Friday, April 15, 2011

Bottled Rainbows {Plum Block & Your Creations}

This post is part of a series Bottled Rainbows {ticker tape quilt along}. You can join in anytime. We're going at a leisurely pace and using up our scraps! Please see this page for links to all posts, and join us on Flickr to share your questions and work-in-progress!

Bottled Rainbows - Plum 

You know, purple gets a lot of flack.  But I think the main sticking point for folks is crayon purple.  It's a virtually un-wearable color (I know because we once tried to sell a crayon purple top at my maternity boutique.  Yeah, not so much).  But this particular shade of violet-plummy purple.  It really is quite lovely!

completed my 6th block =)

Every time I finish a Bottled Rainbow block, I positively crave to make another.  This block makes me wish for the Eggplant block.  They're going to be just stunning together!

favorite scraps... Plum Block

These are some of my favorite scraps.  That fawn is so sweet!  And a lovely little sofa from Tufted Tweets sprinkled with Anna Maria Horner goodness...

Bottled Rainbows - Plum Block

You'll notice I always use solids in my Bottled Rainbow mosaics.  I think it adds a certain richness.  Also, I tend to have more solid scraps than anything, for some reason.  Hey, look at that rabbit?  Doesn't he strike you as odd?  I think he's cooking up some clever little scheme.

So that's my 6th block for Bottled Rainbows.  While I've been meandering along the Bottled Rainbow path, some of you have been lots more industrious.  Here's a lovely set of blocks made by KelbySews:

Bottled Rainbows, so far (9 of 16 blocks complete)

And another complete rainbow, this time by Don't Call Me Betsy:

Bottled Rainbows top - complete!

It's a total treat to look through each block in our photo pool!  And the comments and discussion - it's nice to really be getting to know you!  Thanks for joining in and sharing your work. 

I think I'll leave you with this lime green cutie by Marci Girl Designs:

Lime Block - Bottled Rainbows

Don't change a thing, Marci. It's perfect!


  1. I love this. Love it so much. More than you know!!!

    I'm looking for people who might be interested in sharing some kind of blanket tutorial. I've been collecting blankets for Project Linus so every Monday I share a blanket tutorial to help bring awareness. It's shared on my 2 blogs and also This & That Creative. You can read my full story as to why the blanket drive under Gabes Gifts on either Today's Top 20 or We're The Joneses! If your interested just shoot me an email amandablogs(at)yahoo(dot)com

    {P.S. This is soooo saved! And being tweeted...NOW!}


  2. Well you just about made my day! And yes, I will leave it alone! Thanks so much for including my block!

    P.S. What rabbit? I think that little guy is a deer right? Looks like a deer to me! LOL Maybe it is a funky rabbit, who knows?

  3. Oh man, the bottled rainbow blocks are killing me. I know I can only resist a new project for so long...

  4. Oh, Rach, these are just beautiful. Someday I'll make this when I'm sewing more conistently and creating scraps!

  5. You're so right about craving the next block! I have 5 left, and I'm torn between finishing them as quickly as possible and making them last a bit longer.

  6. I think this is my favourite QAL at the moment, everyone's blocks are just amazing! I've only been quilting since January so have no stash or scraps to speak of, but I will definately make this one day! :o)

  7. HAHAHAHa, yes, it is a DEAR isn't it! Well, I though it was a rabbit and so did Aria. But, my husband pointed out that rabbits don't have hooves... Well, you can laugh at me now. I don't mind.

  8. Oh I wish I had your purple stash. . it's supposed to be my favorite color but there is a small amount of it in my stash.

  9. Wow! Thanks for including my blocks! I absolutely love this quilt-a-long. My favorite by FAR! I'm so excited to see all my blocks together! This may be a quilt I make everytime my scrap bin gets out of control. :)

  10. These just make me smile. Purple is my absolute favorite color. Those are all gorgeous to me! Great job.

  11. WOW! All of them are so beautiful and the lime one is a stunner! I love the Marushka dolls. I am hopefully starting mine this week.

  12. Every one of these blocks is a little jewel!

  13. I'm in awe. These are beautiful.

  14. The overall look of this technique is AMAZING!! I have to add it to my 'to do' list!

  15. I don't know if I've commented nothis before, but I love this quilt-along!

    I'm not participating because I haven't been quilting long enough to have a scrap bag with any decent scraps, but the beautiful blocks are making me wish I did!

  16. The blocks are absolutely addicting!

  17. so jealous right now- we just moved, so my bottled rainbows are on hold. I'll just have to swoon over the deliciousness in the flickr group. :-)

  18. I love looking at your pictures for this quilt along. I have my solids and scraps sorted by colour, but that's as far as I've got. Maybe but the time I get properly started I'll have as many fabulous scraps as you!

  19. I love your plum block! This is such a great project! :)

    I was wondering if I could ask you a question. You may not know anything about it, but maybe you do. I ordered the Bottled Rainbows FQ bundle from Whipstitch Fabrics over a month ago. They sent me part of the bundle, and said they'd send the rest when it arrived to them. It was supposed to be a month ago, but now they won't even convoy me back. Has anyone else mentioned not receiving their fabrics? I'm just trying to figure out what is going on, and thought that maybe they mentioned the hang up to you?. I don't know. If they haven't don't worry about it, I just thought I'd ask since you're pretty much the center of this awesome quilt-along. :)

    P.s. I love the dress you just made! It's gorgeous!

  20. Diane, I do have some info on that! Whipstitch has been waiting on receiving more Kona cottons from Robert Kaufman. I'm not sure what exactly the hold up is, but likely Robert Kaufman didn't anticipate this surge of desire for particular shades, so they're having trouble keeping up with demand. It's been a rough situation for all parties, and unfortunately Whipstitch has not been great at communicating. There is a comment thread about this very issue at our Flickr group: You can find Deborah's (Whipstitch owner) email address in that thread, should you like to contact her directly.

    I hope you receive your fabric soon. So sorry for the troubles!

  21. I have plenty of purple owing to my husbands propensity for purple fabric. I am working on the two pinks first though. I may have to scout my LQS for remnents in order to have enough pink fabric.

  22. I am generally not a "purple person" but these gorgeous blocks are convincing me I should maybe become one--beautiful!! Also--love the whole rainbow quilt. How cheery!

  23. Marci's lime green square is crazy beautiful! And so perfectly whimsical. Love!


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