Thursday, March 31, 2011

Rainbows for good!

I know - rainbows again!  Sorry, folks, I'm on a roll.

Over at do. Good Stitches {a virtual charity bee} April is my month to lead the quilt for the Faith circle.  We're going to make a rainbow quilt, a big one!  This will be a blessing to a single mom of 4 kids (ages K and under) who receives assistance from my church for financial needs.  She has all girls!  A rainbow quilt will be just the thing next time the house gets a wee bit chilly, don't you think?

*Inspiration* in Rainbows
::inspiration:: in rainbows

1. Little Folks Baby Quilt, 2. Rainbow Wave, 3. Mosaic Pincushion, 4. { patchwork pouch }, 5. Sonnenschein, 6. Baby quilt - for baby William, 7. Rainbow Squares Quilt, 8. Joseph's Coat Pillow - it's done!, 9. SG quilt progress report

I'm asking each member of our circle to make rainbow blocks of random sizes and styles.  I'll scatter the finished blocks as if they're "floating" over a solid or black/white printed background (like this), OR I'll connect them together and surround them by a large sea of background fabric (like this).  Having a variety in block sizes is totally key, so feel free to make 1 really large block, 2 mid-sized blocks or 2-3 tiny blocks - or a combination of sizes! 

Here are some paramenters:

*colors should say "rainbow", so saturated is good!  Please avoid pastels, neutrals (black/brown/gray) and dusty colors.
*large and mid-sized blocks should contain the full rainbow spectrum.
*small blocks can contain all colors OR contain only several colors so long as they are adjacent to eachother on the color wheel (examples: red/pink/purple, yellow/green/blue, etc.).  Please do not use contrasting schemes that "skip" colors such as red/blue or yellow/purple. 
*your blocks may use the same patchwork design or differing designs.
*if your design needs a neutral, please use a true white (not off-whites such as Kona snow).

Stacked Rainbows - block layout

I've made my first block!  It's a style you'll recognize from the inspiration mosaic above.  I started by cutting 1.75" x 9" strips of prints and then setting them out in a stairstep design.  Next, I cut white strips to to fill in the gaps.  

a practically perfect moment

While I chain-pieced the strips into loooong strips, look at what was happening at the other end of the table...

all of us, in color

A practically perfect moment - all of us, in color!

Oh, did you notice the laundry basket abandoned in the background?  I'm not one to let such obligations interrupt when there's a good thing going on! 

Stacked Rainbows

Here's the finished block! It measures about 18" x 15". I'll also make a 1-2 tiny patchwork blocks with 1" solid squares in the coming days!  I can't wait to see what the rest of my circle makes.  But, even more, I can't wait to play with all of these rainbow blocks at the end of the month!

Oh, I also wanted to share that due to your enthusiasm, we were able to open TWO more circles of do. Good Stitches as of April 1st!  One will benefit seriously ill children through Project Linus and the other will benefit foster kids through My Very Own Blanket.  That's a total of 8 circles now - one for every month since our bee began!  A big thanks to all involved, especially my wonderful circle hosts.  Growth would not be possible without the leadership of each of you! THANK-YOU!!!


  1. I am certain that will brighten her day. How thoughtful and lovely.

  2. I can never get enough of rainbows. Thanks for featuring them and don't stop on my account! :)

  3. Great pictures thanks for sharing!

  4. Aren't the stacked blocks so much fun? The new rainbow quilt will be gorgeous!

  5. i love it. i just started another rainbow quilt. it's crazy.

  6. Lovely rainbows all around!

    Guess you don't need me as a Quilter, too!

  7. This month is going to be awesome!

    (Also, I love that there is a new circle for Project Linus. I did some work for Project Linus back in high school. Then this past year my son received a Project Linus blanket after some complications with his birth. I love how it came full circle. His blanket is absolutely precious to us. Can't wait to see what the new circle will come up with!)

  8. You should never apologise for rainbows!

  9. LOVE the rainbows! And love all of the good work you are doing!!

  10. You can never have too many rainbows, Rachel!
    The other day my daughter said "Mommy, I love rainbows. I draw one just about every day" -- which was completely true!

    Your finished block is beautiful!

  11. The block looks great! Glad I could be an inspiration ;).

    And I love Project Linus!

  12. Don't apologise for rainbows, rainbows are the best!! Loving your mosaic, beautiful work

  13. Yay! I'm so excited to start! I love rainbows, and hav4 a hundred and two ideas for what to make. I promise not to send you 102 blocks, though! :)
    This will be SO great!

  14. I love how it waves. I did one similar a few years ago:

    But I like yours way better!


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