Wednesday, March 23, 2011


The other day, I saw this lovely stack of Sherbet Pips at Red Pepper Quilts.

Sunday Stash #89

Rita managed to snag a fat quarter set before they sold out.  Sherbet Pips is miss Aneela Hoey's much-anticipated line that's finally due to be available as yardage in April.  At Whipstitch, I bought Aria a charm squares set for her Easter Basket.  Shhhhhhh!

Rita's photograph reminded me that one lucky duck is going to win FIVE Yards of Sherbet Pips in prints and cuts of his or her choice.  Yep, that's the astoundingly fabulous prize for this month's Blogger's Pillow Party, donated by our very own Whipstitch Fabrics. You can take a look at all the prints available in Sherbet Pips right here. I would stock up on Girl On a Swing, myself.

To participate, you've got to create a new blog post about a pillow you made within the past 3 months.  All types of pillows are welcome!  See the complete rules for entering here and be sure to add your pillow to the linky pool on the contest page.  Enter by March 27th - that's Sunday!

I was just looking through the pillows that have already been entered for March in search of some inspiration.  You see, I'm supposed to make my mom another pillow - this time for her couch.  That, and I've got a HUGE pillow form sitting naked in my room.  I bought it in December, I believe?  It's for our couch.  Yep, just haven't got to that and feeling guilty. Guilty and stumped. Mostly stumped.  If I had a clear vision, I'd hop to it.



  1. I'm so excited about this month's contest. It just keeps getting better! And my couches have never looked cuter :) That is... when the pillows haven't been squirreled away by Lili.

  2. I absolutely NEED the sherbet pips! I can't wait for it to come out! I have a few bare forms myself but, except for the tags, they don't look odd because they're on my white couch ;)

  3. This is my favorite prize offered yet and sadly, I don't think I will get a pillow made in time. I have already picked my favs! :)

  4. Oh man, I've gotta get my hands on those Pips!
    I just started a pillow actually inspired by one of yours! I ordered a crewel kit, and I think it would look great made into a pillow with a patchwork border. Sadly, there's no way it will be done in time for this contest. Maybe April...

  5. Jenny - Crewel has been calling to me again as well. Maybe I should listen...


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