Oh that is my favourite colour and a beautiful block!

    Loving the tiger! He's so cool with his eye on the giraffe!

  2. I don't know if I have the moxie (or the scraps) for an entire quilt - but I am thinking some fun placemats might get this ticker tape thing out of my system :)

  3. Well, they would be fab placemats! And very durable for washing with all the quilting...

  4. I can understand the mixed feelings you're having! Your last block is beautiful, though, and I'm sure the finished top will be glorious.

  5. I love the little bits you've chosen for all your squares! The tiger and the giraffe - oh my! Any chance for a post with straight on pictures of each block? ;)

  6. They look wonderful Rachel. Love all those shades of blue- makes me think of a deep pool in the middle of this summer heat.

    I agree with finishing. I have three large quilts that I really need to finish before I start anything new- at least two. I haven't even done my bee blocks for this month! So my to do list for next week is get those quilted so I can move on to the next project in my head. :)

  7. Everything is going together so well. Hope you have a nice sewing vacation.

  8. I'm with you...ideally I would have no where near as many projects going as I do now. I'm really hoping to finish up a few quilts here and work on some smaller pieces myself. Or at least turn more of my bee blocks into the quilts they were intended for. Geesh! This is why no one needs 7 bees in a year!

  9. Beautiful!! I am so excited to see yours all finished! I just stitched the binding on mine, so all I have left is sewing that binding down! yay!

    And I totally agree. Sometimes my current projects get way out of hand! One large, one small sound just perfect!!

  10. Love the blue blocks.


    You're going to accomplish phenomenal things on your staycation. Uninterrupted time is a precious gift (even though you'll miss your kiddos).

  11. I just want to finish a couple of other things so I can concentrate on Bottled Rainbows, and another quilt that was inspired by BR!

  12. Before kids, I would cross-stitch very large, detail projects. Now, the busier and older I get, the more I only want to do small projects. It helps to feel a sense of accomplishment. When something goes on and on, I tend to lose focus and interest and then it becomes a UFO and no longer a WIP. :) The blues in your bottled rainbow are lovely. Have a great weekend. Tammy

  13. Here is something small you can do, an easy quick take on the cathedral:

    I loved her blog and I think you would too (rainbows) :)

    Congrats on all the big projects. Right now it might feel crazy but imagine the sense of accomplishment when you're done with all of them! Love that you're done peicing the bottled rainbows - can't wait to see the finished quilt!

  14. Hi Rachel,
    What a beautiful block. I can't wait to see the finished quilt.
    I'm a new subscriber to your blog and I've really enjoyed visiting.
    Will you share with me how you do the quilting as you go? That's why I've stopped quilting. It's so hard to get the quilt into my regular sewing machine. I want to do the whole shebang when I make a quilt. I hope you'll feel like sharing your technique.

    Thanks so much for a great blog and all you do.


  15. Debbie, I am new to quilting but I've been reading terrific blogs like Rachel's for a couple of years. I love Rainbow Blocks and lucky for us, Rachel has taught us how to do this. Check out this link for this and her other tutorials!

    Thanks again Rachel!

  16. i have been very impressed following your blog and seeing the steady progress on your projects. this is exactly what inspired me to try the monogamish approach!

    also? i've been in love with your Bottled Rainbows project from the start. such a lovely concept and the quilt will be amazing.

  17. The teal block might just be one of my favorites so far. I think it is beautiful.

    I just finished a sweater last night, and I completely agree the satisfaction of finishing makes it easier to wait to begin another project. Too many balls spinning in the air, and it is easy to get overwhelmed and lose focus.

  18. You're inspiring me to try blocks like this. Each one is so beautiful! Not sure when I'll fit it in, as I am not at all 'monogamous' in my projects, but I'll find time sooner or later!

  19. Gorgeous! Love the use of color and design and space and stitching and well, everything.

    Beautiful piece.

  20. Absolutely beautiful blue color combos! I love the Alexander Henry zoo cameos in there too!

  21. Wow, I love rainbows in quilts and your quilts and all the colors in your blog just wow me!


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