Friday, May 27, 2011

little treasures

Last evening Aria presented me with this basket of little treasures...

Aria's treasure box

jewelry, a shell, her painted rock - just little things she thought I would enjoy.  Sincerity is all over that precious face, am I right?  So, mama accepted graciously.

And then this morning, another box of treasures arrived.

Anna Maria's treasure box

"An inspired pallette" indeed and in such a nice box too!  This set of 9 Anchor pearl cottons is one of two pearl cotton sets in Anna Maria Horner's new needlework collection - due to release soon.

Reflecting Pool Threads

This is the "reflecting pool" colorway, which I'll be working with this weekend for a little something project that you'll hear more about this winter.

a little something

May your weekend be full of stitchy goodness... and friends and family and food and fun!!!!


  1. is that sashiko i see?! I've been wanting to use it in my shop somehow, I just love the rhythm of the designs!

  2. YOWZA! Sweet sweet face (and thread)!

  3. i'm itching to get my hands on these too!

  4. Oh bless her - Aria looks so angelic!

  5. Ever since I bought Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts, I have been obsessed with Sashiko! It is so very beautiful and Anna's new cotton pearls would be perfect for a project like this!

    I also just love the packaging she chose!! You'e so lucky to have gotten your hands on some already!

  6. Adorable little face. And I can't wait to get my hands on some of that perle cotton!

  7. What sweet gifts to receive.

  8. Flying Blind - She tends to make a funny, angelic/cheesy look when she thinks she's doing something really, really good. So funny!

  9. I am just starting to delve into sewing and embroidery and hv heard lots about pearl cotton... your collection is amazing.. wow.. lucky you.. how nice to receive such a special gift fr someone so so talented.. wow... hugs xo bonitarose

  10. So glad to see you are doing some sashiko! I can't wait to see the finished product!

  11. mmm...sashiko. I always want to try it but have no idea what use I would put it to once finished. Still, it's so pretty and it makes me feel super chill.


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