Monday, April 11, 2011

Bring on the Pillows (and other notes)

Did you know that April is our last round of Blogger's Pillow Party?  It is, it is! So, you'd better finish up that pillow!  You don't want to miss this one - the prize is our biggest yet.  Sew Fresh Fabrics is gifting a whopping 24 Fat Quarters of Kona Cotton to our winner, to be chose by our final judge, Malka Dubrawsky of a Stitch in Dye.  The prize includes all 12 Konas in the Pretty in Pinks and Reds and Purples bundle and all 12 Konas in the I'm Blue for Greens bundle.

Kona bundle

And Malka so generously offered to add a hand dyed bundle of her very own custom fabrics to the prize package!  All of her designs are so unique, but here's an idea of what you might receive:

If you aren't familiar with Malka's work, she is the author of Fresh Quilting:  Fearless Color, Design & Inspiration and of  Color Your Cloth: A Quilter's Guide to Dyeing and Patterning Fabric.  I find her work very inspiring!

All entries to Blogger's Pillow Party must be made by April 27th!  See here for details on how to play along.  It's also a great place to catch some inspiration or discover new blogs.  You can browse through pillows from all past Pillow Parties!

Looking for Pillow Tutorials?  These have been posted lately by some of my favorite bloggers:

Noodlehead Sunburst Pillow Tutorial
Fussy Cut Basic Patchwork Pillow
Cluck Cluck Sew's Sprocket Pillow


There were many things I wanted to share with you last week, and we'll be getting to them - I promise!  One was the fallout from a very bad thunderstorm that struck on Monday night.  At one point I woke Brandon because the wind and rain was the strongest I had ever heard, and I literally thought the windows might break.  Not a minute after I wakened him, we heard the unmistakable thud of a tree falling (unmistakable to us, since my husband works with trees). 

storm damage aka "catastrophic tree failure"

Peaking outside our window in the dead of the night, we saw the roots of this tree upended just feet from our bedroom.  It was a lovely, huge pine pictured in that idealistic painterly photo I shared only a week ago.  Thank God the pine fell away from our house, where it only damaged a few dogwood limbs.

thanks God it fell this way!

It's sad to see any tree fall though.  And, the experience was none to reassuring.  My husband's boss came by to survey the damage and confirmed that the tree had been in perfectly good health.  It's what they call "catastrophic tree failure", which makes me laugh because that only means "your tree fell."  Yep, it did.

the silver lining

Here's a bit of silver lining - a gift from the broken dogwood limbs.


  1. I'm so glad that tree didn't fall on your house... how frightening that storm must have been!

    I like that you brought the broken dogwood branches inside to enjoy... making lemonade when given lemons!

  2. I'm going to enter in the party this month...woo hoo! Just need to write my post! :)

  3. That storm was VERY frightening (I think we had the same one up here in NC)...I was laying in bed trying to decide if I should grab the kids and go hang out in our crawl space...yikes! So sorry about your tree!! The dogwood branches look lovely though. : )

    I have a pillow to enter and just need to get my blog post written! Yay!

  4. Sorry to hear about your tree. My husband works with homes/buildings that have been crushed by fallen trees. Not something I ever want to experience! The branch arrangement is beautiful!

  5. I'm so happy to hear the tree fell in the other direction as well. How scary that could've been! We had a similar situation occur at our last house, and it just missed the roof. Yikes! And thank you for including my tutorial, you are sweet. :)

  6. the tree looks the perfect size to saw up and make little stools out of. We have one 'stump stool' in our front yard which I like to sit on while trimming the roses. Would be lovely to have a whole outdoor room of little seats ;)

  7. oh you are sooo lucky it fell THAT way. Imagine the damage! wow. Glad you are okay!!

    in Canada

  8. Listening to trees fall or limbs break and fall is so nerve wracking in the middle of the night! So glad yours fell with only minimal damage.

  9. I am so glad the tree fell away from your house!

  10. thank goodness it fell the way it did! We had a horrible storm too right about then and my poor Caitlyn was so terrified. I hate thunderstorms, so we spent some quality time rocking together and comforting each other. ;)

  11. Well, there certainly are some exciting things happening (and buzzing) around your yard lately! So happy everyone and thing are safe!

    That prize is pretty amazing! Can't wait to see what everyone is making!

  12. I was drooling over the fabric and it dried up as soon as I saw the TREE!!!!! GAH!!!!! Thank goodness you and the family are all okay!!!!! How scary!

  13. So grateful no one was hurt! I'm working away on my pillow. :)

  14. Yikes! Glad to hear it fell the "right" way!

  15. I need to get on making a pillow from my little stencil project on linen....maybe this will motivate me!

    So sad about your tree! =(

  16. I plan on working on the pillow this weekend, but I will definitely not miss the party! What an awesome prize! I just bought some fabric from Malka and it's just amazing in person.

    Sucko about your tree, though.

  17. We also had "catastrophic tree failure" from Monday night's storm. A lovely healthy little cedar. Glad there was no big damage for you. Hope to finish two pillows this week!


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