Thursday, June 9, 2011

Bottled Rainbows {Green Blocks}

This post is part of a series Bottled Rainbows {ticker tape quilt along}. You can join in anytime. We're going at a leisurely pace and using up our scraps! Please see this page for links to all posts, and join us on Flickr to share your questions and work-in-progress!

I HEART Green!


It always feels so fresh and healthy. So very alive, even though it's a "cool" color.

Although I haven't been as good at posting my weekly Bottled Rainbow progress, I haven't fallen behind - which isn't hard when the goal is just one block a week! This time I made all three green blocks for the Bottled Rainbow Quilt-Along at once. So, let me introduce you to...

Bottled rainbows - Lime

Bottled Rainbows - Grass

Bottled rainbows - Moss

Yeah! That felt good. As much as I have enjoyed our "leisurely" pace, I suddenly had the itch to see this project come together. My only missing block is the teal one, which is sure to be one of my favorites. Do I say that about every block? Well, I did choose the colors. And I do love them all!

Oh, look, another owl! So darn cute. 

The lime block is made with Kona Chartreuse.  The moss block is made from Kona Moss and the grass block from Kona Grass.  So, only the "lime" block is tricky!

a Ticker Tape Quilt-Along!

The lime, grass and moss blocks fill up the lower right quadrant of the Bottled Rainbow Color grid, when combined with the yellow block.  And having gotten this far, I couldn't resist laying out all my blocks.

I'm piecing!

Oh my gosh - they look good.  Like, can't stop staring at them, want to hang it on the wall good.  What is it about color that so mezermerizes me?  I had this naughty thought that maybe Aria will tire of her Fairytale Patchwork quilt and we can redecorate her room in rainbows.  Naughty, naughty.  So not the best parenting move since I just made her that quilt last year.  Sheesh, I need more kids!

I'll show you my whole quilt when I have that last block done next week.  Until then I wanted to leave you with some thoughts on backing.  If you're following along with our quilt-along, now is the time to order your materials for finishing.  You can find info on what size cuts to order for border (optional), backing and binding right here.

I've decided to back my quilt in a Remix print by Anne Kelle for Robert Kaufman, called argyle in bright. 

Remix Backings for Bottled Rainbows Quilt Along

But, many of the Remix prints have that lively rainbow flavor that pairs perfectly with Bottled Rainbows.  Check out these options at the Fabric Shoppe, which include that awesome rainbow stripe and a rainbow zigzag too.  I also have a thing for the Remix hearts in bright (it's totally Rainbow Brite if you happen to be a child of the 80's)!

Can't wait to see what you choose!


  1. Oh, those little owls get me every time! Loving the green Rachel!!!

  2. Oooh, the greens are so pretty! Love the lime one especially! This is going to be such a cheerful quilt! :)

  3. I Looooove that argyle fabric. I'm hoarding 2yards in my stash! Also loooove bottled rainbows. As soon as I'm back with my zig zag img free motioning quilt I'm so ding one.

  4. They are gorgeous!!! Can't wait to start working on my blocks.

  5. This has been so fun to "follow". This is definitely a project that I've filed away for one day. The green blocks look amazing and I can't wait to see it all come together! I can't blame you for wanting to switch up your daughter's room...I've had about 10 ideas for quilts for my kids rooms and I still haven't made one for either of them! : )

  6. The argyle bright is so cute and perfect for this project! Great Choice!

  7. Beautiful! I love the owl AND those sweet little geese! Love the backing fabric! I have two more blocks to go, and I am thrilled to get mine done!! Thanks for hosting this wonderful quilt a long!

  8. I LOVE your lime block!!!! The Red Letter Day duckies and the Owls are screamers!!!
    What a good idea for the Remix on the back. I think I am going to try to use the left over scraps from the borders of each block somehow on the back. I may use remix for the binding!!! LOVE IT!!!!!
    I also wanted to tell you how much I love that we took this quilt along so slowly. A block a week is perfect and it really did come together in the blink of an eye!

  9. Val - That's so good to hear! Sometimes I felt like I was boring you all by going so slow. Thanks for the comment =)

  10. Ooh, I need to have more kids so I have more reasons to make quilts! Love it. :)

    That Remix fabric is fantastic. So fun. I used the argyle for my BR backing.

  11. oh shoot! we're supposed to only have one left?! Well life gets in the way sometimes. I think I have at least 6 left. But I'm like you. I tend to make them in groups by color. I have to sort my scraps it works for me.

    I've resisted laying mine all out to see what they look like together. I'm saving that moment. ;)

  12. The Lime is gorgeous, and I can't wait to see the teal x

  13. Being new to quilting I'm still at the bottling stage but I just started a jar with Kona Chartreuse so your post makes me very happy. I love all the owls popping up, so cute!

  14. You have such nice scraps. I am going to have to find some 1/8 yards of some of the colors that I don't have.

  15. Love the tile blocks! The lime green is awesome.

    LeAnn aka pasqueflower

  16. I'm really enjoying the rainbow of colors you and your group are making. So fun! Looking forward to the last block!

  17. Suemac - Oh, I'll admit I bought a few Fat Quarters to make some of these scraps! But, most are true scraps. And the bought ones are colors I obviously needed. Obviously ;)

  18. The Rainbow Bright comment made me smile on this morning. My sister and I both had heart sheet sets similiar to this! Have a great morning.

  19. Your green blocks are beautiful! I finished up my lime block last night. I hope to make another green one this month as part of Project Spectrum. Only one block left! Woohoo for you!

  20. I used that stripe on a rainbow quilt of my own. It was the perfect choice!


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