Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Does this look like me?

a little Stashing
black/white Stripe and Tape Measure print from Fresh Squeezed Fabrics. 

No, I didn't think so.  I must have been in a wildly practical mood when I did this shopping.

from Helinaq

But this does, right?  This particular swirl of colors was stitched by LieblingsDecke, inspired by Daintytime's Modern Mood Quilt-along.  The curves, the colors - it's calling me.

After publicly describing myself as one who doesn't like black, I've started seeing the color popping up and doing good in all sorts of places. 

Kona from Sew Fresh Fabrics

So, I did buy some Kona Pepper, Ash, Sky and Sour Apple to build up my ingredients for a someday solids project.  I love how Sew Fresh Fabrics ships Kona with little sticky labels with the Kona name.  I save them while I prewash the fabrics and stick them right back on when I'm done.  Very handy!

Added some basics too!  This is Moda Crossweave in Blue/White, Modern Meadow Herringbone (a favorite basic) and a Red Letter Day stripe in teal.  The stripe was a little sample from a fat quarter bundle of Red Letter Day that I found quite tempting, especially as I've had fun with those ducks before.  See - it was a very practical mood.

Now prewashed, pressed and ready for sewing! 

p.s.  here are my tips for caring for new fabric.


  1. I'm not really a black kinda person either but I have to say I really like the combination of fabrics in your first pic :-)
    I just checked out your post about pre washing too, I'm a quilting newbie and it makes sense to start off on the right foot, so I'll be pre washing as fabrics come in. Thanks for the advice :-)

  2. I love to wear black but don't like sewing with it. Anytime you see me use it just assume it's a gift.

    I LOVE how Sew Fresh Fabrics puts their labels on their solids. That's when they forever won me over. They are the best.

  3. Black and gray are very popular colors this season...seeing a lot of black and yellow.

  4. Loving those photos, Rachel. I've never made an all solids quilt before, but I'm really drawn to that solid curve block!

  5. Oh the absence of color can be a good thing.

    And it's certainly easy to get a sharp edge when it's next to the darkest of values.

  6. I love the fact that sew fresh fabrics gives you labels for the Kona color. I have also written the color on the selvage with sharpie when I had no labels.

  7. I went over to her site. Wow. I don't think I am up to anything that crazy. It is very interesting. I like the mood color thing. I wonder where she got all the hand-dyed fabric?


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