Tuesday, March 22, 2011

piecing for Good

piecing Stashbuster Block

There's something delicious about using scraps!  Today as I was piecing this "Stashbuster" block, I daydreamed of cutting up all my smaller scraps into 2" squares. Just imagine all those fun fabrics thrown together in a classic postage stamp style!  Oh for all the time in the world to sew, sew, sew (at least as long as I fancy).

March blocks for Faith circle (do. Good Stitches)

This pair of blocks is the March block for the Faith circle of do. Good Stitches (a virtual charity quilting bee).  The pattern is from Kathy Doughty's Material Obsession 2. Once Alecia has finished the quilt, it will be given to a baby girl suffering from birth defects.

March blocks for Love circle (do. Good Stitches)

Earlier this month, I made this set for the Love circle of do. Good Stitches.  It's Ara Jane's turn to design the quilt this March.  She posted instructions for her blocks, which are inspired by a quilt in Joelle Hoverson's Last-minute Patchwork + Quilted Gifts.  I'm super curious to see how Ara Jane works with this unique block shape to compose the quilt.  Quilts made by the Love circle are donated to needy children through Wrap Them in Love

Bits & Blocks for do. Good Stitches

If you're curious about our virtual quilting bee, you can check us out here.  That reminds me - We have almost enough people to open a new circle this April.  We just need 1 more quilter to complete the circle!  Our wait list is so full of stitchers (who don't have to plan or finish quilts), but seriously lacking in quilters.  I get it - the extra responsibility and skill and all.   But, I think it's super fun to quilt.  I love planning the quilt and seeing it all come together.  That's my cup of tea!

Hope your week is off to a great start!  I'm trying to decide what to tackle next...


  1. I like quilting and finishing quilts (I LOVE sewing on binding, LOL), but I'm not much of a designer as yet. And by quilting, I mean hand quilting. I can do a basic stiple or straight line FMQ-wise.
    Would there be a place for me?

  2. Ooh, I love the blocks! I also love the first picture with all of the scraps laid out, they're so fun and colorful! I've been thinking of organizing my scraps and putting them to good use soon, your post is good inspiration :)

  3. Megan,

    That brings up a good point - there's not a need for a true "designer". The quilter usually tells his/her circle to do a specific pre-exhisting block that already exists - like when I asked everyone to do wonky stars for February. But, it's true that the quilter should have a vision that we're going for - that especially comes across in designating a color scheme. I welcome you to read the threads at our Flickr group. You can see how different quilters approach leading their circles.

    And quilting/finishing techniques are totally up to you. If you'd like to hand-quilt, I think that'd be awesome!

  4. Beautiful blocks, Rachel! I think you are doing a wonderful thing here. I wish I could join a circle as a quilter, but I am stretched too thin with my own quilt ministry to add this commitment that I might not be able to keep. So sorry! I really would love to!!

  5. I love both projects, great colors,and designs.

  6. I've really enjoyed being a part of the group! After I finish some commitments in the next few months, I plan to sign up to be a quilter. I agree; it would be fun, but time has been scarce as of late!

    Your March offerings look fantastic!

  7. I love those gray/yellow blocks! I just ordered a couple gray/yellow prints to make up a some pillows as a housewarming gift for my sister-in-law and a couple of those blocks sewn together would make such an interesting pillow. =) Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. That's so funny. I just made a postage stamp block last night for Ara Jane's quilt using my scraps.

    I need to enter my pillow this month before it's too late.

  9. I love both of those blocks! I've been doing some stash-busting projects lately and I think I'm going to have to include one (or both!) of these.

  10. I have the wonderful book and did not realize it til I saw the reference to it about your blocks!! I am doing the Rainbow Blocks and saw the Hawthorne scraps giveaway on Cut to Pieces to help get started. Love your quilts!!

  11. I really love what you're all doing for those kids...it warms my heart. If I weren't such a flake I'd join.


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