Monday, March 7, 2011

Rainbow winners!

Oh, that was a lot of fun!  As much as this is "said" I really wish I could give away Kona bundles and scraps to sooooo many of you who really, really want to join in on Bottled Rainbows but don't have the supplies!  And then I only have one set of each.  sigh.

Bottled Rainbow Kona's
custom Bottled Rainbow bundle available here

I consulted Mr. Random and asked first for a winner of the Kona fat quarter bundle.  And he chose lucky commenter #136.  That's miss Amy who said, "I'd love to win the Kona bundle!  Now I'm going to have to join your quilt-a-long. I like that it is leisurely!"  Amy, you are one lucky girl.  There'll be a rainbow in your mailbox before you know it!  Now do us proud, ok?

Next Mr. Random announced the winner of my extra Bottled Rainbow scraps.  (Which, I should tell you, I pressed and sorted on Saturday morning.  And it took much, much longer than anticipated.  But now my scraps are ready to stitch.  Are yours?)  Well, the winner was comment #51.  That's none other than Tong of Ting Tong and Things.  Both winners have been notified.

Puffy Ticker Tapes!

Yesterday I took a crack at another block for Bottled Rainbows, this time using the quilt-as-you-go method.  If you're unfamiliar with quilt-as-you-go (QAYG) please see this quilt-along led by miss Penny at Sew Take a Hike.  You'll see that with QAYG you'll use batting when you make your blocks, but not backing.  This allows you to quilt as you attach the ticker tapes.  When all blocks are made, you would piece them together and add a backing, then quilt along the seams of the blocks to hold the backing to the quilt top.  So, the ticker tape quilting pattern won't show from the back.  But, the quilting you've done as you attach the scraps will hold the batting together to prevent shifting and allow for that great quilted look from the front!  All without having to turn those corners with a HUGE quilt top.

I really think this is an ideal fit and can I just say that I'm loving the look of my test block?  I'm just smitten with the slighly puffy ticker tape patches.  So happy!

p.s.  your detailed how-to post arrives Wednesday!  I'll be showing how to QAYG as well.


  1. Oooh, I love the puffy look of that quilt-as-you-go block! A perfect way to use up scraps of batting, too...

  2. Congrats to the winners, lucky, lucky! But sheesh -- one of these days I better win something here Rachel!!! :)

    I love the quilt-as-you-go look! I can't wait to get my Kona's. I had already put my order in for them right when you announced the Whipstitch bundle. If I would have won it would have just been extra for stashing anyways.

  3. I know, Maureen, I didn't need them either, but I still wanted to win. One can never have too much fabric - especially solids!

  4. I'm waiting on 2 more colors to come via post. One question - when doing quilt as you go, do you have to do anything withthe batting when you're sewing your blocks together? Or does it just get sewn up in the seams? I'm afraid of making it look bulky.

  5. The batting just gets sewn into your seams. You sew seams like normal and press seams open. Penny (Sew Take a Hike) tested several methods and determined that you can't feel the difference in the finished quilt. So, according to her, the seams aren't bulky!

  6. Yay! I'm so excited you will be doing QAYG, I'm waiting on my Kona solids to arrive from Whipstitch and then I'll be ready to start.

  7. Thanks so much for linking the quilt as you go method. I was just about to construct the entire quilt and ticker from the middle out - CRAZY making.

    This seems so much easier and more adaptable!

  8. Excited about QAYG! I'll get to use my scraps of fabric and my batting scraps too!

  9. Tong is having a lucky month! She just won one of the Sherbet Pips jelly rolls on my blog. LOL.

    I like the look of the QAYG method. I'm not at all ready, but I do have the rainbow printed out and sitting on my sewing room floor waiting for me to start pulling fabrics. ;)

  10. Love the ticker tape block and the quilt-as-you-go method.

    Might just have to try one in rainbows, too!

  11. I'm so glad I followed the links from Randi to arrive here! Your quilts are beautiful and creative, Rachel. Thank you for sharing your quilting gifts with the rest of us :-)

    Tammy ~@~

  12. Well, even though I didn't win, I am still hoping to join the quilt-along! I think the QAYG method is an excellent way to go about things. I'll start sorting my scraps!


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