Thursday, May 5, 2011

::Inspiration:: in print

Desired: a yarn palette in fun, summery colors.

inspiration in Print

Enter fun, summery print - Up All Night from Garden Party by Anna Maria Horner.

summer yarns

Satisfaction: in Cascade 220. 

Project?  Hmm.....  What colors are you chasing?


  1. I love the shades you picked, and that AMH print is so beautiful. Right now, I'm trying to decide which bottled rainbows color to start next, and I'm also working on some bee squares (for myself) in an eggplant/tangerine combination.

  2. I'm chasing a freight-train full of colour! Love that print!

  3. I seem to be craving yellow and aqua right now...summery I guess.

  4. I've always loved this print of AMH. I should get some of it. The colors you picked are lovely.

  5. I am thinking tangerine and purple. I am making a quilt with those colors.

  6. great blog post - very fresh very summery. cheers ;-)

  7. I also love to crochet, although I haven't done it for a good long while. You've got me thinking . . .

  8. newly pregnant again and color seems to be making me nauseas!

    but . . . i'm a new reader and just saw your fairytale block quilt. i can't tell you how excited i am about it because i bought a whole lot of ff2 a few months ago with the intention of eventually making a quilt for one of my daughters, but had no idea what to do with it. this is perfect! i love how it shows off the stunning fabrics so simply and effectively. the linen sashing was a brilliant choice and since all ff2 i got is a linen cotton blend, should work nicely for me. and the varied handstitching - amazing! i can't wait til my current projects are done so i can get around to this. just lovely! thank you so much for the inspiration.


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