Monday, May 30, 2011


"Brewing" is exactly the right word for designing a quilt.  My ideas tend to emerge gradually, getting richer and more complex the longer I let them sit.

Beach Riot Quilt

After our trip to the beach, I pulled a few fabrics right away to capture the mood of a beach blanket quilt.  Here's what I started with from top left and across in rows:

1.  Eliza Stripe by Jennifer Paganelli
2.  Up All Night by Anna Maria Horner
3.  Mod Trees by Liz Scott
4.  Walls by Tina Givens
5.  Mod Trees by Liz Scott
6.  Mikeala by Jennifer Paganelli
7.  Tarika by Dena Designs
8. Danielle by Jennifer Paganelli
9. Walls by Tina Givens
10. Buds by Liz Scott
11. Cathedrals by Anna Maria Horner
12. Lindy Leaf by Heather Bailey

I wasn't entirely sure the fabric mix was spot on until I took the time to pull a lot more fabrics!  I'm seeing a simple patchwork pattern of 8" squares in a riot of prints and color.  I hope the effect is completely over-the-top happy and almost scrappy for all the fabrics included.


Then this weekend I picked up some madras! These soft, lightweight cottons are on sale just about everywhere today. Thanks, Anna of Noodlehead, for the inspiration! My only concern is how well they will hold up combined with the sturdier quilting cottons. I guess I could add interfacing to the madras squares or simply zigzag quilt around the madras seams for extra support. What would you do?

hoping to cut today!

Crossing fingers that I get everything else done today so that I can cut into this pile!


  1. this is going to be a bright, fun quilt for summer! hope you find some minutes in your day to start it!

    happy monday! :)

  2. It will great to see where you put the check fabrics. Love the colours fine it so hard to find anything like this in Western Oz. Sandra

  3. That is going to be stunning and so fun and happy. I love it.

  4. I love the idea of madras in a quilt, that will be so pretty!

  5. I just finished using some of the Kaffe Fassett shot cottons for a pillow top - they have the same hand as your madras - soft and prone to fraying.

    Could you foundation piece your blocks? That way the madras would be lined with a lightweight muslin and would give you the sturdiness that you need.

    This is one of my favorite methods for making scrap quilts - it gives you a lot of freedom to do whatever you like without worrying so much about the characteristics of the fabric.

    All the best - Chris

  6. Great fabrics....I've mixed shot cottons with regular cottons with no problem. A shot of spray starch can make them a little easier to work with.

  7. I love to let ideas sit in my head forever too! The madras looks seriously awesome with those prints!

  8. Can't wait to see what those happy fabric become. s

  9. That's true, they are about the weight of shot cottons. I guess I'm just paranoid after my problems combine double gauze, voile and quilting cotton.

    Wince I am doing simple patchwork squares, I can't really foundation piece. But, I could back the madras with muslin. That's much nicer than interfacing!

  10. Beautiful, and now I want a beach quilt for our summer trip. LOL. Thanks for inspiring!

    I read through the comments and I think you would be fine just starching the madras, but I would worry about long term use that the madras would wear faster. I like the idea of foundation piecing on muslin or using and interfacing.

    Looking forward to seeing your in progress!


  11. The weaker fabrics will wear down faster over time... I woudn,t mix, but light interfacing would be a solution. Good luck!

  12. :) I say I "ruminate" over things -- like a cow chewing and chewing and chewing the cud. Brewing is probably a more lady-like term, no?

    I don't know anything about madras, but I would think interfacing would be the best idea.

    I love the fabric combination you chose, though, and can't wait to see the finished quilt!

  13. The fabric is just perfect for a picnic quilt. So bright and cheerful.

  14. Looks like the beginnings of a perfect beach blanket to me!

  15. I love the direction you're headed! The madras is a great addition to the prints you've selected. Also, I love the sweet photo of Aria below.


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