Monday, May 9, 2011

for the Love of Mama

Mother's Day came so quickly on the heals of Easter this year.  I'm not the only who felt the squeeze...  Brandon says my Mother's Day gift is a wee bit delayed.  That's actually good news, from where I stand, because it might be something really good.  So curious!

I did manage to finish some gifts for the mothers in my life.  My mom voiced a not-so-subtle hint after seeing what I made for the Pretty {little} Pouch swap.  On Friday I collected a handful of green scraps and improv-pieced this little one.

a Pouch for Mother's Day

Green is my mother's favorite color.  Or perhaps it's navy? 

favorite colors.

I lined it with the same turquoise dandelion print from  And my house insists on pointing out that this is a color combination I definitely favor.  Can't go wrong with olive and turquoise/teal blue!  Though, actually, I've recently decided I want to branch out in my colors around the house.  I still have this pair in my bathroom (remember the shower curtain?), and I used to have it in our bedroom too.  I'm trying to take a new, perhaps bolder color combo in our master bedroom, but so far the husband is dragging his feet...

for Grandma.

Back to Mother's Day.  On Sunday morning, I hand-stitched the lining into my mom's new pouch, while Aria made her this fabric scrap card, inspired by Deborah's fun series, "Sewing with Kids" lesson 6.  Aria pointed out that her card project was a lot like Bottled Rainbows.  Very proud girlie!


In the afternoon, the four of us went kayaking on Lake Murray, launching from this inlet by my parent's home.  I'd been wanting to take them kayaking forever.  We saw several turtles, herons.... and a few folks water skiing. 

Well, I think those are all the best moments of my Mother's Day.  We'll skip the other parts.  You know the ones where things go wrong and you think to yourself, "but, it's Mother's Day, do I really have to deal with this?"  Sometimes Mother's Day can be so hard along those lines, because it's supposed to be all "peaches and cream".  But no day is perfect.  And sometimes Mother's Day is bound to be plain ole stinky. 

I hope yours was heavy on the cream!


  1. You are so right about turquoise/olive/teal blue. Just love that combination. I tend to add orange an purple into the mix now and then just to spice things up.
    I am teaching my 3 year old granddaughter to sew with plastic canvas, plastic needles, and yarn. Thanks for the link to Deborah's ideas about sewing with kids. Once Bella gets onto the machine, I know she will love making these cards. She already has a nice fabric stash to use.

  2. Your gift is adorable. I know what you mean about the Mother's day catastrophies! Had many myself, but oh, well. Really makes you appreciate the good times!!!

  3. Beautiful little homemade gift, and one which will be appreciated too.
    I hope your special gift is really super. Yes, had my share of unremarkable celebrations too. Thankfully Mother's Day this year was a good one.

  4. I love Aria's card!

    My son kept telling me yesterday was "Boy's Day." And I kept reminding him that every day is boy's day. :)

  5. Love the pouch you made and the card your daughter made....what teamwork!


  6. O so stinky here. Have to do it myself! And hmmmm do I know what your late M day gift is?!


  7. Would love to know where I can purchase the lovely pattern for the large pincushion :)
    You made some lovely gifts and absolutely love the fabric choice. Wow, kayaking on the Murray river. Is this australia or somewhere else?

  8. Everything looks wonderful -- especially the family shot! So very sweet!!!

  9. Hi! I love your creativity and color choices. I am also very much admiring the gorgeous pin cushion in the background. Can you tell me where I can purchase that pattern?

  10. Your pouch is so cute! Aria's card is equally adorable. I'm sure your momma was very happy with her homemade gifties.

  11. I had a very relaxing Mother's Day culminating in a big dinner with my son and his fiancee. It was a good day. I was not nearly ambitious as you.

  12. I love the green bag. Your mama is a lucky gal! I love the green/turquiose combo as well.

  13. Thanks, friends! I want to clarify that the pin cushion was made for me by my swap partner Shelly of Pink Punk Boutique. It's from a pattern found in Anna Maria Horner's book "Seams to Me."


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