Friday, May 13, 2011

a Sewing List

Due to a Blogger glitch, this post was published incomplete yesterday and all Blogger blogs were down for comments and editing until now.   Sorry for the repeat, but here's the real post!

Do you ever feel like your sewing is getting away from you? I'm always making things, and I love that! But, am I making what I really want to make? And what do I really want to make anyways (besides everything)?

I made a list "in my dreams" at the close of 2010, which has turned out to be very handy. With the year almost halfway past (GASP) I think it's fair to make another. And, I'm going to valiantly attempt to put it in order of priority. That's just hilarious, really.

{1} a summer dress. I'll kick myself if I don't make this soon. Part of the holdup is that I never fell 100% in love with any one pattern, so I'm actually supposedly drafting a pattern myself. And, that's kind of intimidating. I have the fabric. So far, I've taken my measurements....

(more) Atlanta Stashings for dresses
fabric for 2 summer dresses

{2} a backpacking pouch for my husband. This is due May 27th for an impending backpacking trip. Get to it!

image from Coco + Kelley

{3} a quilty duvet cover for our master bedroom. One that I adore and my husband tolerates (these are dreams, not miracles). This is verbatim from December 2010. I have my heart set on deep blues, rich reds and plummy purples, inspired by this image. Now if only my husband would agree to my color scheme. Or failing that, a color miracle whereby I find more space in my heart for dark, dreary tones. Sigh.

{4} a cape for Liam. I've been wanting to stitch something special for my boy, since making Aria's Easter basket. This post convinced me that a cape is where it's at! Easy too.

Mod Mood Quilt ~ Get Your Curve On

{5} Curvy Solids Wall Hanging inspired by Daintytime. This is completely unnecessary, but possible the most exciting item on this list at the moment. It will replace a painting that annoys me in MY SEWING (ahem, our dining) room. I'm looking forward to experimenting with piecing curves!

A Double Shot!
quilts by Handpicked

{6} Malka's Fish Baby Log Cabin Quilt ::and::

Circle quilt 1
Quilt by A Little Gray

{7} Bijou Lovely's Circle Quilt -as soon as my sister or my friend find out the baby's sex. Come on babies, I need to make a new baby quilt!

{8} Noodlehead Clutch. Just one. I need to learn how to make those cool zipper edge tabs. For motivation, I should make this as a gift for friend X. Yes, that's a great idea!

{9} a little jar in jacket. For my kids' toothbrush jar. See, I even have a plan for it.

{10} a picnic blanket. Though given the season, that should probably be higher up on the list! I'd love to make it in these lovely new fabrics called Ruby Star Spring. Hoping to find out more about when it will be released after quilt market this weekend!

OK, and that's not including the projects I'm making for Stitch Magazine this month and my progress on projects for my hoped-for book. Still, this really helps. I already feel more in control!

Is there something you've been dying to make?


  1. Yes, LOTS! This is a great idea for a post...

  2. My dream project at the moment isn't actually a sewn item. I REALLY want to cut a hole in my current sewing table so that my stitch plate rests flush with the table top. I have a quilting extension for my machine, but it really gets in the way. After quilting a heavy memory quilt last night I realized that the difficulty could be eliminated if I had my machine inset into a table. I'm not about to go spend $$$$$ on a premade particle board table, so I'm going to figure out how to do it with my current table. I hope it works!

  3. Oh man, I really love that Curvy Solids quilt! So cool! What colors would you use on yours? We're bidding on houses right now and I have big dreams to make a lovely sewing area. I've had this bird mobile bookmarked forever (

  4. Make the Noodlehead clutch right now!!!! It's sooo easy you'll kick yourself for not having tried it sooner :)

  5. All sounds, and looks great - but NO DREARY TONES!!! Promise!

  6. What a fantastic list! That curvy solids quilt is so awesome. I especially like that my circle quilt is on your list, hopefully you get to #7 soon :)

  7. Great list! I have a 2011 hand making list that is so long and scary it has its very own page on my blog.

    The circle quilt looks great - I'm tempted to try some kind of circle quilt this year too.

  8. What a great list you have there:) You should definitely pick the circle quilt first:) It's the first quilt I ever made, understand... emotions get in the way:)
    Happy sewing!!!

  9. What a great idea to prioritize projects! It's easy for me to get bogged down with "shoulds" rather than "wants!"

    I really want to make a scrap quilt in bright bright colors for my sewing room wall. I have a pattern in mind - sort of an offset square in a square pattern. It's in my sketchbook!

  10. I love your list and may have to make one of my very own!

    I guess the main thing I want is just more time to sew -- still trying to figure out that one. And, to do some garment sewing for my children and maybe even myself. Like you, I want to make money off of my craft, right now for me that means selling what I make. Being able to do a book would be a dream! I hope that is something that happens soon for both of us!

  11. Such a great list!! I am just finishing binding #6 on your list - the fish baby log cabin. It's amazing. :) Can't wait to see your take on all these things! PS- i'll be needing to revisit the list I made in january... wonder how much of it I've done?

  12. This is off topic but I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog, I am new to quilting and have learned so much from you, thanks ever so much.

  13. How can indulging in your pure creativity be completely unnecessary? I'm glad the curvy mod mood quilt is at least #5 on your list. Why must we be so practical with our time?

  14. O man, I so have a list like this of things I want to do for myself, others, and my shop. I keep sewing but they keep getting in the way of each other. And when they're getting along, I go and add five more "must have" projects to the list, haha. Can't complain too much, I love it!

  15. I make a lot of lists of what I'm planning to make and when. But - usually something else comes up and something else doesn't go as planned and when I go back and look at the list I haven't really done what I thought I would. I find this really OK and frustrating at the same time :)

    If only my hands could work as fast as my brain!

  16. i just straightened out my sewing to-do list again. why am a getting drawn in to your list and pretty pictures? darned innerwebs...

  17. I'm excited to see your version of the Fish Baby Log Cabin!

  18. i have WAY too many things i am anxious to make. right now i'm trying to work through my WIP list so I can justify starting a new project. doesn't sound like much fun, though.

  19. I just have to tell you that I wasn't even looking for something to do but your noodlehead clutch comment caught my eye...I'm now making my fourth one!! They are wonderful as little gifts and I am down to about 1.5 hours to complete one. So fun to work on something I actually finish. Thanks for the link!!


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