Saturday, May 14, 2011

Bottled Rainbows {domesticity}

"The world of domesticity is a microcosm with its own, inescapable 'diurnal round,' and a great part of the gentle art of domesticity is an acceptance and then a valuing of repetition."
                                           Jane Brocket, "The Gentle art of Domesticity"

eight  wheelbarrow trips to load and transfer wood mulch to the fledgling vegetable garden, under threat of weed.  Nursing hopes of afternoon sewing.

two batches of green smoothie blended for dinner (banana, Swiss chard, strawberries, ice, pineapple juice).  With amazement - we really eat this?  And glee - we do!

two trips to the grocery store for ingredients to make...


one suddenly desired carrot cake.  Hastily iced so that the children could enjoy some before bed.  With sprinkles on theirs.  Because I'm so generous (wink).

cerise and yellow

eleven bottled rainbows blocks now stitched. Pleased to meet you miss Cerise.  My you look so nice with yellow.  I shall make the yellow block next!

 miss Cerise

puffy and sweet

Repetition, always.  In quilting, in cooking, in cleaning, in laughing, in sunrise and sunset - in weekends!

I wish you could have seen what happened after I paused to take glamor shots of the humble carrot cake before dishing it up for the kids.  Feeling like quite the domestic goddess, I sliced into the cake, which promptly slid in every direction.  Ahhh, that is why one should always let the cake completely cool! 

Nothing that a few long toothpicks and some time in the fridge couldn't cure, but so funny coming after the photography session. 

And now, I'm off to get some cake!

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  1. Ice the top of the bottom layer, place the top layer on and push a few straws through both layers. Snip flush with the top layer and ice as usual. Warm cake is delicious! Especially carrot.

  2. Wow, that looks so good! (the cake and the block!) And I always like sprinkles on mine too ;-)

  3. Yum, I so need to find a gluten free carrot cake recipe -- it was my favorite!

    Sounds like a busy weekend already. Love the purple (cerise) block!

  4. The cake looks yummy and the block looks gorgeous! I won't get to start working on my blocks until after our move in two weeks. All my fabric is packed :(

  5. It's really the little bits of domesticity that bring me joy. Carrot cake is just the icing on top...literally! Hoping it was as tasty as it looks.

  6. I spent all day yesterday combating the weeds in my garden, picking off hornworms so big that I actually had nightmares about salami-sized hornworms last night, and trying to shoot the dang bunny who eats my garden with an air soft pistol.

    Some days gardening is just annoying, right?

  7. carrot cake is my most very favorite cake ~ and weeds, I have plenty of them in the front strip, I pick and pick them and they won't go away.
    Love Cerise with yellow, most lovely!

  8. i love, love this post! and repetition brings peace to my soul :)

  9. Jennifer - Some days... Well, most days for me ;). Still, I don't know if gardening has given me nightmares yet....

    Katie - Thanks for the tip!

    And, yes, it was good =)


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