Saturday, June 11, 2011

Bottled Rainbows {Look at you!}

This post is part of a series Bottled Rainbows {ticker tape quilt along}. You can join in anytime. We're going at a leisurely pace and using up our scraps! Please see this page for links to all posts, and join us on Flickr to share your questions and work-in-progress!

Time out from my progress - let's see what you've been up to!  Last time I visited the Stitched in Color flickr group I found lots of lovely Bottled Rainbow blocks...

Bottled Rainbows - Blue blocks
a set of blues by The Plaid Scottie

Medium Green Bottled Rainbow
a favorite by Black Velvet Quilts

Yellow Bottled Rainbow Block
Angela's using her favorite scraps

And then there's Miss Jacey, who's every block is a literal mosaic masterpiece. 

Lime Bottled Rainbows Block

See what I mean!  I think I particularly love Jacey's blocks because my original vision was to use little, random sized pieces like this just to avoid throwing them away.  But, in the end, I opted for a more "clean lines" look partly to protect my sanity.  Jacey's putting a ton of love and time into these beauties.  It's a treat to follow!

You also have to see the blocks made by Val of Pink Please!  Hers have a playful "I-spy" flavor.

Bottled Rainbow Quilt Along *Petal Block*

Bottled Rainbow Quilt Along *Turquoise Block*

Gotta love it!  I'm not always a fan of "I-spy" things, because I can get overwhelmed by all the action.  But done in color groups like this I find all the diversity more lively than run wild.  Great twist, Valerie!

Speaking of twists...


Can you find the race car? Of course!


What about the sewing machine here? Very near and dear to our hearts!

These blocks were both created by Candice. She dived right into Bottled Rainbows with her own, unique "hidden pictures" concept. She must have had a ball, because her blocks are already done:


Wow!  There are lots of things I didn't see coming when I launched the Bottled Rainbows quilt along back in February.  And this is definitely one of them!  Thanks, Candice! 

It has been an absolute honor to sew with you all.  Thank-you for keeping me company.  Thank-you for inspiring me with your creativity.  Thank-you for making it so much fun!

I know there are folks just getting started and folks still wanting to get started.  Please keep adding your creations to the flickr pool.  I totally want to see!  Also, I've received some requests about where you can buy the Bottled Rainbows Kona solids set as a bundle.  Those are offered and in stock here at Marmalade Fabrics. 

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!


  1. Wow, those hidden pictures look amazing all put together like that! What a fun idea.

  2. Oh my goodness those are so cute! I love them all.

  3. Wow! Those hidden pictures are such an awesome twist on this quilt along! Seriously cool! :)

  4. These are all so beautiful and I'm very inspired to give this a try sometime!

  5. Those were so fun to see. Love the ones from Candice with the hidden pictures- so cool. And the i spy by color is a great idea! So inspiring!

  6. Seeing them all lined up like this it finally hit me what appeals to me so much about these (other than rainbows - yaya!) - each looks like a collection of the most fun postage stamps ever! I never knew what Ticker Tape stuff was, so now I'm inspired to try a thing or two.

  7. These are all just wonderful!! Makes me want to make another one :)

  8. Loved seeing these! Isn't it amazing what happens when you take a simple idea and share it with other creative minds? So cool to see the different interpretations. Good for you for being such a catalyst!

  9. I can't get over Candice's version! So clever.

  10. Those blocks are all amazing! And so inspiring!!

    I have been following this all along and dying to make one, but I don't have many rainbow fabric scraps. I am working on collecting some, but I wondered (now that you are finishig up) if you would have any scraps to sell in your shop?

  11. Those look great! I love looking at the flickr group too! It's fun to see how even though everyone is doing the "same thing" they all turn out SO different.

    I am sad to say that I am one that is just getting started. It took a while to complete my set, but I did notice that is now selling practically the whole line of kona solids. That's where I bought the rest of my colors and with the sale they were having and a coupon I was able to get 1/2 yards for less than I was paying for fq. Just in case anyone wants to know. :) I can't wait to finish some up and post them!

  12. Everyone's blocks are so wonderful!

    And I agree with you about the "I Spy", I always find them a bit too busy, but those rainbow I spy blocks really work!

  13. How beautiful they are! I wondered how did you pick up these lovely fabrics, they absolutely matched and so cheerful:)

  14. Love all these bright and fun blocks. Well done, ladies. Definitely something I want to try.

    Have a super great sewing day.

  15. these are so impressive! I really want to make this quilt... I just keep keeping myself busy! ;)

  16. What a great idea to use up scraps! I'm scrap-aholic: I can't throw away any little scrap....
    I think I'll try this method!! Thank you for sharing!!!

  17. Congrats on being named to Quilt Home's Top 55 Blogs list!

    LeAnn aka pasqueflower

  18. Thanks, LeAnn! It was wonderful news =)

  19. There are so many lovely quilts-in-progress! Thank you for your kind words about mine; I really appreciate it! I enjoy every block I make, and it's all thanks to you! I really love Candice's blocks. Amazing!

  20. Hello,
    I discovered your blog yesterday.
    I posted about your Sew /Quilt Along on a French quilting forum.
    Thanks for sharing !
    Beatrice (from France, - Europe).

  21. How is everyone quilting these? Just stitch-in-the-ditch?

  22. I plan to zigzag stitch over the ditch in contrasting (white) thread.


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